paying for 16 mbps from Comcast computer showing only 12.0

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Jan 12, 2007
I have comcast broadband and pay for 16mbps I am running Windows xp Home I have an older Dell dimension desktop (circa 200-2001 but very much updated ) 1.80 ghz Intel processor and 512 mb ram 1.80 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache and I need and pay for internet speed of 16 mbps from Comcast but when i checked it out by going to :
control panel + network & internet conections + Local area connection (which said "connected" firewalled Motorola surfboard SB5120 (no I have no router just a good ol modem box from Comcast) and clicked on view status of this connection, on the General Tab it says status: connected , the duration I've been on, and speed 12.0 mbps ..I was like I KNEW the connection had gotten slow
I called Comcast and some snotty teenager gets on the line and says.. oh well sometimes ys get 16 sometimes ya get 12(mbps) ...I go NO WAY! I am paying for 16mbps I should get 16. So I said to this kid...Can I have your name so when I talk to a tech I can mention what YOU told me..and the kid hung up) So then I went to the Comcast office they reset the thing/modem /my account I had go ahead and re register to get online at home... but ! I am still showing only 12.0.mbps speed from Comcast and I am paying for 16.0 can u guys helpme ? I hate Comcast coming to my house they came for the Cable tv and I had to re do what the jerk DIDn'T do , They really suck. Oh I want just to say I learned everything just about that I know about puters from reformatting to doing Hijack This scans, getting rid of viri and more ,this Forum its the greatest I used to hang out here under a different screen name years ago Thanks in advance all! :eek:
Aug 22, 2008
id kill for speeds that fast...tho i can see ur anguish, as im only runnin at SUPPOSEDLY 256k down 56k up, tho bandwidth test showed my connection toppin at 200kdown, 30kup most of the time, so you got it better n i takes me 1 or 2 min to load my friends myspace! speeds depends on the weather at times, or its just crappy do to the isp im runnin wid.....ive asked a few times about better speeds/services but they said my community was too small to support usin satellite wireless..which is bad for an alaskan villiage that has storms 60-70% of the year.........i cant even get on xbox live or any mmorpg! so again id kill for your speeds........oh yea no other provider will offer high speed for this area or near here.......dont live in alaska! if you do make sure it supports at least cell phones :eek::D:mad::confused::((nome anchorage fairbanks or towns wid 9k people or more)


Oct 2, 2003
i think you will find you are paying for upto 16 NOT for 16 - at least that is the situation in the UK
8MB often only return 5-6MB
its been recently heavely advertised on TV complaints and the UK are trying to change the rules
I have 2MB and get over 1.9MB, which is why dispite a lot of pressure, I will not change supplier, UKONLINE - I have only had three downtime events in 5 years of use
Aug 7, 2007
The speed shown where you are looking is not your ISP connection speed, but the speed of the connection between your PC and the Modem, so I'm guessing you are using USB. That older PC probably doesn't have USB 2.0 ports, but the older and slower USB 1.1, which has a top speed of 12 Mbps, just what you are seeing. Even if your ISP was giving you 100 Mbps, you'd never be able to utilize it with your USB connection.

Seems they forgot to add that info to Tech Support's script -- it's the first thing they should check for when there is a speed issue; how is it connected to the PC and if USB, what version.

The Motorola supports USB 2.0, so you can get a PCI USB 2.0 adapter card, but as your PC probably already has an Ethernet adapter, you can just use that. The Modem should have come with both a USB and Ethernet cable. Just turn everything off, switch the cable, power up the modem, wait until the lights show it's connected, then boot the PC.

Once connected with Ethernet, the speed you'd see where you were looking is 100 Mbps. USB 2.0 would show 480 Mbps.

To actually test your ISP connection speed, you need to use one of the many online speed tests. None of these will show anything faster than 12 until you get a different type connection to the modem. And with the USB overhead, I'm guessing most will show you're are getting less than 8 Mbps now.

I have Comcast's standard service, 6 Mbps down/2 Mbps up and consistently get 14-16 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps up, over 20 Mbps for the 1st few seconds while Powerboost is active.

Speed test websites
2Wire (Click Speed Meter at top)
Bandwidth Place Speed Test
DSLReports Speed Test
Speakeasy Speed Test


Aug 22, 2008
i was talking about my internet service provider..they arent a well respected co., tho one of the few providers for my rural area here in alaska, they tend to go for cosmetic appearance in their business then theyre structural part of running it, 4yrs or so ago it used to be unlimited but they rounded the bandwidth to a TIMID 2gigs thruput a month :( i cant even play mmo/rpgs without spiking my internet bills, also get stuff off of xbox market place.........:(( why is alaska the rear end of everywhere else in the US!!!!!! i dont even have plumbing in this villiage :)) we use buckets to store and dispose of our fecal activities(a lil too much info for some ppl i know also not tech related lol and out of place in this forum or any forums of this category) i just want some ppl how much stuff they take for granted, the lil stuff they gripe about......


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May 12, 2002
Check the properties settings for your network adapter. It may be set to "Auto-Sense" or "Auto-Negotiation"(or something similar to that). Change it to "100Mbps/Full Duplex" and then restart. See if that helps.

Since you don't have a router between the cable modem and the computer(and don't have a multiple computer network), you may have to use "100Mbps/Half Duplex", but try the other setting first.


Here is a screenshot of the speed test that I just ran. The download speed usually stays over 19,000 kbps and the upload speed usually stays over 1,700 kbps. It's not the maximum 20,000 kbps and 2,000 kbps like my ISP advertises, but it's close enough.


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