Slow chat with mIRC

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Nov 16, 2002
I am going to copy and paste results from Belarc Advisor here. My son uses mIRC chat and this is relatively new computer. Since getting this new PC his mIRC is extremely slow. I haven't a clue where to look for the answer. He says it takes a minute to get his words to show and when it does finally show a whole lot of chat that wasn't previously showing then floods his screen.

We use protection against trojans etc and he does not accept file transfers.

Any ideas? Thank you! Moonifa


The license associated with the Belarc Advisor product allows for free personal use only. Use on multiple PCs in a corporate, educational, military or government installation is prohibited. See the license agreement for details. The information on this page was created locally on your PC by the Belarc Advisor. Your computer profile was not sent to a web server. Click here for more info.


About Belarc

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Computer Profile Summary
Computer Name: D578gb31 (in MSHOME)
Profile Date: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 08:50:38
Advisor Version: 6.0g
Windows Logon: Rachel

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Operating System System Model
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 (build 2600) Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 2400
System Service Tag: 578GB31 (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: 578GB31
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
2233 megahertz Intel Pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: Dell Computer Corp. 0G1548 A00
Serial Number: ..CN7082136KK0O6.
Bus Clock: 400 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A02 07/31/2003
Drives Memory Modules c,d
41.07 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
31.86 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

JLMS XJ-HD166S [CD-ROM drive]

Maxtor 2F040L0 [Hard drive] (41.11 GB) -- drive 0 254 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_1' has 256 MB
Slot 'DIMM_2' is Empty
Local Drive Volumes

c: (on drive 0) 41.07 GB 31.86 GB free

Logins Network Drives

Installed Microsoft Hotfixes Printers
Q823718 (details...) on 09/04/03
Q832483 (details...) on 02/02/04
DX819696 (DirectX Update 819696)
Internet Explorer
Q330994 (details...)
Q822925 (details...)
Q824145 (details...)
Q828750 (details...)
Q832894 (details...)
SP1 (SP1)
Windows Media Player
WM817787 (details...)
WM828026 (details...)
Q828026 (details...) on 10/24/03
Windows XP
KB810217 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB810217) on 12/12/03
KB821253 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB821253) on 10/14/03
KB821557 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB821557) on 09/05/03
KB822603 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB822603) on 03/31/04
KB823182 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB823182) on 10/20/03
KB823559 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB823559) on 09/05/03
KB823980 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB823980) on 08/25/03
KB824105 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB824105) on 09/08/03
KB824141 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB824141) on 10/20/03
KB824146 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB824146) on 09/12/03
KB825119 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB825119) on 10/20/03
KB828028 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB828028) on 02/11/04
KB828035 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB828035) on 10/20/03
Q322011 (details...) on 03/31/04
Q323255 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q327979 (details...) on 07/11/03
Q328213 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q328310 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q329048 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q329115 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q329170 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q329390 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q329441 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q329834 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q329909 (details...) on 07/11/03
Q331060 (details...) on 07/11/03
Q331953 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q810565 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q810577 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q810833 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q811493 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q811630 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q811789 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q812415 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q813862 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q814033 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q815021 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q815304 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q815485 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q816486 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q816979 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q816981 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q816982 (details...) on 08/25/03
Q817287 (details...) on 09/05/03
Q817606 (details...) on 09/05/03

Click here to see all available security Hotfixes.

Marks a HotFix that verifies correctly
Marks a HotFix that fails verification
(Failing hotfixes need to be reinstalled)
An unmarked HotFix lacks the data to allow verification Dell AIO Printer A920 on USB001
HP 7586B on OLEtoADI
Microsoft Shared Fax Driver on SHRFAX:

Controllers Display
Standard floppy disk controller
Intel(R) 82801DB Ultra ATA Storage Controller - 24CB
Primary IDE Channel [Controller]
Secondary IDE Channel [Controller] Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller [Display adapter]
DELL E773c [Monitor] (15.7"vis, s/n 6418037I34ZX, July 2003)
Bus Adapters Multimedia
Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller - 24CD
Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C2
Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C4
Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C7 SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Communications Other Devices
Conexant SmartHSFi V92 56K DF PCI Modem
Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller
RAS Async Adapter
Network Card MAC Address: 00:0B:DB:B6:83:46 Dell AIO Printer A920
Intel(R) Graphics Chipset (KCH) Driver
Intel(R) Graphics Platform (SoftBIOS) Driver
Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
Logitech-compatible Mouse PS/2
Generic USB Hub
USB Printing Support
USB Root Hub
USB Root Hub
USB Root Hub
USB Root Hub
Software Licenses

Adobe Systems, Inc. - Adobe Photoshop 6.0 ***
Microsoft - Interactive Training *** (Key: ***)e
Microsoft - Internet Explorer *** (Key: ***)e
Microsoft - WebFldrs XP ***
Microsoft - Windows XP Home Edition *** (Key: ***)e
Westwood - Red Alert 2 8983902969926069476446

