Solved: Delivery Driver Stolen My Computer Parts?!!



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Computer parts (motherboard, processer, heatsink, glue, etc.) were ordered for me by my p.c. "fixer" and delivery was to be made the next day (which was last Thursday). When the parcel didn't arrive, the suppliers were contacted and we were informed that the parcel had been delivered as special instructions.

No special instructions had been given. The parcel was to arrive in the usual way. We waited in for the delivery.

When it didn't turn up, we telephoned to be told that the driver said he had left the parcel as per instructions on the note.

The supplier agrees that no special instructions were given, and has informed the driver that he must "find" the parcel and deliver the parts.

Do you think I am entitled to compain further for not receiving the goods on time (they were paid for on line), and for the inconvenience of having a faulty computer. I am struggling to keep it running until the parts arrive.

Would informing the supplier that I will tell members on the site, all 54,104 of them, through a post here, have any effect at all?

I would be pleased for any thoughts you might have.

May 9, 2000
That stinks.. But this seems to be happening way too much as of late.. I just read another story about almost the same thing happening.

I imagine the supplier is just as ticked as you are and would hope they are working hard to resolve this..
Oct 28, 2001
Was the driver an employee of your parts supplier, or just a courier?
In the former case I feel you're entitled to demand that replacement parts be provided; in the latter, a request might be more appropriate (driver not directly under their control).
In either event I would give them an opportunity to respond - hold off making any threats unless they prove intransigent.


Gone but Never Forgotten
Jun 2, 2002
Well, call me old fashioned, but I NEVER do business online or over the phone, etc. I deal with people face to face. They hand over th egoods. I examine them. On approval I pay for them.

Just today I helped my Mom pick out a VCR/DVD player. There was some confusion about the details until my Mom and I insisted upon explicit explanations of the "deal".

As stated in another thread by me (Reviews: Adventures with Round IDE Cables) I bought IDE cables and case fans. Once satisfied I asked a final question before I left: "I am a newbie. If I get into trouble can I call you up and whine for help?"
"Sure!' he said!

Conclusion: I cannot see any possible advantage in dealing with people you have no physical contact with. For me that is a recipe for disaster. It's hard to get ripped off when you are staring the person in the face.


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Thanks folks for your ideas. I will try to find out how the delivery driver is employed.

I would really like them to send out replacement parts, not wait for the driver to come and "find" them.

Feb 7, 2002
Hi Penny ..don't be put off ordering anything else.........I've had lots of great bargains & always excellent service over the net with no problems......sure it'll be sorted....just keep on at them. Could always cancel & go else where why give them your service now plus you might get it quicker. ;)

Good LUCK ;)



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Thanks Hewee and Joe - will let you know what happens.

Aint life fun!!


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Well folks, to update you. The driver brought the parts and left them outside in the rain!! Apparently they are OK and Kate is coming to fix them in a short while.

So all ends well. But what a nuisance!

My dear computer should soon be extra fast , have more power and be feeling much happier.

Thanks for your interest.



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Mar 10, 2001
Well congratulations on the new arrival:)

I'd do two things:

1. Contact the company, describe the experience you've had with them re delivery, and ask them if they can assure you this won't happen again.

2. Next time you order online, check their policy on deliveries that don't show up as promised before you order.

Like Joe, I've had good experience ordering online. As you're well aware "stuff happens", and this may well have been a one time SNAFU that will not be repeated again.
Jan 27, 2001
I work for fed ex freight next time you order online request a signature at the time of delivery. Also when your order is shipped you can get a tracking number and find out which courier is delivering your package.


Always remembered in our hearts
Apr 17, 2002
Penny: I watched one day as a UPS driver left over THIRTY boxes in front of my nieghbor's townhouse. I babysat the boxes for TWO hours until she got home. The boxes contained over $10,000 in drugs! She is a drug rep! Think of what could have happened had a child stolen a box and gotten into the drugs! I called UPS and they say the driver had EVERY right to leave the packages despite their content and value! What a farce!

I have all my packages as ezymony said. made to be SIGNED for upon delivery. That way they can't be left on your doorstep.

I am so glad to hear you got the parts ok! And get that pc running great!

I'm busy watching the news about our space shuttle Columbia exploding. Another 7 astronauts gone. Too sad for words. I hope the debris doesn't kill anyone on the ground when the pieces touch down. What a nightmare! :(

Take care. angel


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Hello Angel,

All is now well. That delivery of drugs to your neighbour sounds truly frightening. What idiots there are in charge of deliveries. It turns out that the delivery driver for my computer parts delivered them to the wrong road, and then left them outside without getting a signature.
Kate is going to complain strongly about it.

She's fitted everything and my computer seems fine. Just pleased that it all ended well.

The computer is now a Duron instead of a Pentium III.

See you
Oct 26, 2001

I am happy that all turned out well for you.

Wish you the best now and hope the PC troubles get all fixed. :)

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