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Now that my cd-writer is installed...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by starchild, Jan 15, 2003.

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  1. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    It seems even more confusing trying to get it to DO something!

    I tried copying a music CD to see if it worked (and the program said "copy another cd exactly") the hourglass came up and it said "reading cd speed" (or something) I didn't know what to expect.. 30 mins later.... I hit alt, ctrl, delete and it said "cd writer not responding".

    So, I ended task.

    Then I put a blank in and used DIRECT CD WIZARD and it said the cd had to be formatted. Do they all?

    I did that and it went off. LIke that was it's main function.

    Someone (on this board, I think) told me I could save my entire MY DOCUMENTS folder on the CD, if it wasn't over 700 MB.

    But how?

    I tried opening MY DOCUMENTS (from the cd writer program) and selected all the folders in it, and almost all of them came up saying they couldn't be saved, the file names were too long, "over 110 charactors". The names included the long title of c:\ my documents (etc)

    One program said I could "drag" what I wanted onto it to save. I think it was the DIRECT CD wizard, but where do I drag it from?

    I've tried going into my computer and finding the folder MY DOCUMENTS and doing it from there.

    I guess I thought it would be on the right click menu like "send to... E DRIVE" (like it does A drive, etc)

    I guess I will figure it out.

    The HP instruction seem kind of vague and skimpy.

    I'd like to save MY DOCS just for a backup, and to practice.

    Also, copy music CDs.

    Is there a time it takes to first READ and then COPY?

    What shoudl this be? It's a 4X4X6 (I think).


  2. pyritechips

    pyritechips Gone but Never Forgotten

    Jun 2, 2002
    First Name:
    Hi Carrie:

    When you use direct CD feature and format a CD-RW, it acts like a big floppy disc. Normally with a CD-R disc you write to it once and that's it. But with formatted Cd-RW you can write to it, delete files and treat it just like a 3.5" floppy.

    BTW what burning software are you using?
  3. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    Okay, that's one thing I now know (LOL)

    That a formatted disc can be used to keep putting data on.

    So far, I managed to save MY DOCUMENTS but I don't know how.

    I went into MY COMP, C drive, and right clicked on MY DOCS and SEND TO- the E drive (writer) was listed.

    Later when I tried to do this with just the MY PICTURES file (which got saved on the MY DOC one, as a back up) the "send to E-drive wasn't available on the menu!"

    The software is what came with the HP CD-writer plus. Let's see CD LABELER11 DIRECTCD Wizard (which so far only seems to offer to FORMAT and then quits when done) HP CD-WRITER,
    MUSIC MATCH Jukebox. MY PHOTO SUITE and PHOTO STUDIO2000. I put all the software in that came with it till I could see what it was.

    I have Adobe Photoshop 6 and PSP 7, can I use these with the cd burnger in some way?

    I'd like a CD to save all the folders I have (from a digital camera) which are by date in MY PICTURES.

    I can probably download pictures from the camera and save them directly onto the CD, as I take them? As long as I don't "finalize" the CD?


    There is something I don't have called HP DLA (maybe DVD?) I had installed the software a few times when trying to get the writer installed, and at the end (when it did install) it said it had to take HP DLA out, to install something else.

    Something I clicked on, and wanted to make a data CD that could be used on "any computer CD ROM drive" (not just in the cdburner) said I didn't have something I needed for this.

    I've been going in circles with this.

    I got one music CD copied (directly copied from my CD-ROM to the "writer") I was going to copy some of my CDs for my daughter to have upstairs, and just to see how it worked.

    The first one worked okay, I put in the music one (which works, I tested it) and a blank one and went through the Wizard,like the first time. This time the writer tray (with the blank one) kept openning and a box said "there is no CD put one in and retry". I kept shutting it and clicking okay.

    Then I got it to start and after it read it, it said there was an error and it couldn't contine.

    I think one problem is, I don't really know what to do, so I keep trying things and when I get something that works, I forgot how I did it (LOL)

    I'd like to make CDs that I could use in the CD-ROM drive, directly with my computer, and not reading them with the burner (E drive).

    But, it took me 3 days to get it installed, so I guess it will take awhile more to learn to use it.

    I thought it was just like using a floppy disk.

    How do I get the FILE "My Pictures" which is in MY DOCUMENTS onto a CD? I also keep getting messages some files can't be saved because their names are too long.

    I really am thinking that the planets must be in a very confusing configuration or something the past few days (LOL)

    ~ Carrie
  4. Mavrick88


    Jan 15, 2003
    What Windows operating system do you have? If you have Windows XP you can save any file by right clicking on the files or folders you want and click the sent to menu. Then click on your CDRW drive. Go to My Computer and click like you were opening your CDRW drive. The files you want to copy should be there if you did the first part right. When you are ready put a blank disc or a disc you want to ad to and click, "Write these files to CD". That' it! If you have any other version of Windows you need to go through your burning software that came w/ the computer. You open your burning software and select to create a data CD, then open the folder you want after going into "My Computer" and click, hold, and drag the files you want over to the burning software's list. Hope I helped!
  5. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    I have WIN 98 SE (and have been resisting getting the newer versions (LOL)

    I keep thinking about something "this is THE most confusing thing I've ever seen". But then something new comes along.

    I wonder if some of my problems are from the software that came with the HP CD-writer PLUS 8200E

    I put it all in, but I took it out and reinstalled a few times when trying to get the writer in. I think it's all in there now. I figured I could see what it was and then take it out.

    Two are PHOTO programs, one for retouching and such, but I have PSP76 and Adobe PhotoShop6 (can I use the CD burner along with them?)

    One seems to be for using the CD burner. HP CD writer it says. It brings up a menu of what do you want to do. I have copied a CD (music) I copied a few of them last night, but at times it would STOP and say there was an error, the read speed was too slow and the laser stopped or something. The copy would eject, (not copied or only one track on it) and now the blank CD is unusuable?

    They are Maxell CD-R Music 80 (it says on them) I got them long ago, when I thought I had another cd burner. I remember it saying they could be used for music or data.

    But, now I think in order to reuse them they have to be CD-RW?

    When I click on the save data option it says it doesn't detect smething (adaptec Direct CD?) and I should check out their website about getting it. I thought I had that when I first tried to install the burner, and kept taking things out, because I once took that out of add/remove programs.

    But, seems like it would have been put back in if I reinstalled everything again.

    I have DIRECT CD Wizard, which just seems to (let's see I'll try it DO SOME OF THESE THINGS ONLY WORK WHEN THERE'S A BLACK CD IN THE DRIVE?)

    Adaptec Direct CD Wizard.. box that says:
    WELCOME and this allows you to read and write directly to your cd writable/rewritable disc.
    Checks the status of the disc
    prepares the disc
    manages the final data (I've noticed this it asked how to save it)
    once the cd is configured by this, you can read and write from it pretty much like a floppy (I'm condensing what it says)

    Next DRIVE STATUS My COMPUTER and E drive
    The disc I put in (from last night's experiements) says it's a READ ONLY disk and to put in a CD writeable/rewritable one.

    Okay, new one, this says BLANK CD "this disc can be formatted by direct CD to read and write access".

    I went through this with some last night, and went through the FORMATTING. I thought this was needed, like with some floppies.

    It asks for a name for it, and says "after formatting you will be able to read and write the CD through the drive letter associated with it."
    Then there's a space for NAME.

    I did this to several blank discs last night, which then wouldn't work (at least to copy a music CD on) it kept ejecting them and saying to insert a blank CD.

    Also, when I try using the basic CD writer which has the options for "copy a CD totally" (which I did manage to do a few times) and "make a CD" (like separate tracks) and "save data" it says it doesn't detect Adaptect direct CD and I have to go to their website and see about getting it.

    I have looked at links and FAQs about using CD-writers, and stil confused.

    Maybe I could take all this software out, except the one that installed the burner, and get something more simple and basic elsewhere?

    This also has MUSIC MATCH Jukebox (which seems to get music (off internet radio?) to save and burn on tracks.

    And the two photo programs I don't think I need.

    I know it's kind of complicated right now, but there seems to be a way people only save certain tracks off several CDs, like to make one of their "favorites"? I think I'd have to save them to my computer first and then do the cd all at once?

    I know, that's for later.

