Solved: How to stop the blinking "Fasten Your Seatbelt" Light



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Ok guys!! This car question is a lot easlier!! I don't like to wear seatbelts so I don't put it on.. (Yeah I know, I have lots of Tickets for that!! oh well..)

The dumb Red "Seatbelt Figure" flashes on and off!!!

I just want to know what switch turns that off!! I'm afraid to touch any fuses that's connected to it.

But if that Flashing light doesn't damage the car, then I don't have to worry about it. It bothers me so I just put a sticker of Britney Spears over it so It doesn't flash anymore.. Ha Ha!!

Just upset That "Freedom" America has to order me to put on my Seatbelt or to pay a $45 dollar ticket.. bull... or that you can't park in the side of the road in front of your house from jan. to april at night or you'll get a Fine, bull......... freedom my tush......

Parking ban my butt, I know if it snows, yes the fine is ok...

I will move it but come on, there is weather reports telling us if it snows or not.. but a law enforcer who comes in the middle of the night making sure it's not out there or I get a ticket!! (I have friends that sleep over man!)

ok back to the seatbelt!

It's my right if I want to or not.. If I crash then it will happen to me and not cause damage to someone else because I wasn't wearing one...

besides I have airbags but I guess that won't get me out of a jam right???
Mar 18, 2001
Remove the light bulb. The in-dash bulb
sockets are usually removed by a twist to
the left about 1/4 turn. Or pull the seat
belt out and poke a wire thru it to keep
it from retracting, then stuff it under the
seat. Use your imagination... :)


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I think that by making us wear seltbeats can cause more accidents! For example, if we pass by a cop and then we hurry to put it on, it can cause a fender bender!

What I do is When I pass by a officer I would make this Stroform seatbeat and paint it black, so when I pass by I just pull it out from the passenger side and put it up to my chest to look like I'm wearing one!!
Oct 14, 2001
This is the easiest question I've ever had to answer... & to think you GUYS don't know the answer....

How about if you just wear your seatbelts... or would that be to much of the right thing to do....LOL

I mean... whats it hurting on you fellows... unlike us ladies... our bodies aren't made for seatbelts... but do we fuss. Even expecting ladies wear them w/out a fuss... only you guys won't... I mean...whats the problem??
Mar 18, 2001
Hey SL, :)

Well, believe it or not, I finally got used to
wearing mine. But before it was "da law",
I found ways to stop those annoying lights
and buzzers... :D
Nov 18, 2001
Where do you live, for it seems as if the cops care what you do their. I never wear a seatbelt and I have yet to receive a ticket. What car do you have, for the newer cars are difficult to remove the lights and the buzzing sound. I have an Audi tt and just drive while my car buzzes and flashes. why dont you try, its great, its just like being at a club. Just turn on the stereo and drive.


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Jul 31, 2001
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Hamster, maybe if you knew someone who had their face turned to hamburger after being thrown through the windshield you'd feel differently about wearing a seatbelt.
Dec 2, 1998
$45 for a seat belt ticket?! Wow - ours are only $10.
I can argue the seat belt issue either way. Personally, I wear mine. I'm used to it and feel naked if it's not on.
On the other hand, my mother was hit on the driver's side by a semi when she was younger. She was thrown to the opposite site of the car and survived though they told her she'd never have children or walk again.
Blessing one: had she been wearing her seat belt, she would have been smushed in her seat due to the constraint. Blessing two: the doctors were wrong about both things. And wouldn't it be a shame if I weren't around to make everyone's life shine just a little bit more?! hehehehe just kidding!!!
Jul 11, 2001
Brittney Spears??

That would be like a double flash, fender bender prime wouldnt it?

I have said it before, but, you know how in school the boys would always pick on the girls they liked the best.........;)
Jan 4, 2001
shoulda, coulda, woulda..........was involved in a head-on a few years back. hellava bruise from the seat belt and airbag. the doc said I should do comercials for seatbelts! to each his/her own I guess.
May 26, 2001
Well in South Dakota and Minnesota you can't get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt unless you are pulled over for something else. So unless you speed and don't wear your seatbelt we're ok. In Illinois I think they can but cops don't care anyway... or maybe that is just Chicago. In Chicago if you get a ticket for any kinda moving violation they take it off your record and don't make you pay just if you bother to show up on your court date... otherwise you have to pay. It's either show up or pay. :D I bought my car from this guy that had the same problem with seat belts... so he removed the buzzer and the light. :D I wear my seat belt most of the time but sometimes I don't bother and so it is nice to have no blinking light and no buzzer. :D

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