Solved New to PC gaming and I have some Questions

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Sep 12, 2016
These are probably stupid, But answer as many as you can! I'd really appreciate it!

1. I Have Nvidia graphics card, Should I always download and install the latest version of the drivers? I See people saying it could cause issues, Yes I made a restore point just in case.

2. Is there anything I should have downloaded for this PC to run better my rig-
Windows 10
Geforce GTX 950
IntelCore i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70gHz
7.97 RAM
1TB hard drive
I downloaded "Geforce experience" and of course an antivirus also CCleaner. Is there anything like this that I should install onto my desktop?

3. Is the steam download worth it, Or should I just use it to purchase games?

4. Kind of similar to question 2. But is there anything I should download to better my experience with a gaming PC such as Steam? Or Teamspeak. Is there anything like this I should download?

5. How often should I open my desktop and clean it?

6. If I were to upgrade my specs, what should I focus on or what should I upgrade first? Also, I have two built in fans, Is that enough?

7. Really dumb question here. For movies, Should I just buy online or will this take up a lot of disk space and slow down my PC? Or should I just get a physical copy to play it on my PC?

8. When watching videos online even when in HD it is kind of still looks fuzzy in a way. I use my 720 HD TV. Would buying a Monitor make the display better? furthermore. Can my rig use two monitors? If so is it easy to set up?

9. I use my PS4 controller to play, I have had this happen about 4 times. It notifies me that the last USB connected was disconnected. I made sure they are connected and It works fine but then out of nowhere it pops up. However, I haven't had this notification since my drivers updated.

Thanks in advance and feel free to tell me anything else you might think of that will help me with my new gaming desktop. I was a console player and all this is new to me. Again thanks for taking to time to read these dumb noob questions :D.
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Apr 25, 2002
Welcome to TSG! (y)
If you don't know something ask, that is why we are here. Someone around here will likely know.

1: You can update whenever it asks, but they can cause problems, so it is just something you need to be ready for. It may get fixed in days or you might need to roll back to an older driver until a newer version is released.

2: The stance on best gaming performance is less is better. The fewer things you have or need running will allow more system resources for the game to use. So keep it basic, update drivers and things of course but try to keep extras to a minimum. You need an antivirus and firewall running these days but try to find one with a "game" mode, that will reduce the demands on the system while gaming.

3: Steam versus physical... that is up to you really. Steam games are digital so you don't need to keep swapping a disc to play, but you need to download them and are at the mercy of server issues or account problems. Use a good password and keep an eye on activity and there should be no trouble using something like steam.

4: Again, this is up to you and what you want. If you are playing multiplayer type games with other people, lets say World of Warcraft, some guilds want you to use Teamspeak or Ventrillo so you can all talk to each other. Coordinating a fight is much easier talking than typing. :D Most games do have game/party chat systems now but many aren't as reliable or clear as a dedicated system like TS and Vent.
I would only install one if you find a group that wants you to use it, otherwise it's not necessary.

5: Depends on how clean your room/area is. IF you get lots of dust in your house or have pets around you can open it once a year and look. Some dust build up is going to happen, but when the cooling vents start to clog and the fans are caked in dust it is time to clean. Check from time to time, you may have a very clean home and not need to bother for years.

6: Usually the first "cheap" upgrade is more RAM. 8gigs is still OK for most games. You would need to check your system specs for the motherboard to see how much RAM it can handle. If 8 is max then no point in trying to get more.
Same with the CPU, you would need to see if your motherboard could take another faster chip.
GTX video card is pretty good, but there may be faster/better ones that can fit. Also need to check specs for what would fit and work.
Note on upgrades; When adding more you would also need to pay attention to your power supply (PSU), Upgrades will often require more power. Running under powered can kill your brand new hardware.
2 fans should be OK for now, guess it depends on how big they are and where they are. If you start hardware upgrades you may need more/better fans.

7: Depends. You buying a download or a streaming service? VuDu or Netflix type are all streaming, you don't really need to download anything, but an active internet connection is required to stream. If you are downloading a movie it will take up space, not a lot, but from time to time you may want to delete movies you are not watching any time soon. Just keep your account info current so you can re-download if you decide to watch it again.

8: This one can be a few things. The stream may be slow and at a low bit rate causing the distortion, (slow internet connection). Your connection to the TV may not be the right resolution. Yes a monitor would be better, they seem more crisp and clear. Find one with a low response time for better gaming. Can it run 2? Not sure, does it have ports for two? Just know, running 2 displays will put more strain on your system and video card. This can reduce game performance. I don't use two monitors, so not that familiar with how they work together.

9: Don't know I haven't used a PS4 controller. But if the driver update fixed it then your good.
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May 31, 2011
9. Having switched from older consoles (Nintendo 64/ Sega) for gaming to PC many years ago, I tried and almost insisted on using a controller to play games and was frustrated with using keyboard and mouse. Now, having took the time to get used to it, I wouldn't use a controller unless the game demanded it. There's something more natural when playing a well designed game with keyboard and mouse. Does it take some getting used to, of course. But given most games controller configuration schemes you have the ability to set the keyboard the way you want (a five button programmable mouse doesn't hurt either). I always set my movement to the arrow keys, I don't like WASD keys at all. That way Numpad0(ins) is right there for kick, punching or whatever and the shift and right control keys for running and crouching. I also set the right and left arrow keys to strafe left/right instead of turn left/right Since turning is usually set for the mouse on the pad anyway (look). And strafing left/right while looking forward allows you more versatility than trying to turn.
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