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Need some help & ideas for big computer changes Saturday

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by EagleClaw92, May 11, 2015.

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  1. EagleClaw92

    EagleClaw92 Thread Starter

    Jan 10, 2013
    ***I guess this could be shorter reading if u just know I'm switching from an older to a newer computer & I have some questions & u could just start reading where u see the word questions in red***

    Hi folks - I used this category because it is the only one I think I've ever used here so I think a couple folks might have an idea where I'm at in my computer learning knowledge curve.....which compared to almost everybody here is novice. And I do have some software questions here so I think its OK to post this here.

    I'm going to be switching out my old, used computer this Saturday. Even though its so old, I'm so used to its idiosyncrasies that I might miss it. Anyway, enuf about that. I got a guy coming with my next (3rd) computer on Saturday to hook it up & get me going with it. I've been writing down questions for him & I thought it might be a good idea not to overload him & get some of them answered here.

    Its the same deal as my 1st two computers. It will be a used (slightly on this one) computer from my brother-in-laws marketing company & one of the computer guys who works for him is bringing it & hooking it up.....with me helping in any way I can.

    We've spoken once & I was told the computer I'm geting is a Powerspec Desktop Computer which is a Micro Center brand. One good thing about that is that there is a huge Micro-Center store 5 minutes from where I live. I don't know which model it will be. As I've mentioned here b4, the computer I've been using has Windows XP Pro which Microsoft quit supporting in April of 2014.

    He told me this one will have Windows 7 for the OS which I was glad to hear cause I didn't want to jump to the newest right away, thought it would be too much of a change. He told me that it was the next step up from XP & I said I thought they had one called Vista after XP & he said we don't count that one because I guess most folks didn't care for that one whatsoever.

    Questions: In XP they have a Favorites heading where you can put sites that u may use again - over the years my list has grown REALLY long. I just put my cursor on the down arrow for the list & it took 25 seconds to get to the end. Will I be able to transfer this list to the newer computer?

    I also have the program Real Player on my computer that has quite a few videos on it. I think/know/ I got most/a lot of these from Youtube. Same as above, can I get this player on the newer computer with the videos I have on it?

    I have been using 2 monitors for several years now & I can't imagine now only having one. That is still going to be the same I think - but I will be getting another 19" monitor which would give me 3 of them. Do you folks think having 3 monitors instead of 2 makes much difference to a user like myself? Do many of u use 3 monitors? Or would some of u have 1 really big monitor that u can switch to thirds or quadrants, something like that.

    I got started with computers to play online poker & I've seen videos of some people who had big monitors that they could divide into different sizes so they could play 4 or 8 games at a time with just one monitor. I know you can have several monitors hooked to 1 computer - but does it get more difficult after 2? I mentioned maybe hooking up a 3rd & I think the guy told me that it would require a "splitter" to do that, I think that's what he said, I sorta just mentioned that in passing.

    But if that is the deal, what kind of splitter would I ask for at Micro Center so I'd have it on hand? And would I need to get anything else? And does doing a 3rd one take much time? I remember when I got the 2nd monitor - which was when I got the 2nd computer I think - it didn't take the guy long to do it at all.

    But I'm sorta guessing it might be a big jump from 2 to 3? I say that because when I click on the start button & then click on the "Help & Support" button & then "customizing your computer" & then click on "multiple monitors" & then click on "Install additional monitors" - what comes up on that page I think just tells you how to install a 2nd monitor & there is a LOT of info there. OK - enuf about that.

    I use a Norton security package to ward of computer threats. I know that Computer Savvy folks use other stuff, but this has actually worked well for me & I pay for it once a year. When the newer computer gets hooked up - will I automatically get the same thing or will I need to call Norton about this and give them whatever information they will need?

    OK - I'll just go with one more. I have always used Outlook Express for my E-mail program. I save a lot of E-mails in case I need to refer back to one & I have used the "Drafts" feature a bunch and I want to keep them. I think he said that the computer is going to have Outlook on it. Will I be able to transfer all that stuff over & is it very hard to change from Outlook to Outlook Express?