    I did manage to save MY DOCUMENTS to a CD yesterday (but was disappointed, I thought I could use in in my CD-ROM drive, but apparently I can only use it from the CD-burner drive? I thought this was what the Direct CD software was for?

    I found the MY DOCS folder in C-drive and right clicked on it and it had "send to E-drive".

    Then I later tried it with just MY PICTURES (in MY DOCS) and the option to send to E-drive wasn't there.

    I never found anyplace to drag files into, but I keep hearing about this.

    I think I need more coffee...

    Thanks for taking the time to help. I've helped people learn to set up webpages, (for one thing) and I know how confusing it it when the newbie doesn't understand. I remember that from the things I've finally mastered.

    I seem to need things in simple, easy steps.

    ~ Carrie
  6. Mavrick88


    Jan 15, 2003
    The reason why your CDRW drive doesn't work with some features of Adaptec is because your CDRW drive isn't in the list of compatible drives YET. What you have to do is go to http://support.roxio.com/roxio_support/software_updates.jhtml . Then click on the software version you want to update. If you have version 5. something, then you need to click on the 5.X one. If you have version 4. something, then click on the 4.X one. To tell what version you do have, when you open the burning software, go to the HELP menu and click on "About....." It will give you the version you have. Then download and install the newest update for your software, restart your computer. I would recommend buying new CDR and CDRW discs if you have had the old ones for a while. Companies upgrade the max writing speed and max CDRW speeds all the time. The reason you can't write music to a CDRW is because you are formating the disc for DATA WRITE ONLY. When you format a disc like you did it is only available for DATA. I wouldn't use CDRWs for music though. Just use regular CDRs. Hope this helped!
  7. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    Okay, I think... I'll try the upgrade and let you know.

    Formatting it for DATA READ only? I didn't see any choice? Do I NEED to FORMATT them at al? (of course it's there, so there must be a reason)I didn't formatt the music ones.

    Maybe I shouldn't formatt them at all?

    I thought this was like doing it with a floppy.

    When I meant I had had them "awhile" I meant around 20-3 months. In Nov. my daughter gave me a CD burner she had and never used, so I bought some blank CDs from someone on eBay.

    Not knowing anything about this, but it said could be used for music and data and came with cases.

    I didn't know age mattered in them, I don't know how old they were when he sold them, but I've only had them around 2 months.

    Oh, I wrote about the cd burner she gave me, she accidentally put the wrong power cord with it and I "fried" it.

    I know... someday this isn't going to seem as confusing as it does now. I thought it was just like floppies, buy some blanks, and put them in and use them!

  8. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    Maverick, you might be sorry you answered me :)

    I went to the download page, and found "additional software" DIRECT CD, on the bottom of that page is:


    HP OEM Update for DirectCD for Windows
    The version of DirectCD currently being shipped by Hewlett-Packard has a pop-up upgrade message with a disable option on it; unfortunately, that disable option did not work in all versions of Windows. Download and install this file to get rid of the message.

    This file is ONLY for HP users who experience this problem, and will only work with DirectCD 3.01d as installed from the HP CD. If you have updated to a later version of DirectCD, please remove DirectCD from your system, re-install the version HP supplied you, then apply this new updater.

    Please note that this only fixes the pop-up box that forced you to press a button. The Roxio banner is only disabled when you install a retail software.

    dcd_v301d_S64up.exe (680 KB) |


    Mine (on the WIZARD) says it's 3.03c S13

    But I did get it with the HP cd-writer and software. And it does have a popup box saying it doesn't have what it needs and to go to a website. I didn't know this could be disabled. Maybe I'll try that.

    The problem is, I get confused by what I have and what I need to use for what. Like the regular CD-writer program seems to work for copying music CDs directly. I think that's where the direct CD popup comes up when I want to copy DATA files using this.

    All I seem to have from DIRECT CD is the Wizard, which asks for a name and "formats" it, and then I can't use it (apparently) to copy music?

    In PROGRAMS I have Adaptec Direct CD> CD-RW eraser, Direct CD HELP, Direct CD WIZARD, Scan disk, Uninstall (and a pdf doc maybe about it- I don't have much faith in "help" that comes with these things really being of help. )

    I looked in ADD/REMOVE programs and it has ADAPTEC direct CD.

