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Solved: I need some technical help big time.

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by chuck-HD, Apr 6, 2008.

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  1. chuck-HD

    chuck-HD Thread Starter

    Jun 3, 2005
    hi, I was trying to open a text message to edit it, and I screwed something up. Now my pictures, most of them, and text messages open like this,
    ÿà JFIF    ÿÛ C


    #%$""!&+7/&)4)!"0A149;>>>%.DIC<H7=>;ÿÛ C
    ;("(;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;ÿÀ ,¬" ÿÄ   
    ÿÄ µ  } !1AQa"q2‘¡#B±ÁRÑð$3br‚
    ÿÄ µ  w !1AQaq"2B‘¡±Á #3RðbrÑ
    $4á%ñ&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰Š’“”•–—˜™š¢£¤¥¦§¨©ª²³´µ¶·¸¹ºÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊÒÓÔÕÖ×ØÙÚâãäåæçèéêòóôõö÷øùúÿÝ  ÿÚ   ? ã<Sâ¯[x³Y‚R†(¯¦XãŠîEUQ# ÿ ŸŠ'ĺ¸öÒÿ ñTxÇþG]w=µÿ ‘¡Ðô;Ÿ_;F‰dT2)!q;{Š4Jìi6ìÿÐóOøLüOÿ C6¯ÿ ²ÿ ñTÂeâúµü
    —ÿ Š*sðÏXÅ͗?íIÿ ÄR†Ùéscÿ }¿ÿ YûXw4ös?ÿÑóOøL¼Qÿ C6¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂeâúµü—ÿ Š*£ð¿\ÿ Ÿ›ûîOþ"š~ëóócÿ }¿ÿ YûHw4ösìÿÒóOøL¼Qÿ C6¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂeâúµü—ÿ Š*øV:ßüüÙßoÿ ÄQÿ
    ÇZïscÿ }¿ÿ YûXw4öSìÿÓóOøL¼Qÿ C6¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂeâúµü—ÿ Š*ðÇYíucÿ }¿ÿ H~ëYÇÚl³þôŸüEgíaÜÓÙO±ÿÔóOøL¼Qÿ C6¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂeâúµü
    —ÿ Š*cðÏY
    ·í6Yÿ zOþ"ƒðÏY^·6_÷ԟüEgíi÷4ös?ÿÕó_øL¼Qÿ C6¯ÿ ²ÿ ñTÂeâúµü
    —ÿ Š*uøe*7K›/Ťÿ â)ᦲ§æË?ïIÿ ÄV~֟sOg3ÿÖóOøL¼Qÿ C6¯ÿ ²ÿ ñTÂeâúµü
    —ÿ Š*øVZ×_´Øÿ ßoÿ ÄSá[k ãí÷ԟüEgíaÜÓÙÌÿ×óOøL¼Qÿ C6¯ÿ ²ÿ ñTx£þ†m_ÿ eÿ â«T|5։ǝiÿ }?ÿ J~[email protected]ãδð'ÿ âk?kæ¾Æ}ÿÐóCã/ÐÍ«ÿ àl¿üUð˜ø£þ†m_ÿ eÿ â«]¾kkÖ{?ÁŸÿ ‰¦ÿ µÖÀϝiÇûOÿ ÄÖ~ÖÍ=”ÏÿÑóOøL|P?æfÕÿ ð6Oþ*øL¼Oÿ C6¯ÿ ²ÿ ñU¨>k,3çÚßOÿ ÄÔOðÿ U¶™*³ì_ÿ ‰¬ý¬;šû*‡ÿÒóOøL|Qÿ C6¯ÿ ²ÿ ñTÂcâúµü
    “ÿ Š*Tøo¬²†Ú`ôË?ÿ Nÿ …i*r<ûLöŸÿ ‰¬ý¬;š{*‡ÿÓóOøL|Oÿ C6¯ÿ ²ñTÂcâúµü
    —ÿ Š*Uøm¬¾qqgÇûOÿ ÄÔgáÞ*»}¦Þþ&£ÚC¹§²™ÿÔóOøL|Oÿ C6¯ÿ ²ñTÂcâúµü
    “ÿ Š*Eøq¬?Ií?Úþ&Ÿÿ
    Ë['kOûéÿ øšