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Movie Quotes or Scenes relevant to you.

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by lighthouse, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    ............Also, if the Discovery Channels Series is narrated by Peter Coyote what does this say about Baby Birds - maybe even a Bunch of Cartoons from the 1950s-60s? Hmmm???

    Maybe they're not so beautiful after all!!!!

    How about the Etruscans being defamed by Rome - even the Roman Church - or even its 'Leader'?

    Highbeam Research??? That's intriguing too isn't it - especially when Stuff is written on Rafters..........in a Pub, in this Town, a few Years ago!

    But we've got such a 'pretty' Army though huh!!!!!
  2. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    Todays Alaric llnd or even Brennius isn't armed with Swords and Shields - he, she and they are armed with TV Equipment, Heaps of Experts, lots of Research Facilities and a permanent Presence on Network Satellite Television. I've had nearly 20 Years of what the 'Romans' do. What People like the Discovery Channel do is what I've known most of my Life probably!

    Lighthouse throws open the Gates!

    Why? Because in the 18 Years since I came back from a metaphorical 'Crusade' - making Radio - everything very rapidly went from slightly mutable to as rigidly heirarchical as the ancient Italian City State became! Rather throw in my lot with 'Alaric' than continue with this!

    As for any Defamations - every one of them has got back to me - the last one being "Ouch!" a Couple of Years ago!

    That is intolerable! So the TV Equivalent of a Gallic Charge is exactly what's needed here!
  3. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    "That is not the Bishop!" coupled with a Dummy pretending to be King Richards Corpse says other things too! What was that Debut Album of theirs called again????

    Meaning - whatever it is that keeps coming from SPQR 20 isn't the Friend of my Father!

    So - erm - Milo - why's that then?

    Have you killed him like you killed Pelagus.......'Constantine'........Holy Roman Emporor - Roman Church Leader?

    I remember when Friar Tuck berates the Abbot for being so pathetically compromised too - as well as when Alaric does same with the Roman Senate!

    I also remember how the Documentary compares Rome to the European Union!

    Oh and anyone pre-occupied with Toilets should remember what happened to a Transvestite Emporor.......couple this with - erm - Jackson - and it really does start to get peculiar. Just look at what Skippeo looked like at the end of his Time.


    Suffice to say that Cleitus must have been given a different Script at the Start of it all too! I've still got mine - and none of this is in any of it. Cleitus probably remembers when things were different - like I do! When Human Rights meant Human Rights for example!

    I don't have a Television and I take more notice of what is being said in TV Programmes than some People working in Radio now - for the same Organisation that made the Programmes. Are they a bit like those those Teachers who don't think much like the Books they teach?

    How the Etruscans were treated by the Romans in the end was exactly what has happened here! First, you get the cross-cultural Exchange - even Assistance,, then a few Centuries of Co-existance, then the Elimination! Where's the "Good Trade" Mr Costners Film mentions many Years ago? It just hasn't happened!

    "Dances with Wolves" (1990) - Hmmm - and the Romulus and Remus Legend - the Establishment of the Roman City State! 2 Years later (1992) we get "Last of the Mohicans" - where Magwa it seems - has forgotten the many Virtues of his own People and began assimilating the Vices of the White Man! By 2004 we get "King Arthur" where any Rights those People had had become the Whim of Germanus and the Corruptions of Roman Politics. 1989+15 (Years of Military Service)=2004. By then any Notions of "Good Trade" were as out of the Window as Jan Massaryck - as pushed out of everything as Alaric llnds People!

    Romulus and Remus were Foundlings - brought up by a She Wolf, Romulus kills Remus and establishes a Town called Rome. "Dances with Wolves" has a white Girl - found and brought up by the Native Americans. In "Robin of Sherwood" the Outlaws are called "Wolfs Heads".

    In the End Mr Costner is prompted to make his "500 Nations" Series! President 'Jackson' lit his Fire.

    Blythe does his Ornathology.........watching those Birds!