    So, it is there.

    I downloaded the above from the website, tried to install it and it says it doesn't detect any software it goes with.

    I do plan on getting different blank CDs, (next time I have some $$$$ ) I've seen some a friend bought at Walmart that look good- basic, with cases and not expensive. Says DURABRAND Digital Audio CD-R

    I've also seen small, colored (just) cases that someone bought in large amounts, for little money at CVS. I think that's a store (maybe online, too?) And I know we don't have one in our area. Used to when we lived outside of Boston, MA.

    ~ Carrie
  9. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    I think I got most of this solved.

    I reinstalled some of the software,and the CD writer options, and saw somewhere that the box coming up saying it didn't have what I needed (to write so it could be used on "any CD-ROM could be disabled,or was supposed to be, so I tried holding down ctrl when it came up.

    And it worked! I even copied MY DOCS and MY PICTURES onto CDs that work in my CD-ROM! I am happy....(at least for now)

    If the error box hadn't come up, I might have blamed it on the popup stopped (from earthlink). It's going to run out Jan 31 anyway, and I won't have it unless I download their software, which I don't want (Earthlink. I just have my account info and dial up number set up now).

    I know, there are other free ones.

    In a way it's sometimes a bother to have to disable the popup stopper, but, some discussion boards have somany of them you can't use the board otherwise.

    I still have a few questions. I have CD-R discs, which I guess aren't "rewriteable"? I didn't know about those when I bought these.

    These would be good for copying CDs on I imagine. Maybe why it says "music" on them?

    Some of them I tried and messed up. Like some it said the read speed was too slow and there was an error copying a music CD, and the blank ejected.

    Does this mean the blank CD is now ruined and can't be used for anything?

    Also, I formatted 2 of them, using DIRECT CD WIZARD. And they don't seem to be usable now.

    I thought they needed to be formatted to be used? Like some floppies? Maybe they are useable now that I got the software to work.

    I'm sitting here surrounded by differend colored CDs.

    Along with the rest of my clutter.

    But, I figured something out today (one thing a day?) and happy about that.

    Now if I could get the hot water pipe in the kitchen sink unfrozen.


  10. Mavrick88


    Jan 15, 2003
    I'm glad to have helped out a little! Ok here is the story behind CDRWs and CDRs..........

    CDRs are for just about anything. From copying CDs, to making music CDs, to just putting data on them. Once you write to a CDR you CAN NOT erase it or re-use it. The only thing you can do is add DATA ONLY if it's not full, until it's full. CDRs are best for music.

    CDRWs are for people who have to back up their computer a lot. Unless they want to keep a record of all their back ups, which is rare, then they can just back up onto a CDRW. When ever they need to back up again, they just erase a CDRW and do it all over again. You would also want to use CDRWs for just putting a file that wont fit on a floppy disk to take to a friends house that you know you are going to get back anyway and just re-use. I wouldn't ever put music on a CDRW. SOME and I mean verry little CD Players will even read a CDRW (Music players that is) and the sound quality you get off of a CDRW isn't that great. Almost all Cd players will read a CDR and will also sound much better and work much better than a CDRW. I would just stick to putting DATA on a CDRW and using CDRs for copying CDs, music, ect.

    To answer your question on formating CDRWs : You only have to do it when the disc has been closed or is full. If you do it while the disc is empty, what you are basically doing is creating a floppy disc. Where you can just drag and drop files to the CDRW. That is the only time you will ever format a CD is to use it to drag files over to it like a floppy disc. Once you do this to the CD it will not be useable for music. It just wont work. I don't know how to explain it, but trust me on this. Just stick to CDRs for music and don't pre-format them. Just say NO NO NO NO if it asks. Have FUN!!!!!!
  11. crjdriver

    crjdriver Moderator

    Jan 2, 2001
    If you continue to have problems, you might want to try downloading a trial version of nero. I have both EZ cd creator and nero. The only thing I use [and have installed now] is nero. Very easy to use and almost never an error, here is the link.
  12. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    I think I'd have less problems if I found out stuff like this FIRST.

