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pirated software

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Reviews' started by somak_de, Jan 23, 2003.


how many of you ever used a pirated software ?

  1. never

    28 vote(s)
  2. sometimes

    55 vote(s)
  3. almost always

    46 vote(s)
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  1. somak_de

    somak_de Thread Starter

    Dec 1, 2002
    Thank you all for your post but I’m especially interested in the one posted by smuod.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"The original poster said something like "why should I bother downloading on a slow connection when I can get a copy from my friend". It seems to me he/she has already made his/her mind up. If your boss asked you to work 80 hours for 40 hours pay.. Would this seem fair to you? What if he explained how? You are already at the office. Staying longer wont cost you, as much as if you went home and came back so I shouldn’t have to pay you the full amount? "
    I want to make it clear that I never "made up my mind" on using a pirated software or supporting piracy and that is why I started this thread. I only wanted you all to know the problems that drives otherwise honest people to use a "crack" (not me.... believe it or not).

    Don’t compare softwares with the tools used by "Construction companies, retail stores
    Or gas station owners". You can compare them with "HARDWARE" and can you tell me about a "cracked sound card". You cant and you all know why.

    There is an example given by Richard stallman (one of the pioneers in promoting free softwares): " say, you made a great tasty dish but you cant give the recipe to your friend as it is password protected"...imagine that kind of situations.

    Computer has been one of the most wonderful creation science gave to mankind. But should not the software giants and Mr. g have some responsibility to spreading that to everybody who wants to learn about this. They are not doing this. …But only making money and slowly we are becoming their slaves. You all know how Microsoft created a monopoly in the market by eliminating their rival (remember how they make Netscape a looser by giving free IE with windows some years back)
    You can call me “communist” but I think that there should be balance somewhere between business and “spreading the knowledge to the world”.
    If you commercialize everything in this way then in future some BIG corporations will control us and they will shape our life.

    Many of you wrote that when one chooses a particular software he/she is bound to pay for that or should go for free alternatives...completely agree with you on that. But should not they be more flexible with their policy and help the people share this wonderful creation

    I don’t know whether is it right or wrong criticizing a particular company in this way but this is my experience. If you think this is wrong then tell me.

    Good luck and keep posting
  2. Stoner

    Stoner Banned

    Oct 26, 2002

    This dialog sounds more like an attempt to rationalize thievery!
    MS software and many MS based programs are for sale. For money.
    You've been shown free acceptable replacements.
    If a person uses commercial software[software for sale] and doesn't pay for it , they are thieves.......................!
    NO excuses.
    If you can't afford MS products, don't be a thief, use Linux.
  3. MadDogMugsy

    MadDogMugsy Guest

    exactly stoner!
    No matter what is 'dangled in front of our face'
    cars - electronic games - homes - designer clothes - medical care, prescritions - software ... if you can't afford it, you can't have it, no matter how tantalizing it is to you or how needy you feel you are. We have choices in forms of transportation - entertainment - clothing - clinics, generic drugs ... why should the world of computers be any different? I have worked darned hard to save for and purchase the equipment and software that I own - just as I have saved for my first gold lame dress! What is the difference? If you want it - earn it ... that is responsibility

    I could copy several more quotes in here, but try to see this ... retail stores must continuously up their prices on merchandise to allow for their losses on shoplifting - as well as pay for security stop-checks... if we all didn't steal software, companies like Microsoft may not have to charge us so much accomodating this allowance, as well as input such grand designs to prevent theft

    ... off to try to generate some money for my new car (and I can't afford fancy, just something to get me there)

  4. smuod


    Feb 12, 2003
    Rather than go into a long boring post..

    "and can you tell me about a "cracked sound card". You cant and you all know why"

    Cracked software is the same as you plucking a sound card off the shelf at the PC store and walking out without paying.

    The difference is.. with software you dont have to leave your desk to break the law.
  5. somak_de

    somak_de Thread Starter

    Dec 1, 2002
    I think you misunderstood my views expressed in my last post. Neither did I attempted to rationalize thievery and nor said that we should all start using pirated things. I just wrote the problems faced by me (and others) and wanted solutions suitable for both party.
    Free alternatives are coming and more and more people are switching towards them.
    So this the time for the ms and others to change their policies to a more liberal one.

    I strongly feel that high price and unfair policies are one of the root cause of the piracy and that is what I am saying all through these post. So don’t confuse me with a pirate or a thief.
  6. smuod


    Feb 12, 2003
    Price has nothing to do with it. If MS and all software vendors dropped prices to $1.. It would still be pirated by those who chose to take things rather than earn or purchase them.
  7. suzi


    Dec 27, 2002
    Stoner wrote:
    Just getting back to this thread. Thanks for the links Stoner. I have some of the freeware and shareware things too. I was mainly referring to things like software I have recently purchased - Dreamweaver, NetObjects Fusion, American Greetings Creat-A-Card, stuff like that. I suppose maybe one can get those things in file sharing apps or warez sites. But I agree that it is stealing, just like going into a store and taking anything without paying for them.

    One of the reasons the cost of software is high is becaue of the theft that goes on. Companies that develop a great product are surely entitled to profit from it. I personally have more of a beef with pharmaceutical companies who charge outrageous prices for prescription drugs than for companies like Microsoft or Adobe or Macromedia for their software products. People can live without XP or Photoshop or Dreamweaver but some people can't live without their medications.

    So many people love to hate Microsoft and Bill Gates - but just think about this - where would the world of computing be without them?

    Bill Gates is a huge philanthropist also, giving away millions each year for AIDS research and care and other global causes.

