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More CD burner questions

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by starchild, Jan 22, 2003.

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  1. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    - If I have an audio that's a MP3 am I going to be able to save it on a CD?

    Is that the right formatt for this?

    I see MP3 and wav (I think Wav is for uploading and playing on websites?)

    - In my experimenting with the cd burner, I have used quite a few blank CDs. They are the R (non rewritable kind) which I was told to use for music. Some of the CDs I've tried to copy have stopped, and said "error- the read speed is too slow" or something.

    Now, when I try and use these CDs (that started to copy but nothing was copied on them) it says "put in a blank CD" (doesn't recognize them)

    Is there a way of fixing this, like clearing them? I saw something called DISC SCAN that said it would "repair cds and make them usable again". If there isn't this is a real waste of blank CDs, because I don't know when I start IF it's going to copy or not. I think I can use them for data, but there's only so much "data" I can put on. And now I know more about it I want to get rewritable ones for this.

    (one problem I have is I see things and then can't remember where when I might need to apply them).

    If I have audios (songs) in the correct format (MP3?) can I then put them all on a CD, LEAVING SPACES BETWEEN THEM (with the titles or track numbers showing up) like "bought" CD?

    Like, saving songs I like from various other CDs, and then putting them all on one blank CD, as "my favorites".

    I've been told I can't save a program already installed in my computer on a CD (like for safekeeping), but can I download it, and then save it to the CD? Like download something and save it to the desktop and then "send to CD (E drive)" instead of intalling it directly first?

    Since so much can fit on a CD, I've gotten the idea of saving programs I have, so they could be reinstalled from a CD if I have computer problems and everything gets wiped out.

    I tried making a copy of my WIN 98 installation CD (for a backup) and it said it was copied, but "setup was disabled". Maybe this is a MSN thing to keep people from copying it?

    I have read FAQs about this and looked it up in google, but there's so much else with it I don't want (right now) or understand, I need it in more simple, direct ways.

    Sometimes I feel like such an "old dog learning new tricks".


  2. $teve


    Oct 9, 2001
    ok carrie.............phew! what a bunch of questions.:D

    firstly,you should be using nero as your burning program,its the best and quite easy to get around.
    also,with nero,you can save your music in mp3 format,which is compressed a lot smaller than .wav so lessens hard drive space.....nero will convert it back to .wav automatically before burning to music cd.
    if you want to save your mp3`s as mp3`s on disc,all you need to do is select "data cd(ISO)" and you should get a few hundred tracks on one cdr.....saving hard drive space once again.
    not sure why your windows disk didnt copy.
    you can burn any files.......pics......audio......video to cdr,obviously depending on size,again as data..but unless you have the program installer,its difficult to copy a full program over to disk.

    one last tip,dont buy cheapo blank cd media,you end up scrapping more than you burn......memorex or any recognised make should be ok.

    anything else......just ask:)

    good luck;)
  3. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002

    Someone suggested NERO before (Nero, as in the dude who fiddled while Rome burned?)

    I downloaded it, but it was only a trial and said it would run out on Jan 31, unless I paid $49 (I think it was)

    Maybe it's worth it, but I currently don't have $49 :)

    And, I tried copying a music CD with it and it (like the software I already have) said the read speed was too slow and there was an error copying it.

    I think this means the laser in the WRITER turns off, or something? Times out?

    So, I took it out again, thinking I may as well learn with what I have already that came with the CD burner which is:

    HP CD-writer
    Music Match Jukebox
    Direct CD (it says Wizard, I'm not sure what it does)

    (so far I've copied 3-4 music CDs and saved some files, but I know know I should have rewritable CDs for the files)

    I got a pack of 25 Maxell CD-R Music 80 CDs (awhile ago, before I had the CD burner- and before I knew much about them) and have used up quite a few of them trying to copy a CD that stops and says "error- read speed is too slow" and it can't copy it.

    I guess cheap CDs would be good to learn on? Maybe get cheapy ones to put in and find out FIRST if the CD is going to work or not before wasting a better one?

    If I put the music on as data, and can put hundreds on one CD, they will then only play on the computer CD-ROM or CD burner, and not on a regular stereo?

    If I had a stereo now with a "line in" I could do this and then copy them onto cassette tapes.

    Right now I have been saving songs I like, from various sources (which say they are MP3) and eventually would like to put them all on CDs. The kind that will play on my stereo and not just the computer. But, if I make one like that, (to save)can I later convert the songs on it to "regular stereo" playing?

    Are the ones that play on a stereo MP3 or WAV?

    Okay, since you invited questions, do you know a good place to buy "affordable- but not cheap" blank CDs?

    I know someone who bought some at Walmart to put music on, that seem okay, and came with cases (I think cases are probably good to protect the CDs).

    When I get some money, I'm going to stock up on blanks, come R and some RW.

    We don't have a Walmart too close to us (Vermont isn't big on Walmarts (LOL) but I could probably find someone who would go to the NH one for me.

    I could probably use the rewritable ones to test the CD first to see if it would copy?

  4. $teve


    Oct 9, 2001
    let do this one 1st
    read speed too low:
    what is the program reading from....... the hard drive,the cd burner or a 2nd cd drive? there should be an option to set the read speed.the speed should be on the front of the drive.
    ive not used these burning programs so its difficult to say.

    nero is the best,worth the money when you can spare it.

    some burners wont write music to re-writable media.

    best place to but disks is a pc warehouse,not like a superstore,more like a wholesalers.

    thats right.....more for storage really.......although some new expensive stereos will play mps`s.

    neither,thats called "cd music":D

    you can burn the tracks to cd just by putting the disk in the drive and selecting which ones you want to copy.

    take a look at the options in your burning program,see if you can see anything regarding read/write speeds.

    someone may step in who has used your program.