    Of course, I don't know what there is to find out until I try doing it.

    crjdriver, I have saved the link. I think what I have right now will work, if I know more what I'm doing. Just the problem of the blank cd ejecting and it saying there's an error in copying, the read speed is too slow, or something?

    Maybe this is where nero would work better?

    Mavrick I printed this out, it's very clear.

    After I copy a CD (music) I could FORMAT it to finalaize it?

    But, since I couldn't use it for anything else anyway, I wouldn't have to?

    Sort of like popping the tab on an audio cassette or sliding it over on a floppy? Only in those cases it's reversable.

    when I first started this (a few days ago) something would come up everytime I stopped something that gave EJECT OPTIONS. Like did I want to leave it so I could continue on it, or close it off to this? I always picked leave it.

    Now, this option isn't coming up when I finish something. (not a problem, just wondering WHY?)

    So, if I only buy one kind of CD (limited income :) )than it's best to buy the NON rewritable ones? I can use them for music and data. I do want to back up things, just for safekeeping, and now have a CD with MY DOCUMENTS (326 MB) and another with MY PICTURES (240 MB)(which is in MY DOCS also). Since it nowwhere fills up the disk if I add something else I want to also back up, I can put it on separate on the CD. Like a floppy that might have a folder (overall) and also separate files. Or, I could start a NEW file and start putting new things in it and later back this up.

    The CDs I have now are Maxell CD-R music 80. It said for music AND data. Now I know that that meant.

    Someone just told me that this brand is no good for copying music, because they CAN'T be played on stereo CD players. But they play fine on mine and seem to sound as good or better than the originals.

    NOW, I think the reason he didn't think they played on a stereo is, he must have had a music one put on a re-writeable one.

    I think I'm catching on.

    The next challenge may be setting up perl-cgi scripts. I've attempted this several times and given up "for now".

    Well, maybe after I get the hot water pipe going to my kitchen sink UNfrozen, (it's been around 12 below zero (F) here the past few nights. I wonder if computers/internet can help with that?

    Maybe someday I'll even be able to answer people's questions here, too.

    ~ Carrie
  13. crjdriver

    crjdriver Moderator

    Jan 2, 2001
    When you eject a cd that is being written with direct cd it should give you the option as to leave the session open, close the session so there is no more writing, or to close cd so as to be able to read in any cd drive. This is an option in the direct cd program. You set this somewhere in the program preferences. Sorry I have not used EZ /Direct Cd in quite a while.
    One thing you should understand is that they [EZ and Direct CD] are two separate programs. Direct CD is really only used when you want to use a CDRW as a big floppy disk; otherwise I would use EZ for everything else such as copying cds, making music cds, etc.
    Again there are many different burning programs available so see what you like best.
  14. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    I'm downloading nero, to see if this works better.

    I tried copying another cd (music) using HP CD writer (that came with it). I've tried maybe 12 CDs (over the past few days) and gotten 4 copied.

    Again, after it's been in the 'reading" stage, the writer ejects the disk and an error messages says the read spead is too slow.

    I click on MORE INFO and it says if the read speed is too slow (on the CD-ROM the original disc is in?) the lasers (on the writer?) turn off.

    Some work and some don't. I can't figure out why, because some music CDs are new and LONG and still copied.

    I tried one that I thought didn't copy and it HAD copied, but the others seem to be blank. (now these are no good to put music on AGAIN? Even though nothing copied on them? Some of the CDs, I put in don't get detected, and ejected as "put in a blank CD". I think these may be ones I tried to do something with. I haven't been making them, just the ones that have worked).

    Some I gave up on and are copying onto cassette tapes with my stereo.

    Someone gave me a lot of music CDs, and I wanted to copy some because we're selling most of them (originals) (local music store buys them).

    Need gas money for the car :)

    I know, I have a cd burner and no gas money for the car, but when I ordered the cd burner (weeks ago- it took a long time getting shipped and sent) I had the money and the person in the family that was working had work.

    Life is full of challenges.

    ~ Carrie
  15. crjdriver

    crjdriver Moderator

    Jan 2, 2001
    If you do install nero, make sure you uninstall EZ cd and direct CD before installing nero. Two burning programs generally do not play well together.
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