    Not surprised a part Native American Singer (Cherokee) says how "The Music's no good" in 2001 - no it isn't, and hasn't been for Years. What's wrong with our Broadcast Media these days - they stopped meeting the People Years ago - and doesn't it show!!! Some of those Emporors went a bit like that by the End.

    It was that particular Singers Ancestors that had the Fire lit under them by President Andrew Jackson and began the Trail of Tears.
  4. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    The Music is - and hasn't been - any good because I'm sure whoever is running SPQR 20 is as debauched as some of the People in those Documentaries! Look at some of the more recent Ideas.......while, similarly - this is the most broken of Lands. Music might bring People together elsewhere in a proverbial Pow-Wow - but here it doesn't! The Group who did the Soundtrack for the Highlander also did an Album called "A Day at the Races" (Ives was a Jockey if you remember), which had another Track on it about the Plight of the Native American! "Immigrant built Roads on Blood and Sand" and all that.

    So where are you gonna hide from the Hell you've made President Jackson?

    These People think they're Hippies - and they aren't. Those that are live up to the Celtic Rock Bands Name and are adventurous - like the Gypsies who have travelled 1000s of Miles and retained their Culture. This lot are a sort of small Town Creative Economics bad Joke who sent everything on a downward Trajectory for Years - until EVERYTHING almost was brought to its Knees.

    It's like a Boudoir run by an incompetent Pimp. Even a competent one wouldn't leave someone sat in a High Street for Years.

    It's crap! William Blakes "Poison Garden" - Clannads "Poison Glen"!
  5. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    Think "Mists of Avalon" after Morgause starts running it all!

    They aren't even decent Creative Economicists either - one thing I agree with Noel Gallagher about is how this lot seem to have driven everything into the Toilet!

    Is this the "Tumour in the Humour" Robbie Williams sang about?

    So - erm - 'Earth Goddesses' is that the only bodily Function you know?

    How can the Music be any good if it's in the Toilet WC Hippies?

    When Morgause began running Avalon everything becomes inverted and perverse! Why did they decide to make a Film of Marion Zimmer Bradleys Novel when they did?

    Avalon and Poison Trees!!!!! Hmmm!!!!!

    "The Apple Tree shall bare its Fruit in the Gardens of Avalon for ever and a Day!"

    Not sure I'd want to eat it though Mr Hussey - not if it's like the Priests Apple!

    Not if Tristan has had to shoot it out of a Tree - out of Revulsion as much as anything else probably!

    Willam Blake was a Druid - rather more reputable than Mr Stukely!
  6. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    And while you have the "Trail of Tears" you also have "The Teardrop explodes".

    Concurrent to Julian Cope being a Musician he also became something of an Authority on our Indigenous Culture via several Books he wrote on the Subject.
  7. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    And Connor McCleod is banned from Avaricum. You can see the Paradox there can't you - ..............particularly if there's someone in there - and it's 1995.

    I get some typically inbred Bristolian Oik in a Silver Van faking a Limp - lost, looking for Directions!

    The 'Good Trade' amounted to one Visit from the Beeb in 1993.

    Connor McCleod was in a Group in 1995 - just been recommended by both Publications for the Sound City Event of that Year - but there's a Concert he's not allowed to do.

    The TV Equivalent of a Brennius is exactly what this Area needs right now - they're contemptable!

    As full of something as the WC.

    Connor McCleod - or Vercingetorix - couldn't do a Concert at his Equivalent of Avaricum - where his own People are - because he was told he was 'Banned' from the Venue. So his Group can't do their Concert to fellow Radio Programme Makers and Television People.

    Anyone whinging about anything in the Regions Creative Economy after that (Jobs, Decline in Programme Making, the encroaching Bleakness etc) should take note of what happened to the Gauls in that Town in 52BC. An interesting Historical Metaphor.

    And when Mr Costner wasn't making Films and Documentaries about the Native Americans he was making them about Robin Hood.