    And I agree with SMUOD that one reason the prices of software are so high is that people continue to pay for it. If people quit buying it, the prices would come down.

    We all have choices. If we don't like Microsoft we can use Linux and so on.
  8. kalki


    Aug 23, 2001
    you don't monoplize on things like operaqting systems.
    90% of all type of software need it to run games,graphics,
    word processing so it would be like saudi arabia monoplizing
    on oil and saying we would give it to only one particular car
    company and as for others they have alternatives like electricity
    and hydrogen for their engines..

    also many things bundled with microsoft operating systems are
    not used by people like the firewall with xp..anyone serious enough
    to protect their computers knows better..and infact there are good
    free firewalls available..but when you buy xp you also pay for that
    firewall..it will be good if they could make a bare bones operating
    system which could act as a platform for other programs and so be
    cheap but will they do it..to charge high prices for the operating
    systems and justify the price they add all unwanted stuff..something
    like an operating system should be very cheap compared to other kind
    of software like for graphics or games..and what about end of life
    of a product..in the software industry it happens so fast unlike
    the hardware industry where you can still manage with the cd-rom you
    purchased three years ago..television purchased 10 years ago still
    runs cable tv without any problem...yes they may not have flat and
    full square displays or other fancy things but they still allow you
    to watch news , shows etc. without any problem and those who want
    new televisions buy and those who don't want anything don't have to
    buy but they can still see all programs..that is true choice..

    those who spent money buying a decent computer four years back to
    play games, do office work etc. will find that their computers
    will not run many applications and they have to upgrade so they
    think they can sell some of their present parts and get some money
    but they find it hard to sell because no one wants old parts when
    they can get new parts for the same amount of money and if someone
    does want it they will give 10% of the actual cost of that part 4 years
    back..so those who buy computers are either stuck with those parts or
    have to give it away for almost nothing and the dilemma is that everybody
    is not interested in being a collector of old hardware and at the same time
    not everyone feels good at having to sell something for 10 when they spent 100 buying it just a few years back..it does not make any sense
    leave alone a business one..and for how long do the computer hardware
    and software companies plan on continuing this kind of game..if they
    don't correct their habits soon, circumstances will make the decesions
    for them..

    companies use their governments to arm twist smaller countries into buying their software like microsoft did with Peru.

    people who follow what is happening and are aware have more than enough
    reasons to do what they do...

    reducing software prices will reduce piracy because majority of software users are those who like and will pay for what they use
    and everyone knows that including those who make software but
    will the software makers themselves reduce prices..no..because
    they know there are enough people buying software for them to
    make profits..is not the chairman of microsoft one of the richest
    men...and also many people download software just for fun to try
    and see what it does and just tinker with it and also they
    want to see the full version of it without any limitaions so they get
    cracks etc. others only want to use it once for some specific task and
    don't want to pay high prices for it so they get cracks, for these people some way of renting software may work or prices should be cheap
    enough so that people buy it even for one time use..cheap prices really
    do make a difference..atleast better than losing customers to cracks..also computer programmers should concentrate more on quality
    than quantity..and easy and secure ways of ordering programes must
    also be available...users who use software programs regularly and find
    that the product really does deliver what it says do pay for it because
    thats the way people are you do something good and people notice and appreciate it.
  9. brendandonhu


    Jul 8, 2002
    Microsoft is a company.
    This is a free enterprise system.

    If they want to include a firewall with their product, they can put a firewall with their product. You don't like it, don't buy it.

    If they want to make software that requires the latest and greatest system, they can make the software. You don't want to get the new hardware, don't buy it.

    If they want to include a lot of extras with there OS, they can do it. You don't like it, you don't buy it.
    BTW in Taiwan MS was forced to lower software prices and offer Windows with nothing extra added.
  10. GoneForNow


    Jul 22, 2001
    I agree that certain types of monopolies are bad and/or illegal. But then you don't get to determine the price, it's called free enterprise. You don't want to pay the price of Windows download Linux, it's free. Contrary to the feelings at this web site, computers and operating systems are not "must have to survive" items.

    Brendan......Correct and well said.
  11. boyoh53


    Nov 28, 2002
    If they done the same worldwide, bare bones systems and buy or d/load for free the extras one needs. Most of the stuff on XP will never be used by many people. You have made a great point there about Taiwan.
    That could make the systems possibly half price and more affordable for family people and do away with "copies".
    This "don't like it don't buy it" attitude sounds inconsiderate and harsh thinking. Consider those less fortunate than yourself.
    Many computers are bought by families with X children and probably find it a struggle to get by. :(
  12. GoneForNow


    Jul 22, 2001
    Computers in your home are a luxury not a necessity. Again, you want to change how Microsoft sells its' software? Don't buy it, they will either come around and market at a price you are willing to pay or go broke. Telling MS what will be in Windows and how much you can profit sounds like a totalitarian state.
  13. buck52

    buck52 Banned

    Mar 9, 2001
    This will open a whole can of worms and doesn't have a lot to do with pirated software but... oh well

    If they had X number less children maybe they wouldn't struggle so much.

    I chose to not have any kids so I did not have to struggle so much and am tired of supporting those who have multiple kids and can't afford them

  14. Fyzbo


    Feb 6, 2002
    [fyzbo quietly agrees]
  15. GoneForNow


    Jul 22, 2001
    Buck52........I don't know what to say, are you actually suggesting that people take responsibility for the decisions they make? (;) ) Next you will be suggesting something as radical as paying for software.
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