    And finally - are there any things that are imporant to do when switching from a computer you've used for many years to an obviously newer and more advanced computer?

  2. etaf

    etaf Moderator

    Oct 2, 2003
    First Name:
    Quite a few questions - and as there are mainly based around migration from XP to windows 7
    I have moved to the windows 7 forum

    I assume the person bringing the PC and setting up , will be doing the work for these questions and should know how to do most
    1) Yes favourites bookmarks can be transferred
    2) Real player can be installed
    3) Depends on what graphic card he is putting in , as to whether it supports more than one monitor - I assume this was part of the specification you asked for
    4) If you are no longer using Norton on the XP PC - the license can be transfred over to the new PC - norton will connect to your PC and do that for you , if you want them to - or you can do it yourself
    if you want to have both PCs running norton, then you would need to install and pay for a new license
    5) Outlook express will not work on windows 7 - so you have to use a different email client
    Outlook is part of MS Office 365 package which costs a yearly subscription - so is this what he is installing OR he maybe providing office 2013 professional
    and he should be able to import everything to outlook - also depending on how the email was setup may complicate things - if all the email is still on the server - but he should understand that as well
    6) Make sure any contacts are also copied

    a) Windows 7 will do about 150 updates , so you may need to allow some time for that , unless he has already setup and carried out the updates
    b) If you have a printer - it would be worth checking that a driver for windows 7 is available for that printer
    c) Also install adobe PDF reader
  3. DaveBurnett

    DaveBurnett Account Closed

    Nov 11, 2002
    Just to reassure you.....

    Most of your questions are exactly the same as the vast majority of people ask so the solutions are well known and documented.

    The only slightly unusual one is the multiple screens, but even that has been asked recently on this forum.
  4. EagleClaw92

    EagleClaw92 Thread Starter

    Jan 10, 2013
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY ETAF.....& obviously, if you don't like long posts, just move on

    I basically just wanted to have a bit more knowledge in regards to some of the specific issues that have to do with switching from a very dated computer at this point to one that will be much newer for me (although I know its old for most folks here) & as u said a lot of it revolves around the switch to XP Pro to Windows 7.

    And yes, the guy thats coming to help me to switch will be very computer savvy & my post here was just so I'd have a bit more knowledge when dealing with this situation. I'm glad that I'll be able to move my favorites list to what I guess will change to bookmark list.

    As far as Norton goes - I just want to keep the program I have with them on the newer computer. And I plan on just having & running the newer PC with Norton (So I'll just have the one updated PC). Also, when u said I could keep my Norton Security....& that the license needs to be transferred to the newer computer.....am I supposed to have that license or be able to find it on my computer somewhere.....or does only Norton have it & I'll need to call them. As far as my Outlook Express program goes.....what u said about that is sort of a bummer. But it is what it is & I'll just have to make some changes.

    You said to get MS Office....u have to pay yearly. I'm have no idea when that started or why. I have MS office version 2007 on this & it was on it when I got it & I don't have to pay anything for it. Back then, did most computers just have MS office on them when you bought one & the cost of it was just added to the computer cost?

    Or I'd guess if u had a computer without it....you could buy a copy of it to put on your computer, is this right? When you say to make sure all contacts are copied....are u talking about contacts on my E-mail program? I don't have anything there. I do have an Address Book with the E-mail addresses of other people....is that basically the same thing?

    When u mentioned the printer, I should have taken care of that long ago. I have one of those 4 in 1 printers....model HP Officejet 6210 All-in-One & it is hooked up to the computer I have now (I would guess its around 7-8 years old now.) I bought it new shortly after I got this computer. I used the printer function of it - & I really like to be able to do that - & it also was a color printer which I liked. The other 3 functions of it I had planned to learn & use as soon as I needed to use one.