    Meanwhile, someone has poisoned John Dunbars Drinking Water - but with what? What does he find there instead? How does "Last of the Mohicans" start a Couple of Years later?

    So what is going on in this Area that means anything that would happen anywhere else just doesn't - or is poisonous?

    How do we get from all this to "Ouch!"?

    One look on Google a Moment ago tells me it isn't the Internet that is killing the Radio and TV Programme Industry - it's the Attitude of a Region whose Arrogance and Inversion irked everyone - from the People who made one of the most popular Cult Movies ever in 1984, to TIG Productions, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone and a Myriad of others.

    As someone once said - here, Black is White, Night is Day, Positive is Negative, Right is Wrong etc - and CJ could draw the biggest Diagram ever on the Subject to no avail at all.

    Anywhere else and Connor McCleod probably would be a successful Antiques Dealer, or even running a Museum, Vercingetorix would have married Epona - or at least partnered her - and probably have a few little Asterix's of his/their own. Hilts would be playing Baseball - or even the Bass Guitar - in a Group.

    As "Dances with Wolves" was made in 1990 it suggests someone around here was poisoning the Drinking Water as long ago as the late 1980s. It's that "Tumour in the Humour!"
  8. sepala


    May 20, 2010
    If you hit me once, I will hit you twice.
  9. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    Your alternative Thought for the Day............

    David the Diplomat, Black Kettle, Cheyanne - Tall Oak, Robin Hood, Oliver Cromwell and Ives............The Magnifcent 7.

    "I met a man with 7 Wives..............."

    He wasn't on his way here though was he!

    Neither was Olivers Army!

    Rather be having a Beer in the Tall Oak than the Poison Tree. There's even a 1998 BBC Documentary about that one to explain why!

    President Jackson!

    Randolph Herst can spend as much as he, she or they like on this - erm - Theme Park - but it's not very convincing to anyone who knows. At least someone reclaimed the Wood Panelling from his rather gaudy Xanadu for their refurbishment of Gwdyr in Wales. Love to know who allowed them to be appropriated by him in the first Place.

    And no - I'm not alright - Im not alwrong either - I'm just me!

    Ever seen "Asterix and Cleopatra" where - erm - less than competent Architect Edifice has to enlist the help of the Gauls to build her a Palace - as all his Builings are somewhat ricketty? But what if the Egyptians had peeved the Gauls and Asterix decides not to? What if Vercingetorix has been messed around so many Times that he's had enough of them? What if all of Edifices Structures were built on Sand? What if Rhiannon turns out to be Bloduewedd?

    What if Vercingetorix has had so much of this crap that he says "Nah - stuff this for a Game of Soldiers!"

    So now Mr Jackson has created his own Uruk Army of 'perfect' New Age Fascists what does he do now?

    Sorry Mate - but one of the only genuine Connections any of this had with whatever got used and abused once too often!

    What if Vercingetorix has met too many Rhainnons who turned out to be Blodeuwedds - as is his Affliction here? It was from Blodeuwedd that the Guinnevere Charecter emerged in the later Grail Traditions!

    As we've just had a Film about RFK maybe someone around here is in need of some restraint!

    The only Time Black Kettle (Cheyanne) - David the Diplomat - whoever - ever made a Cup of Tea for a fellow Industry Creative was one Evening in 1993. It was like the famous Native American Chief meeting Lincoln - then having to contend with rather a lot of George Armstrong Custers!
  10. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    So - sorry Mr Randolph Herst but your Theme Park 'Community' is more like Milton without the Keynes - a Community for some - but not for others.

    I guess Yossarian got peeved with having to contend with Milo too many Times!

    Llew (not pronounced 'Loo' English Hippies) Llaw Gyffes got betrayed!
  11. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    As for some of these detestable old People.............not all, but some!

    If this was a 'Community' of anything I wouldn't be writing this!

    So, about this 'Good Trade' that never happened......apart from once - in 1993!

    Having just seen the Film "Babel" I think I might need some Polyfila!

