Rate Vista

Rate Vista

  • 10 - BEST

    Votes: 6 9.4%
  • 9

    Votes: 7 10.9%
  • 8

    Votes: 17 26.6%
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    Votes: 8 12.5%
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    Votes: 5 7.8%
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    Votes: 4 6.3%
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    Votes: 4 6.3%
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    Votes: 3 4.7%
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    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • 1 - WORST

    Votes: 9 14.1%

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Oct 8, 2005
For those who have tried Vista what do they rate it out of 10??

1 being the lowest
10 being the highest
Jan 25, 2007
I did a 5 rateing!! Maybe because my laptop is like Bare Minimal LOL and some of the incompatabilities to hard ware and software But it seems cool so far!!
Oct 5, 2005
been running various vista betas for around 6 months now. presently with rc1. must say, i love it.
Jan 28, 2007
Its cool i am working on it and its really nice well better then XP by any means
Apr 23, 2004
I was running RC2 on a Thinkpad R40 until Vista crashed (or so I thought...)

I reinstalled XP on the laptop, and now that is giving me problems. I ran a CHKDSK /R and no errors found. I think it may be a heat issue, as I have the speaker wire branched out to a L/R RCA adapter, which sits right in front of the "exhaust", and it does get quite hot there at times. Gonna have to find a new way to run that plug....

Other than that, I give Vista an 8.
Aug 9, 2007
I rated it at 1 because it has cost me 3 times what the OS cost in money lost when the promise is get more done and it is so much easier to use. Again M$ looking for more money pushed this OS out too soon and there is simply zero support for most older hardware. My DVD-RW is on the Hardware compatibility list and guess what after 3 days of M$ calls to my house they determined that the firmware on the drive is not compatible with Vista... Well what kind of tests do they do? I can tell you they push an OS out too early and leave us poor saps to be their free troubleshooters... Oh I take that back they CHARGE you to troubleshoot their software for them. It will be a cold day in HELL before M$ gets another dollar of my money for anything, ever (y) (And I would love my money back ;-)) I see zero improvement over XP on anything with this OS :-( Ok I think I am done with my rant.

Jul 5, 2007
I rated it one because after at least 10 hours with MS Tech Support (I'm not exagerating, but at least they are courteous), various time, with Lenovo's tech support (quite rude by the way), Samsung's tech guys (lovely people), and Walgreens tech support, I ended upgrading my brand new dual core Lenovo to XP and all the problems have gone away.....

Let me say first off that I am an advanced intermediate PC user, I use my PC for my work (I'm a wedding photographer) and my husband is an MCSE, PMP, Blah, blah, blah, computer programmer.

Vista came unto my life on May 13th of this year in the form of my new Dual core Lenovo, fresh out of the box PC. Yeah, Happy day!
I used the Lenovo for several weeks with no problems, then...

1) I bought a Samsung Color Laser Printer and my PC lost it's mind. I couldn't get the printer to work correctly, I couldn't open a MS Word Document, I couldn't open a .jpg
I called Lenovo tech support (quite rude BTW) they said it was a Vista problem and all I could do was to perform a hard reset, which would obliterare my hard drive. Well that was really not an option since I had spent 2 full days getting my settings just right, installing all my software (Photoshop, Fotofusion, etc), and all my customer files. So next, I called Samsung. Their lovely tech support people helped me out as alot. I had uninstalled the printer but hadn't gone into the conrtol Panel/printer settings to delete it there. Once I did Vista started acting normally again; files could be opened etc... I then allowed the pc to look on the web for the most recent printer drivers, they installed, everything worked... YEAH!

2) I use Windows Explorer to move files on my PC, so I look at my HDD size frequently, It seemed like 1-2 Gb were disappearing every couple of days or so, but it's probably just my imagination....

3) Walgreens picture upload stopped working. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's a service that I provide for my customers to facilitate ease of ordering. I can upload from my husbands PC (XP Pro) just not mine. After (several hours) exhausting all Walgreens Tech Support they suggest that I use the one by one upload. Yeah right, upload 600 wedding photos one by one. I determine that it is a Vista problem because installing Mozilla Firefox doesn't produce any different results. We create a work around using Hubby's PC for uploading.