    After having it around 2 months & using it quite a bit.....one day I started the printer to print something around 8 pages long (a guess). When I started the printer that day.....I hadn't noticed that the tray where the printed sheets come out on wasn't in the position where it is pulled all the way out. So the sheets started bunching up about 1/2 of the way out of the printer.

    I probably noticed it after 4 to 5 sheets came out & I shut it off right away. But it was too late. After I got rid of the bunched sheets & had the tray in the right position I tried it again. Now the printer wouldn't work right. Some of the pages were just partially printed & it basically wasn't usable anymore. I was a bit surprised that just 4-5 bunched up sheets would basically ruin the printer.

    I would look in with a flashlight & I though I might have seen where some things hung down, but it looked like one was missing or not in the right place. But that was a total guess. Even though I bought the printer at the time mentioned above - those 4-in-1's were still relatively cheap. I thought about getting it reppaired by having some company coming out to do it.

    But I figured the expense of that plus....what if they couldn't fix it. I also thought about taking it somewhere that fixed computer related stuff....but I never did that either. So it has just sat on my computer table gathering dust for years. I think now would be a good time to do something about this. I was thinking about waiting to see if the guy thats going to switch out my computers migh be able to fix my printer.....for what happened....it seems to me that it couldn't have been damaged much.

    But maybe a part got messed up that they don't even make or carry anymore....& the possibility of this guy fixing it might be REALLY slim. So I'm thinking of buying another one from the Micro-Center just down the street from me & hooking it up when the savvy computer guy is here. Or is that so easy these days that I could just read some instructions & do it myself without any problems.

    Also - I don't need anything high end for this. And I don't want one in the low end either. Just something reliable with a good color printer. I just want one that is easy to hook up & have the printer be a color printer (do they even sell black & white printers anymore?)

    And I do want the 4 in 1 kind. I found something odd at a site I looked at about All-in-Ones.....I probably only looked at about 5 of them & their All-in-Ones didn't include Fax. I thought printers that were advertised as All-in Ones had a printer, a scanner, a copier, and a Fax number. Has this been like this for a long time? Or do u think I found a website that was very rare.

    What do you think of refurbished products? I do need an All-in-One print, fax, copy, & scan abilities. I looked at the Microcenter Refurbished Printer area online & I found one in the price range I was thinking about that did have the 4 (the one's that are only 3 are missing the Fax feature for some reason. The store also has 3 of them in stock so I could just have it here when my computer savvy guy comes. I forgot which is considered the best printer, inkjet or laser, but I vaguely think it was inkjet, is that right?

    Here is the Refurbished one I was thinking about getting. http://www.microcenter.com/product/437765/WorkForce_WF-2630_All-in-One_Printer

    If you don't think it's a fairly good choice - what would you recommend that is around $80 or less? Also, I don't need any wireless stuff. U also mentioned for me to make sure that a driver for Windows 7 is available for my printer. I looked at the main sites for Epson but they were closed saying they were doing an upgrade, but I found this page which I think means I'll be fine with that. Is that right? And do u think a refurbished computer is harder or easier to hook up to a printer?


    So when I do hook up a new or refurbished printer.....do I get a CD with it that has the driver(s) for it, or how does that work? And the lat thing u mentioned about the PDF reader, I'm assuming that once I get the newer computer up & running.....I just download the PDF reader?

    Sorry this was so long & I'm sure u folks think all this stuff is basic knowledge, but Its basically new for me & I'm sure I'll pick up some of this knowledge on Saturday & I'll never need to ask about it again. Also, I wont be writing

    Lastly - is there anything else you think I need or should do to be ready to make all these changes? Also, I wont be writing anymore long posts about this topic. This was the end of it.



    I'm sure that what you're saying is correct. The reason I wrote these questions is so I'll be more on the ball when a computer savvy person comes to help me (when I say help me, it really means I'll be helping him) switch out my computer & the peripheal hardware I have hooked up to it.