    Your Nazi Concept Milo has failed - dismally!

    So - erm - where's this mythical 'Community' then? Even Nero had some Commitment to the Arts! "Thou shalt not play Music" - according to Mr Choo Choo! Oh - so Mr Morton are there any "Shalts" in any of this?
  12. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    So does this imply that whoever runs SPQR 20 is worse than Nero - more bleak? As for Hostages - wasn't RFKs main Opponent called McCarthy? Starting to wish I'd never heard of him - or that Project.

    Scippeo eh!

    Wouldn't mind a Chat with 'Marcus' Aurelaneus right now!

    In the Estevez Film the Film Maker includes CBS Archive of the 1968 Presidential Campaign and Walter Kronkite shows you who the Contenders are. Sorry John - but starting to feel like Cannon Fodder - again!

    They seriously want to sell this awful shoddy Concept to the World do they!

    'Marcus' Aurelaneus is another Progeny of SPQR 20. They're all the bloody same aren't they!

    Wreckers and Pirates!

    So - the Broadcast Unions??? Hmmm - reading them their Code of Conduct is rather like Alaric reminding the Roman Senate of their Obligations! Maybe even RFKs legendary Tussle with Jimmy Hoffa!

    As for the Concept - the Internet now means you can access that 1998 BBC Documentary about it! Come to SPQR 20 and become a full blown Extra from Trainspotting!

    Not much of an Improvement since either! If anything it's got worse!

    Sorry Political Officer!

    Pirates?????? Ah - back to Asterix!

    Those that weren't Wreckers and Pirates were Slave Traders!

    As one of Mr Costners Native American Quotes says.........."worse than a Beast!"

    Rather be having a Beer in the Tall Oak than the "Poison Tree" (Poem by William BLAKE).

    Which also brings us back to "The Druids".
  13. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    Druids = Oak Men in Cymraig.

    So if the filmic Account of Avaricum is one Example - the Battle of Alesia - actual and filmic is another. While Vercingetorix was in the Town, Ceasar besieged it (rather like Titus did with Jerusalem) - building Fortifications around its Entirity. 250.000 Gauls advanced on the Romans to relieve their besieged Compatriots in the Town - while Vercingetorix fought from within. Unfortunately Ceasars Forces were impenetrable to either and the surviving Gauls fled. Those inside the Wall were taken as Slaves while Vercingetorix surrendered. Combine both and it's like there was a Ceasar in this Story - with a Fortification keeping People apart. Not a literal one but a metaphorical one of Politics.

    What happens though if Hilts plays his Bass Guitar and releases the River blocked by all this? Music doing what it ought rather than what those running it all turn it into. Suddenly it isn't having to rely on those Crumbs from Longshanks Table Wallace berates the Scottish Nobles about in "Braveheart". This isn't literal either but refers to the stop, start, Sporadicness of Creative Economics - whether anyone remembers this Favour, or that Service, or even an Obligation, and that lousy Process of Whim. Considering all the other Botch-ups in this the Notion of a Concert transcending all of it might not have been a bad idea at all. Shame Saruman decided to block it up really isn't it!

    As for Man with Van and Limp. Funny how he walked up to me quite normally - asked a dubious Question - then someone else - and suddenly developed a Hobble!

    So - whinge at me again about those precious Jobs Mortimer Hoffa - and Black Kettle here will make you a Cup of Tea!

    It's not the Internet that's to blame - it's an Industry so blocked up with Politics and Infighting - looking for a Scapegoat.
  14. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    I think the Americans take Hostage Crises more seriously than Britain. The Appearance of Garbage Skips with the Word "McCarthy" on them says it all. If we have to live our Lives by a Bands Lyrics then there's always "That Joke isn't funny anymore!" Like to see an Israeli Response to something like that too! I think we all know what they would do. It'd look like late 1970s Lebanon by the Time they'd finished.

    Here, you just get the "Tumour in the Humour".

    Here's an Observation too...............

