Problems with screensaver builder

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Sep 17, 2002
Something is different with this board today! I know, I'll get used to it...

Anyway, I've been having a problem with a Screensaver builder I bought, and the person I bought it from hasn't been too concerned or helpful.

I've been thinking maybe it's my computer/monitor showing it that's at fault, but I made one and sent it to my daughter (who has a newer setup) and she said the same thing. It was only solid colors, changing on the screen and no images.

Also, sometimes it does work. I haven't figured out if there's some reason it sometimes works which might help with why it doesn't. I haven't been devoting too much time to this, and recently decided to give it another try, getting it to work right.

it's ACEZ Screensaver Builder (verson 2) I downloaded the free trial (last summer) and liked it, so paid $24.95 to get the key. I first emailed and asked if I could save the download on a cd, in case I ever needed to reinstal it and was told YES, this would work. (later I noticed the current version is on their webpage, and can be downlloaded as an update with the key (I paid for) put in) I put the key in to register the trial version and it worked fine. I didn't use it much, but it was fun to put images together for my own use and to send to my kids who are all over the country.

At one point it stopped working right. Only solid colors would come up (and change) and not the pictures. When this happened, after I closed (the screensaver- that wasn't working) a box would come up saying I had used a trial version of ACEZ screensaver builder and if I wanted to buy it, etc.

I noticed when it doesn't work, this comes up. The few times it DOES work (and the pictures show) this doesn't.

I click on the info (on the program) and it says it's a registered version and has my name on it.

I tried taking it out and putting it back in and putting the key (which I had saved) in. It said it had registered it. And still didn't work.

I've tried doing it all ways, like smaller picture (using very small, like tiny squares in the middle of the screen seems to work but doesn't look good). Lower resolution (I mainly use 74, which I've used all along and/or 800X600 pixels which I've read is what's used for this) doesn't do anything different as to whether it works or not.

I have my screen set at 800X600 16-bit High color (it doesn't seem to go higher than this when I try changing it) but this is what the screen savers say is recommended. I have WIN 98 SE (which it's for). Same as I've had all along, like when I bought the program last summer.

I've written several times to the company and gotten emails back, with suggestions. One time he said I might be making the pictures too big, and they were failing to load. They are mainly 8" wide, (and the same as I used at the start when it worked everytime). I've found that 8" wide (the way my pictures are saved anyway) is 800X600 pixels. The last time he asked me to set the pixels lower and try it, (and let him know- also what my screen settings are) and I did and it didn't work (and I told him this). This was a few months ago. (It hasn't been a really big deal, just something I've tried to figure out now and then).

I've asked him if there's a newer version I could download, since when I bought it, it said I could have newer/upgrades as they came out. He never answered this. I've since seen it's on the website.

Yesterday I checked on their website

and realized I could download a new version of it, and use the key I bought to register this.

Instead of using the original one I'd downloaded last summer and saved on a cd.

I did this, put in the key and it once again said it was registered.

I tried making 3 screensavers, and one worked and the others didn't. I used the same pictures each time. One setting is full screen and one is "percentage of the screen", and this time the FULL SCREEN setting worked (but it makes the pictures very large, and has no border around them like the percentage setting). I'm not sure if this is what has worked before. I know using FULL SCREEN setting doesn't always work. I haven't been very scientific about it, like writing down the exact settings to see what works and what doesn't. But there doesn't seem to be any one way it always works and another it doesn't.

I think maybe the trial version only worked with 3 pictures, but if more were put on, it SAID this. And when I use mine it never says "this is the trial version and you can only put on 3 pictures at one time". I've tried it with 3 pictures and it still doesn't work (only solid random colors come on the screen and the box after saying it was built with a trial version).

There's a setting to change background colors (instead of random) (when a smaller percent of the screen is used with the pictures) and I've tried this, like setting it to GREY and smaller percent of screen. And it still only shows bright, random colors (changing) and no picture.

Hopefully, this isn't too confusing, I like to try and get all the details in.

To sum it up:

When I first bought it (last summer) it worked everytime.

I haven't changed anything (that I know of) still have the same computer and monitor. Still using the same picture resolution and size (except when I've changed it to see if it worked) Have reinstalled it, and recently downloaed it again, and put my key in, and it says it's registered.

Could there be something in my registry settings making it (occasionally) think it's still a trial version? That even taking it out and reinstalling it (many times) wouldn't change?

When it doesn't work a box comes up saying I'm using the trial version and if I want to buy it....

I sent it to my daughter who said it was only bright, random colors- blank screen for her, too. (which seems to cancel out the idea it's my monitor and settings not showing it). Also, I've set the background for sollid grey and it doesn't work, and only random bright colors change on the screen.)

Other screen savers work on my computer. And occasionally, ones I made with ACEZ (ones that made okay).

The person I bought it from seems to feel (imply) it's something wrong on my computer, and not the program. Except for a few vague ideas, and no response the last time, he's not been much help.

It seem to be a problem in putting the screensavers together (and sometimes it doesn't work, and thinks it's the trial, unregistered version?) But, if he doesn't have any ideas about how to fix it, who does?

Other than this, does anyone know of a screensaver program I can get that does work? Preferably one that's free (if that's possible) I've been looking and find some that offer trials (with limited capabilities) and some that seem to do a lot, but one has to pay for. Or, one that does cost, but might have a lot to it (like making FLASH screensavers, which ACEZ doesn't do) that would be worth paying for?

I'm not only on a limited budget, I'm now kind of wary of paying for something that stops working and the company isn't too helpful in finding out why. Though, I suppose if it's something in my computer and settings messing it up, that wouldn't be their responsibility.

At one time I had the idea of making screensavers to sell, or getting jobs making them for companies (with their products, logos, etc on them) I realize I should probably pay for something that does a lot and works good, in order to do this, but I was still at the practicing stage. And the ACEZ one (when it worked) seemed to do quite a lot.

Maybe this is some simple thing I'm just not seeing, but someeone who knows more can pinpoint.


~ Carrie


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Sep 17, 2002
After I posted this, I downloaded and installed and ran one of the screensavers they offer on their website, and it works fine.

It installed differently than the "built" ones, and is a different format. It's a screen where spring flowers APPEAR on it, a few at a time, till it fills up.

This isn't at all like the ones their screen saver builds, which is just pictures that change from one to another, like a slide show.

I probably should be looking for something (program) that does more, like has flash, and ones that can be made like their flower one.

Even if I get get the basic ACEZ one to work, it's still very simple and limited.

~ Carrie
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