  5. JSanguancheu


    Aug 11, 2002
    Hi Carrie,

    First off lets find out how you have your system set up.

    Can you list your system info?

    Do you have the CDRW drive and a second CD-ROM or DVD drive?
    Are you trying to copy from a 2nd CD drive to the CDRW drive?

    If you have two CD drives, are they on the same IDE cable? Some people have problems when trying to copy from one drive to another if they are on the same IDE cable.

    Each optical drive should be on a seperate IDE channel.

    Some regular stereos will play WAV files that are saved on CDRs. You can usually only fit 15-20 WAV files on a CD.

    You can fit a few hundred MP3 files on one CD. Most stereos won't play them though. Although some higher end models do now read MP3 files. You can get a good car stereo for $250-350 that will play MP3s, for example.

    If you need cheap CDRs, you can go to CompUSA or BestBuy. They usually have bulk CDR packages that are fairly cheap.
    There are also plenty of places online that sell CDRs cheap.
    Just get like 24-32x speed for now if you think you'll be tossing a lot of them. It'll save you a few dollars.
  6. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    Last night I made a CD from a playlist of downloaded mp3s.

    I used the HP CD Record Now software that came with my HP cd writer.

    One option is to make a CD from audio files on my computer. (the other options are copy a CD directly, and make one that can only be played on an mp3 player)

    The option I choose last night, to make a CD of music from mp3 files on my computer brought up a box with a browse, and I added the tracks I wanted (from the file on my hd) to this, and it MADE the CD.

    I could play it on my stereo after. I was VERY HAPPY!!!

    This morning I tried to do the same thing with more audio files and a box comes up saying "youre recording device does not support writing to CD media, this option is not available with your current recorder".

    This box comes up with ALL the options in this program now.

    What I did, earlier was I ran SpyBot and Adaware, because the computer was running badly. Slow and not openning. I found a LOT of programs in box and deleted them all.

    Apparently I deleted something Ineeded with the cleaner programs. I found SpyBot has a restore,which I did (putting all the ads, etc back in, since I didn't know which was needed) but Adaware has a backup program I'd never paid any attention to. I thought it just took out ads and unwanted stuff! (another live and learn I guess)

    I remember downloading something from HP (and the link to it is somewhere in this topic, but different thread I think). I have to find it and see if I can remember what and where it was. I thought I bookmarked the page at the time, because it had been confusing to find it the first time.

    To answer the questions about my system. It's very simple, just my HP Brio computer, with CD-ROM drive, and the HP CD-Writer Plus 8200 E I just got a few weeks ago. And have been trying to figure out since.

    Seems like today everything has gone wrong, (even my electric stove stopped working, but that was a tripped breaker, for some reason). I tried to get my mail in Outlook Express and a box keeps coming up asking for my user info and password (which never did before) which has it in it, and "save it"checked. I keep checking OKAY and it keeps coming up again.

    Maybe it's the planets or something...

    ~ Carrie
  7. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    It's like being lost in the forrest and walking in circles!

    Last night I made a music CD from mp3 files on my hardrive.

    I used HP RECORD NOW which, I guess came with my HP CD-Writer PLUS 8200E I say I guess because several programs came with it. Record now and Direct CD (which I've never figured out or used for anything so far)

    When I first installed the CD writer, I kept getting an error box in Record Now, when I tried to copy a CD (I didn't try making one at that time). And was given various links here for downloads and upgrades and tried them, and at some point (I'm not sure why) it allowed me to copy a CD from an already made one (from the CD-ROM drive)

    I hadn't tried to make a CD with various files till last night, when I clicked on Make a music CD from audio files and a box came up with "browse"and I found the files, added them and made the CD. It played on my regular stereo.

    This morning I tried it again,(after using Adaware and Spybot) and now an error box comes up saying "Your recording device does not suport writing to CD media. The option is not available with your current recorder".

    I tried clicking on "copy a CD" and it says "no recordable devices found on system".

    The CD writer is listed in Device Manger (under CD ROMS, with my computer one) and seems to be working fine, according to this.

    I restored the things I had taken out with SpyBot, but didn't have a backup with Adaware (I had assumed this was for ad-spyware tracking stuff and nothing I might need).

    I have downloaded what I thought was a newer version of RECORD NOW from the HP site.

    I know it is supposed to make CDs from files on the computer (like mp3) like I did last night, because in the HELP files it says this.

    And, obviously I did this last night.

    I tried taking out and putting back in the software, and downloading another version from the HP site.

    I think I will uninstall the CD burner and do this over again.

    But, it didn't work (RECORD NOW) when I first put it in, I kept getting error messages.

    Since I'm not sure what I did to fix this, I can't just do it again.

    I just figure if it worked once it must again.

    And I did check and the CD burner is plugged in :)

  8. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    In the next few weeks if I can fit it in my budget....

    I can then take all this stuff out, except the intall for the CD burner, and it will work?

    I should give up on today, it seems like everything is going wrong, and the temp has barely gotten to 0 (F) all day.

    I think I'll go read a book...

    ~ Carrie
  9. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    On the HP site,with the upgrades and products, etc... in "small print" it says the info is NOT for- various HP computers, one being BRIO which is what I have.

    Now I'm wandering around other pages on the HP site, looking for solutions to the problem, for a BRIO model.

    But, the CD burner was working (to copy CD's, make a CD from mp3 audio files, and save data) Which today it won't do.

    And I wasn't on special BRIO pages before.

    I have a friend who's a MAC fan, who keeps telling me if I had a MAC I wouldn't have to go through all this and could just use it.

    If I could afford to buy a MAC I'd get one and find out.

    ~ Carrie
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