Random-ish restarts

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Jul 6, 2005
I am a advanced user of computers, so obviously this question is a hard one. Ive got a few computers but one that I use strictly for gaming because it is the most powerfull. Im running a Soyo dragontec K333 ultra mobo, with 3 sticks of pc333 ram, AMD 1800+, Geforce 6600gt vid card,ect. Ok long story short, I took my computer on an airplane to a LAN party. (BAD IDEA!) it got there ok, but comming back home I open my case to find that my soundcard is lying on the bottom of the case out of its slot along with both of my harddives. FIRST PROBLEM. The mobo would not post or turn on. After a long frustrating testing I find that im missing the jumper on my CMOS clearing and simply short it and it starts fine. GREAT! OK I pop everything back in the case (Because I took the mobo out to test if it was fryed on a diff powersupply and such) Anyway. Once I pop the stuff back in I find that when I start the computer it restarts after 1-2 seconds of posting. I realize that I forgot to connect the additional powercable to my video card, but after that the posting goes as usual. Strange thing though, ever since I got the comp home and put everything back together, Its making a strange noise. NOT a bios beep. I know what a bios beep is and what the varios lengths mean, and Im positive its not that. I checked all the fans by gently stopping them when the noise was taking place and it wasnt it. It definately sounds like some sort of sound comming thru the bios speaker though. Kinda a popping like sound. This sound was VERY commonplace before I reconnected the power to the video card. I heard that it might be a PSU problem or a memory problem. I took out all the memory except for one stick and my soundcard as well. Anyway, after the flight, My harddrives wouldnt be recognized and I found out that one of my harddrives wouldnt start spinning when I posted, EVEN after I removed the secondary one and set the questionable one to master. So after testing that the computer recognized the "good" drive, but not the "bad" drive. No big deal, because I bought 2 of those (IBM deskstars) and I have had one fail already. So now Ive got 2 IBM deskstars that are bad, that luckily Ive got a warranty on, so they are both going back for free replacements. again no big deal. Unfortunatly my OS was on the bad disk, so Ive got to reformat my 2ndary drive for the time being and put the OS on it. heres where the problem starts. Every time I try to format using the Win 2000 start disk, it hits about 20-40% and then reboots automatically. Ive turned off ALL the autoshutdown features on my mobo in regards to processor heat and the proc fan status, (proc runs at a decently cool 100ish degrees). I then read that It could be bad sectors on the harddrive, so I pop it in a differant computer of mine with the same win 2000 disk and it formats without a problem. Then after it is reformatted I pop it back in my gaming comp to find that it still restarts and random periods of the Win2000 setup prompts. After a few trys and random reboots I finally get win 2000 installed. Yet I am still not satisfied with a randomly restarting computer. Heres the thing, it makes the bios speaker popping noise 1-2 times very quickly right as it does this. PSU problem? Unfortunately I dont have a spare 250w+ PSU because my other computers are pretty much junk that I got as handmedowns. I apologize for the EXTREMELY long post and appreciate anyone that spends theyre time reading this and pondering my problem.

(The thing that REALLY ****ing irks me is that my computer was NOT making popping noises/random restarts the night before. The night before I tried to install an OS on the 80gb "good" disk that was about half full of stuff but kept getting blue screen errors of differant codes, and I kinda assumed that I should reformat the drive before trying to install an OS on it. So I sayed, oh well Ill do it tomarrow and turned off my computer for the night. It was NOT randomly restarting or making popping noises. THEN the next mother humping morning I push the button to have this whole new slew of problems shoot me in the face. Maybe this is for another post, but how can an electronic device (basically an extremely complex circuit) behave one way one day and then without any further manipulation by outside forces, act completely differantly the next. Common sense would tell you that it would require some outside influence to change the way it behaves.

(If you feel I neglected to inform of other aspects of my comp please just ask as I will be visiting this site quite often untill I get it fixed!)

(I feel kinda dumb mentioning this but flying home we went thru a lightning storm although to the best of my knowledge my computer didnt sustain a direct hit :p

*edit* This just in! (Im always dumb and change more than 1 thing at once so I can never exactly pinpoint the problem) but Win2000 seemed pretty stable, so I downloaded some updates Service packs and stuff. Then then it asked to restart I got a little cocky and decided to throw back in all 3 sticks of memory, this caused it to become VERY unstable giving me random error messages, strange video artifacts in IE and sometimes it doesnt even recognize my Video card. Bad memory or is this a sure fire sign that my PSU is bad? God I hope its the psu :)
Jun 11, 2005
I would suspect the MoBo is in trouble.

Since you say the sound card and hard drives were loose. They were probably banging around in the case. That appears to have been knocked around pretty hard to kick out the CMOS jumper. Also since the PC wasn't grounded during the lightning storm it probably wouldn't take a direct hit to cause problems.


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Oct 19, 2002
I'd suggest you format the text so that it's somewhat readable. A huge amorphous blob of text like that is close to impossible to read.


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Sep 22, 2003
Try testing memory -- one stick at a time...could have a corruption there.

As for PSU, you can try to lighten the load -- take it down to a primary drive only -- disconnect CD's and possibly enable your onboard vid (if you have it).


Jul 2, 2005
You really ought to learn to use paragraphs to break your thoughts up into easy to read and logically connected chunks.

That said, sounds to me like a regulator failure on the mobo. The noise you hear out of the mobo speaker is consistent with failed regulation, and the hang on install of the OS is equally consistent with that problem (and other problems, of course).

Finally, if I were you, I wouldn't bother replacing the Deskstars. Warranty or no warranty, those are some of the worst drives ever produced by any manufacturer at any time. IBM doesn't even rate them for continuous usage. Given that all your stuff resides on the HD, having an HD fail is always a big deal; the cost of replacement or the availability of warranty is only the most minor consideration.
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