4) I open Windows Explorer and see that my HDD has dropped from 112GB+ of free space to 90 something... Huh? Well I can't deal with this right now.... I have kids and clients to take care of.

5)What the ?????? Windows Explorer says that I have 20 free GB of hard Drive space. Where did 70GB go? Ok I must have a virus or spy ware. After spending hours running various Anti-virus, anti spyware, anti malware, anti rootkit software, I determine that my PC is clean and spend my first 5 hours (I'm not joking) with MS Tech support. Windows Explorer says that I have only 20gb free but if I right click on my C drive and check the properties it only shows that I am using 97GB, I have a 225GB drive, the math doesn't add up. MS Tech Support guy runs me thru everything I have already done (Ck Disk, Scan Disk, Disk clean up etc) and then tries to tell me that the problem is virtual memory, I argue this and then he says that there was a problem installing Office and tries AVG. If I uninstall those items my 70 missing gigs will magically appear. I do the uninstalls. No Luck. What a shock. We have thru various clean up actions managed to free up 14 Gigs. I'm tired it's 12:30 I tell the guy I have to go. I now have about 34gb free.

6) Walgreens... I can not even log into Walgreens now, whatever.

7) I begin logging my Hard Drive space, 3 days into this little discipline I loose 6gb from 3:00pm-6:00pm while my PC is sitting idle, I am down to 13.4gb. I call MS again....

8) Another 5 hours later we turn off the system restore and reboot which gives me back the 20 gigs that have disappeared over the last 3 days but not the 70-80gb that I'm still missing. The guy wants to turn system restore back on, I decline. i have tried using system restore before and It always errors out and can't restore. It's a nuisance. He blames my missing 70 gb on Vista back up (What the $@&**&?) I'm tired it's 11:30 I tell the guy I have to go. I now have about 34gb free.

9) I've had a sick kid and haven't been able to really do any work, but I have checked and my drive space seems stable. I open Photoshop and guess what, for some reason that I can't fathom, I get an error mesage saying that I don't have administrative rights and Adobe Photoshop will now close. My husband an I discuss it and decide that I need to do a Vista repair install, but Lenovo didn't give me any Vista disks...

10) I call Lenovo, they said that they don't provide disks, my only option is a hard reset taking it back to factory settings (push F11 during boot up) completely obliterating everything on my hard drive. If I want disks I have to call MS. I call MS, they inform me that they don't do that, it is the computer manufacturers responsibility to provide me with disks. I can purchase Vista from directly from MS if I wish, and then I'll get the disks. It'll only run me $199.95. I get so angry I start crying, the nice girl at Microsoft is very sweet and feels bad, but makes it clear that there is nothing she can do.

Keep in mind this is the simplified version. I am too lazy to type out the entire ordeal.

Vista would get a -1 from me if that were an option...



Jun 13, 2007
Rated a 4. I bought a laptop that came with Vista. There should be an option where they can trash this whole thing about accounts/administrators/permissions.

-being continually nagged ..."do you really wanna run this program?"
-way too hard to network with XP and win98se.
-yeah, Walgreens photo upload won't do batch uploads like it can in Xp. Bugged me too.
-Issues with Pinnacle Studio, Adobe PhotoElements, Adobe Photoshop. Had to buy Vista compatible versions.
-DVD/CD peripheral gets killed by Itunes.

No like.


Apr 6, 2006
MEbeME said:
who rated it 1 and why?
Who rated it 10 and why? I rated it 8. I have it as my only OS now but it still needs some work (SP1??) Rating it 10 is, I feel unrealistic.
Oct 22, 2005
I would rate Vista a 3...my computer crashed and I HAD to get another with Vista...I had to buy a new printer/scanner, Nero so far....almost $500....alot of "little" problems...I tell EVERYONE NOT to get Vista...at least yet...but I went through the same c--p with Windows XP when it came out...once I got through the bugs it was wonderful...and I am sticking it out with Vista...it is for home use only...games , email, pictures, some videos...so far, it is ok....but wouldn't recommend it to anyone just yet
Aug 12, 2007
I've used most versions of Windows from 3.1 onwards.