    And like most folks these days I've only got a limited amount of time & I have to think about priorities. And if I get the jist of your reply....I think the answers I get here take less time than going all over the internet looking for answers that way. And they address specific questions.

    If I just had to find out the answer to one thing, I would surf the net looking for the answer. I'm guessing that most questions here may be solvable for the OP if they took enough time on the net.

    But I know that you do have a point hand & my questions lately have been long & thorough. And in the future I guess I'll try to ask more difficult questions & make them shorter.
  5. etaf

    etaf Moderator

    Oct 2, 2003
    First Name:
    I suspect a lot of the work on the PC may already be carried out
    Its quite time consuming to set up a PC on site – when I do it , it can take 2.5-6 hours depending on how much data I have to transfer to the new PC
    So I’m not sure what your man has agreed to
    Often companies will provide a setup service and its simply running the normal out of box setup and connecting to your internet
    Probably takes about ½ hour to do that.
    As I say I do a full installation service and if windows 8 also include a training session – BUT it takes time
    I have also carried out a full installation service a few times for friends remotely - that are hours away from my location and that can take hours
    talking them through the initial setup and then connecting remotely

    Depends on what web browser you are using , as to the names
    Internet explorer still uses the term favourites, chrome and firefox calls bookmarks
    either way - it can all be transferred

    Yes, you can call them and they will help you transfer or you can do it via chat
    You need to know your Norton account username (usually your email address) and password

    This is how to re-install Norton

    1. Go to Norton Management to download your Norton product.
    2. Click Sign In.
    3. Sign in to Norton with your email address that you used when you registered or purchased the product, and the password.
    4. Under Product Details, click the Norton product that you want to install.
    5. Click Download.
    6. In the Norton Download Manager page, click Start Download.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the product.

    OEClassic will work on windows 7 –
    But does not support IMAP - and so i do not often use - as most people require IMAP which allows people to get the email synchronised on all devices

    You can get standalone, office 2013 – in various versions – and also subscription service. Some manufacturers with XP and Vista provided office as part of the deal
    Others would have an option to add office at a cost
    Most PCs come with a trial version of office anyway thesedays
    BUT if he is building this PC for you – then it will just be the basic windows 7 system
    your version of 2007 will only be licensed to that PC legally and could not be transferred
    If all you want is word/excel and powerpoint , then you can get office for home & Student , again that will be licensed to only work on the 1 PC
    unless you pay for multiple PCs and thats where the subscription service would be a better choice as you have the product all the time you pay the yearly subscription and can transfer to newer machines
    if you intend to keep the one PC for years , then a standalone can be a better ROI (return on investment)


    It would not be worth repairing , I would just have a quick 10mins look and see if anything obvious – BUT would do very little more
    And if its had no ink through it for years – its possibly all blocked up anyway

    Few people need faxes , so they are not found on many all-in-1s usually called 3-in-1 so look for 4-in-1 usually on the higher priced machines

    very little experience of refurbished (and only with UK based companies)– my experience is there is not a lot of difference in price when you compare to offers that are available , maybe £50 on laptops
    What sort of guarantee does the company provide and how reputable.

    The printer has on the specification

    Supported Windows Operating Systems
    Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

    I also goto the printer manufacturers website and download the drivers , rather than use a CD , as the CD is often out of date

    from here
    make sure you untick any options extras like mcafee etc
  6. DaveBurnett

    DaveBurnett Account Closed

    Nov 11, 2002
    If you have Office 2007 you can transfer the license rather than have a new version.
  7. etaf

    etaf Moderator

    Oct 2, 2003
    First Name:
    I was commenting on the fact - that appears to be an OEM version and not a retail version
    so do you think this would still be possible ? edit - legal
  8. DaveBurnett

    DaveBurnett Account Closed

    Nov 11, 2002
    Not if it was OEM, but definitely worth looking into since it does sound like a small supplier and they may well have used a retail one.

    I did when I built machines.
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