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Rebit has filled up most of my C Drive

Discussion in 'All Other Software' started by Starglade, Dec 12, 2011.

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  1. Starglade

    Starglade Thread Starter

    Dec 11, 2011
    I need some help here please…

    My C Drive is almost full and I only have 4.96 GB free…

    Somehow Rebit has taken over my C Drive. I didn’t realize that until today, after I downloaded a program called WinDirStat to see where all the space on my C drive went. It turns out it has filled up 869 GB of my 931 GB C Drive. I really need that space back for my programs, Window updates and so on. Nor can I do any work now as I’m scared the 4.96 GB will get filled up and then my computer may not work at all!

    The Rebit was supposed to be saving to the External Drive I have hooked up and I thought it was, but clearly it is NOT. I think it got messed up months ago when I took my computer in for repairs, but I’m not sure. The Rebit is marked as “Other” and “System Folder”. I don’t think it should be marked as a “System Folder” at all … I think the repairman maybe did that? I’m guessing he didn’t know I had an external drive and he thought it was like System Restore so he put it on the C Drive. I know he made changes I didn’t approve of, like deleting my Avast! And installing AVG. Maybe Rebit did this by itself… I really don’t know. My point is he didn’t ask if he could delete Avast! – he just did. Maybe it’s common for computer repair people to do that – I don’t know. I only know that the Rebit is messed up and that’s the only thing that comes to my mind as to a possible cause.

    The problem is I don’t know how to remove the 869 GB of Rebit files off of my C Drive. I see where I can uninstall the program, but how do I clear up the space I need on the C drive? I tried deleting the files and that does not seem possible. They seem to be marked as “Read Only”. If I right-click on a Rebit File, the only options I get are: Explore, Open, Copy and About Rebit. Worst, there seem to be numerous copies of each file. One of my Word files has 109 different Rebit backup copies of it. It’s a very long Word file – 331 KB and then to have 109 additional “Read Only” copies of it on my Hard Drive that I cannot delete… I can only presume that adds up to be a lot of space taken needlessly. I should point out I can’t see the actual 109 copies … but when I look at my actual Word file, it states “109 Rebit backup copies”.

    I tried deleting some other stuff last night… I deleted several hundred photos but that ended up being less than 1 GB. I also removed a few programs that I didn’t really need and that did push the free space up over 5 GB last night, but then this morning it was back under 5 GB as Rebit must have “updated” itself again and had taken more space making more copies of who knows what. I am down to the bare bones here and need some of my photos and my Word program and the basic stuff. All together, the Program Files take 872.2 GB and Rebit takes 869.1 GB of the 872.2 GB (which is most of it)… I think you can see how little space my other programs take. What is it … 3.1 GB for the other programs combined? I also tried Disk Cleanup but not much there to delete….

    OK.. My Word documents combined take 12.1 MB and the photos are 9.6 GB… so as you can see deleting all of that won’t get me anywhere. But I must say it IS interesting to see how much space it takes up. I don’t have ANY music or video files…

    So please, how do I delete these Rebit files??? Is it even possible? Or is my computer going to be a paperweight? I am computer illiterate more or less, so I need step by step instructions on what to do to fix this. I would just uninstall Rebit, but then I’m unsure what would happen to all of those files? Basically, I’m worried of making a mistake and making it worst than it is now.

    I did ask about this on the Rebit forum today, but I’m unsure how active it is there. I also saw there were threads that were never answered over there, either. I'm worried my computer may get filled up entirely before I get a reply (as Rebit backs up everything, including windows updates, etc).

    I’m running Windows 7 64 bit. I know Win 7 can be a bit pesky about “permission” to do things, as I’ve run into that a little bit before but that was awhile ago so I don’t really recall the details. But I think deleting these files is going to be a real headache due to that permission thing? And a “system folder” yet…. That sounds serious! Uggh.