The first was best (and that wasn't good), everything since then has been downhill. Vista is now so complex that no-one truly understands it, and some bits don't work. Most of it is very clever, but I don't want clever wizards, i want basic functionality that works 100%.

Computing took a serious wrong turn when MS and DOS cornered the IBM market, CPM was a far superior system to DOS.:(


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Nov 16, 1999
I rated it a 9 as it is the best OS from Microsoft on their first release of a OS. They will never be perfect as well as Apple will NEVER be perfect.

True I have been running Vista for some time and it took time to get readjusted to the UAC (mother may I). I have been reading about all these problems one are having and have NOT run into any of them personally. It appears to me that a lot of the same errors appear on the same "Brand" of machine, could it be the way this OEM is installing things.

Other appear to be hardware issues on hardware NOT approved for Vista, but is that a Vista problem or a OEM problem. Since a lot of the OEM's had decided NOT to support Vista with their hardware that may not even be 2 years old is NOT a Vista issue.

We have 2 XP and 2 Vista machine networked and they all see each other and share files and printers without all the moans and groans. The biggest problem, is making sure that each machine's firewall has the IP address of the others to allow access.

With software that was released before Vista, I have had to use the "Run as Administrator" only on about 3 of them, others seem to work. These do NOT include any games as I am NOT a gamer.

I have set up about 8 other Vista machines for other people they all work out of the box. They have been Sony's and HP's. I have connected each to MY network (listed above) and share files and printers. I clean up the machines (remove all of the "Trial ware") and then install free firewall and AV software. Download and install the SW and drivers for the printers and scanners that the owners have. These are OEM supplied Vista drivers, I do NOT use any MS drivers now that the OEM's are providing them.

I have tried to "Upgrade" a couple of machines, and it was a waste of time. Do not even think about. If you want to install Vista on your current machine, backup all your data files and do a clean install. But before the install remove ALL external devices including those USB ones. If you have any hardware that was added internally that requires special software, I would remove it also. Once you get you Vista installed and running for a while, add your firewall and AV programs, make sure they are Vista Ready. Now you are ready to add your hardware one at a time. remember that a lot of devices REQUIRE that you install the software and drivers BEFORE one plugs in the device. Once you have these working you are ready to install your other Vista approved programs.

If you are setting up a Laptop with wireless connections, that it for a spin at a few of the local free hot spots and make sure that it is working there.
Jun 12, 2007
The worst is ME, hands down. I crashed with nauseating regularity with ME. Vista sometimes has the feel of ME. I have been running it since May. I love some features a lot. (i.ei. the sidebar which I don't have enough memory to run; the way the folders present images)
BUT, it is clunky, and a hog. It freezes up all the time. It is not intuitive at all. XP was wonderful. To go from XP to this is bad. I don't believe it was ready to go. I wish we had a choice, or at least a refund. I am finally done. This was a fleecing. I don't have a lot of money and have to make careful choices. This was a bad choice. My printer does not work all the time. Just sometimes. My scanner is gone. I have a box of programs that don't work.

I will go Mac next time. I wish I had this time but I didn't want to lose my peripherals or my programs. Talk about a bad judgment call on my part.

Someone should explain to MS that it is quality not quanity that counts.

The Crone (with a headache)
Aug 10, 2007
Why did i rate it 1, its a resource hog, i mean 700 minimum meg of my memory being eated at all time even idle. its a terrible buggy piece of software, ive tried many attempts to switch back to xp(xp does not like sata and yes ive tried slipstreaming) to get my games playing properly (my labtop is not a cheapy labtop i have a ASUS G1S), ugh do you like to right click and wait, i dont, constantly doin **** with my HDD, i didnt pay 1900+ for this labtop for half my resources to be eaten up. however if there was a zero i would have still chosen 1, only because i like the search features it has. and a slightly easier WAN program. however its a pain to switch between aircard and wan.

anyone have any tips for freeing up resources. please.
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