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Meet one of the widows/beneficiaries of a 9/11 victim

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by deh, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. deh

    deh Thread Starter

    Sep 6, 2002
    The following interview took place on the Howard Stern Radio show yesterday. It involved a woman whose husband died in 9/11. Note: This is a transcript from a website. Because many people find Howard Stern offensive I edited the transcript to be more acceptable.

    This woman evidentally got a ton of money because her husband died in 9/11.

    I realize that of course some of that money was going to get into the hands of scum bags but still pi$$e$ me off.

    Howard Stern interviewed Eleanor and her boyfriend Eric. Eleanor is a 9/11 widow who got a lot of money after that.

    Stern asked Eleanor what her husband did. She said he worked for Cantor Fitzgerald at the time. She said she was going to this place they had set up for the families that lost spouses in the attacks. She said she ended up getting quite a bit of money. While she was doing that she said that she got over $3 million after the attacks so her kids (3 children) are all set for college and all of that.

    Eleanor's new boyfriend Eric:
    They've been together for about a year and he's one of the guys who ended up leaving his wife to date the widow.

    Eric told Stern that he was on his way to work one day when she pulled him over to the side of the road. She claims that she didn't even have the money when they met. Eric said the money doesn't mean anything to him either. Eleanor told Stern that Eric had gotten a tattoo of her name on his shoulder when he was still married. The wife ended up finding it.

    Stern wondered why Eric is no longer a cop. Eleanor told Stern that he beat her up and that's why he lost his badge. She said he broke a few of her ribs when they got in a fight down in Florida at one time. His badge was taken away from him after that. He spent two days in jail after that. It turns out he was on coke at the time as well. He was sent to a psych ward after that and they found that he's also bi-polar.

    Eric and Eleanor said that they are married but the marriage doesn't sound official. Eleanor said that he's not entitled to any of her millions. Eric said she takes care of him very well though and recently bought him a new car after her nanny crashed up his old one. Eleanor said they both cheat on each other.

    Gary (producer of the show) told Stern that Eleanor had also robbed a bank at one time. She said that was way back in 1992 before she met the guy who died in the 9/11 attacks. She said that she was given immunity in the case because she just told the truth about what happened. Gary said there was even more. She also robbed someone at an ATM at one point. She claims that her mother and father were in on that as well. She claims that she would force people to the ground and steal their money. She would steal like fifty grand or so doing that because she was getting the people who refreshed the ATMs. Eleanor said they were stupid because there would be like one woman going to the machine alone.

    Eleanor and Eric talked about how they like to smoke crack. Eric told Stern that he has shot guns at the police department while on crack. He was shooting machine guns and stuff like that while on the stuff.

    Eleanor told Stern that her 18 year old daughter was there and she wants to meet him. She said that she smokes crack as well. Attorney Dominic Barbara called in and told Stern that he's surprised that they haven't taken her kids from her yet because anyone who smokes crack is neglecting her kids. She said she doesn't neglect them and he needs to get educated. Dominic asked her where she lives but she didn't answer him.

    Stern had the guys bring in Gigi, Eleanor's daughter, so they could talk to her. Gigi came in and said that her mother is a good mom. She said that her mother is a ''mad chill'' and she's down with her. She told Stern that they get along ''really good'' and they hang out together. Stern spent a short time talking to her. Gigi told Stern that she's seen them before because she's seen her mother and Eric heving sex with each other. She admitted to having done crack once in a while as well.

    Eric said sometimes he'll take a hit of crack and then blow it into Gigi's mouth. It looks like they're making out but he's really just giving her a hit. He said it's just a way of taking it easy on the crack when you're running low.

    Stern took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said that these people shouldn't come on the air using 9/11 as a way to get on. She was going off on them saying that there are a lot of people out there suffering from losing people in the attacks. Eleanor and Eric both defended themselves and gave their own versions of what has happened to them since 9/11. Eric worked down there picking up body parts for a month so he knows what suffering is.

    Eric told Stern that he has been running from the cops for like 3 weeks now. It turns out Eleanor has an order of protection from him that's supposed to be good for 2 years so it's still in effect.

    A listener called in and said he can't believe that he donated money to the 9/11 fund if people like this are getting the money. Eleanor told them that she donated money to that fund as well. Robin asked Eric how he told his wife he was leaving her. He said they were on their way to a wedding and he asked her not to go. He went to the wedding with Eleanor instead.

    Benjy (intern for the show) was asking Eleanor if she ever got arrested for robbing those ATM people. She said she was never caught so Benjy tried to find out when and where it happened so maybe she'd get caught. She wasn't giving that up though.

    There were a few people calling in and complaining about the way these two act but Eleanor and Eric say that Eleanor is just getting over what happened on 9/11. Eleanor said that she grieved after 9/11 and was just about in a coma for a while after that. People had to feed her and take care of her after that but Eric pulled her out of that and now they're having fun.

    Stern took some more phone calls and let some people ask some questions. One woman called in and said that Eric is still married to her sister. She called Eleanor a crack head and there was some cursing going on so the delay was hit a few times. The woman said that Eric is an embarrassment to her family. Eric said that there comes a time when you have to enjoy your life and that's what he's doing.

    Gigi was referring to Eric as her father even though he's not her biological father. She said she can go to him when she gets in trouble and stuff. She has gotten in some trouble with the cops. It turns out that Gigi was adopted by Eleanor when she was 16 years old.

    A few more people called in and wondered how Eric ever got on the police force. One guy said he didn't think he was ever a cop. Other people were saying that she should have been the one in the buildings when they were attacked on 9/11.

    Dominic Barbara (attorney) called in and said that he did some investigating and the cops are going to be in her home town today. He also claims that they never adopted Gigi and blowing crack in her mouth is a felony in New York. He told her to just wait and see what happens today. Stern had to wrap up a short time later but Eleanor and Eric weren't done. They had a lot more to talk about but they'd have to save that for a future show. Stern told Robin Quivers (co host of the show) she could die now because she'd seen it all after seeing these people. He went to break after that.

  2. Rockn


    Jul 29, 2001
    And you think this is real why? Now I remember why I never listened to or watched the Howard Stern Show.
  3. Infidel_Kastro


    Nov 21, 2003

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