    During the Siege of Alesia in the "Druids" Movie Vercingetorix is on a Balcony looking to the Roman Fortifications and I was reminded of the View from mine. It's like - there are People out there somewhere but these wretched Battlements keep everything apart. Even in our "Arthur of the Britons" Series the very first Episode has a Line where Ambrosius says the Romans had a Saying for it "Divide and rule"! What can I see from my Balcony Today that would be the Equivalent of a Wall?

    Here's another Quote from Mr Costners Documentary

    "We got a little less Status - they got a little more Land!"

    That's for all those posh white Hippie Trinket People I've known!

    Aided and abetted by their greedy voracious Friends in the Yuppie Hippie Media!

    As for the BBC - here's your Equivalent of the Prime Directive! Patrick Stewart does the White Man Voicing on those Documentaries - he also played Scrooge! Implication? How many of them have violated that in the last 20 Years - and carried on like the old Miser?

    There were some who observed it - not many though!

    He plays Frobisher amongst others - bit like Frobisher Avenue in Portishead isn't it!

    Oh - how I'm soooo looking forward to the next Yippie I meet!

    Love and Peace eh? I remember what happened last Time I met one of you People!

    Some of them - since 1993 - have been carrying on like those Spaniards running the Ranches in California - I'm even reminded of a Song about that. I thought I'd left in 93 - looked a bit like Llew Llaw Gyffes too. In 1995 they didn't have the Decency to let Black Kettle do a Concert! Can you believe that! Someone's Mind is definately twisted and it's not mine! They're Pot Pourri Nazis!

    "The Redemption Song" is by Robert Nesta Marley - and it all got totally Cuckooed by them. They're disgusting and Blythe should keep an Eye one them - like I used to!

    "On the Bible you swore - fought your Battle with Lies!" The BBC have "Nation shall speak Peace unto Nation" carved above its Door in London. Really!!!!! So why have they conspired to divide and cause as much Strife among former Friends as possible in the last 20 Years? Bob Marley meant it when he sang "One Love!" - not too sure about them!

    "What is left of your World - just 4 Words on a Stone!"

    "They got a little more Status - we got a little less Land!"

    We will rock you!

    Protest outside Broadcasting House!

    They've been acting like the last Vestiges of an Empire that still thinks it runs the World.
  15. lighthouse

    lighthouse Thread Starter

    May 5, 2002
    So there's Connor McCleod on a Balcony - he knows there are fellow Highlanders/Gauls out there somewhere - but all he can see is Ceasars Wall........for Years. The Hilts Analogy becomes quite appropriate. And while all this goes on someone somewhere gets a little more Land as he gets a little less Status. All Black Kettle wanted to do in 1995 was be John Deacon for the Night.

    No Politics, Intellectual Chess, peculiar Conversations, horrible Pot Pouri Nimbies, Record Industry Garbage - just a young Bloke who grew up with an Industry that for once could at least live up to its Hype - playing mighty Rock and Roll.

    We will Rock you!

    Go on - call the Kettle Black - I dare ya!

    As the Man said "With every Treaty - we got a little less STATUS - they got a little more Land!"

    Meanwhile - have you seen "The 12 Tasks of Asterix"?

    Oh, and none of that horrible fascist 90s SPQR 20 Yuppie Hippie Patronage that says everyone else can play Mighty Rock and Roll - except you Black Kettle!

    It also looks as if the Creative Economy Landscape is being carved up even more doesn't it Octavian...........Ceasar.........and for what sort of People?

    So you know what you can do with your Papers don't you Germanus! While the Yuppie Hippies scoff and quaff.

    Looks like we're about to lose even more Land doesn't it - and they gain a little more Status.............with every Treaty........every Contract, every Agreement - Milo!

    While the Yuppie Hippies scoff and quaff like they were ........... Napoleon......on Old MacDonalds Farm!

    Black Kettle - playing mighty Rock and Roll - Not very 'complicated' at all is it Ms Levine!
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