    And after this problem, I don't think I want to use Rebit any longer, as it may happen again. I just want it uninstalled and the space back. I'll find a different way to back up data.

    So any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Elvandil


    Aug 1, 2003
    Have you opened the program to see if it has an optin for removing old backups?

    Where did the software come from? You act like you don't know much about it or how it was set up.

    Since it seems to make immediate backups, it must be running all the time. If you can get it under control and change the settings so that the backups go where you want them to go, then terminate the program and delete the backups it made, or move them elsewhere.

    Or terminate it, uninstall it, and delete the backups.

    Free drive backup software (imaging, cloning, and archiving - backups can be created on a second hard drive, internal or external, or on DVD's, or BluRay disks. One BluRay disk will hold most peoples' entire system drive's backup at 25 GB's using compressed images, 50 GB's double-layer):

    Paragon Backup & Recovery (Recovery boot CD or USB key)
    Macrium Reflect (Free)
    O&O Disk Image Express or (mirror)
    Easeus Todo Backup
    Redo Backup & Recovery (Boot CD)
    Clonezilla Live (A bootable CD of Debian with Clonezilla.)
    Drive Image XML
    PING (Partimage is not Ghost) (Boot CD with option Clam Antivirus)
    Partition Saving
    Passmark OSFClone (Bootable, cloning only)

    There are also many commercial products with more features.
  3. Starglade

    Starglade Thread Starter

    Dec 11, 2011
    Rebit is a commercial product. I bought it on CD from my local computer store. And when I first installed it, it WAS saving to my External Drive (which is an exact copy of the C drive in size). And as far as I know, Rebit does remove older backups eventually, but it still saves a copy of everything. And you cannot delete things yourself in Rebit. That is not an option for the user. I read that much myself on the Rebit forum. They also say that with time the files grow larger and larger as it saves more stuff. At the time I bought it, I didn't know that. I had presumed it would just make a copy of things and keep it safe in case of an accident with my computer. Instead it has filled up my C drive.

    I think the backups are made so you cannot delete them. That is my problem. It's supposed to be a "safety" feature so users don't delete things by accident I guess. And yes, it is always running. As soon as it sees you writing a new file or something, it makes a backup. And if Rebit gets disconnected (by accident) while making backups or if the power goes out during backups, then you end up with corrupted files you can't delete.

    I could try uninstalling it and see if it will delete the backups then... I don't know if it will though. As I said, it has taken up most of my C drive. And the External Drive doesn't seem to show up on my computer .... that is, there is no letter to represent it. I had presumed it was the "other" I see next to the Rebit, but I guess not.

    I guess I will try the uninstall and see what happens, but I fear the backups may still be there and "read only". Maybe not, but ..... ???

    I will let you know what happens, but if it does start deleting the backups, it might take a long time??? 869 GB seems like a LOT of STUFF to delete!
  4. Elvandil


    Aug 1, 2003
    There is always a way to get rid of files.

    A tool lik Macrium is actually along the same idea. But if you already bought Rebit, then it may just be a matter of coming up with a backup strategy and using the settings to enforce it.

    Look in the program. Most have a way of deleting old archiives. In fact, almost all backup programs I know of (like Macrium, Acronis, and Paragon) allow you to add and delete files from the backup as well as to access individual files and folders. It would be ridiculous to have to restore a whole system just to get back some lost files.

    Not sure why deleting would take a long time. I delete large files all the time, often instantly.
  5. backupguy


    Dec 12, 2011

    I work for Rebit. We can get whatever issue you are seeing cleared up. I don't know why your C: drive is filling up, but please disconnect your backup drive and uninstall the Rebit software. That way, we can isolate the problem and correct it.

    Once uninstalled, contact support at Rebit.com for assistance, as the next steps depend on which product you own.

    Also, in your original post, you describe the inability to delete files. Those were the read-only backup files displayed by the Rebit product. The issue with files filling the C: drive is different.
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