Software Versions
RecordNow Version 6.5.0 *
Sonic MyDVD Version 5.0 *
3D Bubble Burst *
ABBYY (BIT Software) - FineReader Version (private) *
Adobe Acrobat Reader Version *
Adobe Photoshop Version 6.0 *
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Gamma Loader Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
AIO exe Version *
ALWIL Software - avast! Antivirus Version 4, 1, 0, 0 *
Apple Computer, Inc. - QuickTime QuickTime 5.0.2 *
Auralis SSConfig Version *
avast! Antivirus Version 4, 1, 0, 0 *
avast! iAVS4 Control Service *
Belarc, Inc. - BelManage Client Version 6.0g *
blindman.exe *
Britannica Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
Broadcom Corporation - ControlSuite Application Version 6, 12, 0, 0 *
BrowserApp Application Version 2, 0, 0, 1 *
CentralChat ( - CCmircXpress Version 1.00 *
Cinematronics - 3D Pinball Version 5.1.2600.0 *
CMB Software - Christmas Breakout Screen Saver Version 3.00 *
CMB Software Products Version 1.00.0004 *
Corel Clipbook Version 11.245 *
Corel Corporation Limited - PerfectScript 11 Version *
Corel Corporation Limited - Quattro(R) Pro 11 Version *
Corel Corporation Limited - WordPerfect (R) Office 11 Version *
Corel Corporation Limited - WordPerfect XML Project Designer Version *
Corel Corporation Limited - WordPerfect(R) 11 Version *
CorelDRAW(R) Version 11.217 *
CorelDRAW(R) Version 11.245 *
CyberLink Corp. - PowerDVD Version 3.00.3226 *
Dell Computer Corporation - Button Manager Executable Version *
Dell Networking Guide Version 1.0.1205.0 *
Dell Photo Editor Version *
Dell Support Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
EXPRESS Version 1.0.001 *
Find the latest critical information about your system Version *
Gavrila Martau - Total Uninstall Version 2.34 *
Home - Crap Cleaner Version 1.06.0050 *
Inkjet Printer Version *
Intel(R) Common User Interface Version 7,0,0,2104 *
Jordan Russell - If you want to undo changes made by Spybot-S&D, use the Recovery instead! * Lavasoft Ad-aware Plus Version *
Lexmark International, Inc. - MarkVision for Windows (32 bit) Version 8.16 *
Logitech Desktop Messenger Version 1.1.18 *
Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Version 1.1.4322.573 *
Microsoft Corporation - Internet Explorer Version 6.00.2800.1106 *
Microsoft Corporation - Messenger Version 4.7 *
Microsoft Corporation - Messenger Version 6.0 *
Microsoft Corporation - Windows Installer - Unicode Version 2.0.2600.1106 *
Microsoft Corporation - Windows Movie Maker Version 1.1.2427.1 *
Microsoft Corporation - Windows® NetMeeting® Version 3.01 *
Microsoft Corporation - Version 1.2.626.1 *
Microsoft Interactive Training Version 3, 5, 0, 116 *
Microsoft Open Database Connectivity Version 3.520.9030.0 *
Microsoft Windows Media Player Version *
Microsoft(R) MSN (R) Communications System Version 7.02.0011.2700 *
Microsoft(R) Windows Media Player Version *
Microsoft® Fax Server Version 5.2.1776.1024 *
Microsoft® Windows(TM) Shell PowerToys Version 96.02.06 *
MicroVision Development - Express Labeler Version 1.0 *
MindVision - Installer VISE 2.8.3 Version 2.8.3 *
MindVision Software - Installer VISE Version 3.1.1 *
mIRC Version 6.03 *
Modem Helper *
NetRatings, Inc. - NetMeter Version *
NetWaiting *
NetZero Internet Version 4, 3, 0, 0 *
OE Tweaker *
PepiMK Software - SpyBot-S&D Version 1.2 *
Red Alert 2 Auto Update *
Red Alert 2 Uninstall *
RegSeeker.exe *
Roxio - DirectCD Version *
Roxio - Easy CD Creator Version *
Sonic Solutions - dla *
Sonic Solutions - UpdateManager *
South Bay Software - NoAds Version 2002.11.05 *
Stomp Inc. - Click'N Design 3D Version 4.08.0023 *
The Strangely Green Chicken Company - Windows CleanUp! Version 2.0.0 *
UpdateIPR.exe *
Wizards to adjust .NET Framework security, assign trust to assemblies, and fix broken .NET applications. Version 1.0.5000.0 *
Yahoo! Messenger Version 5, 6, 0, 1358 *


* Click to see where software is installed.
a. Megahertz measurement may be inaccurate if other programs were busy during last analysis.
b. Data may be transferred on the bus at one, two, or four times the Bus Clock rate.
c. Memory slot contents may not add up to Intalled Memory if some memory is not recognized by Windows.
d. Memory slot contents is reported by the motherboard BIOS. Contact system vendor if slot contents are wrong.
e. This may be the manufacturer's factory installed product key rather than yours.
Copyright 2000-3, Belarc, Inc. All rights reserved.
Legal notice. U.S. Patents 6085229, 5665951 and Patents pending.

Mar 15, 2004
Are you using Dial up?

The servers may be busy at the time, but it sounds like it's a computer problem. Go to and download Ad aware 6 and Spybot search and Destroy. Scan, and delete all spyware.

Also, do you have enough memory? This could be the problem. Go to and download FreeRAMXP Pro, and run it. It will clear the memory, and make applications run faster.

Hope this helps!
This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. The original thread starter may use the Report button to request it be reopened but anyone else with a similar issue should start a New Thread. Watch our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site.

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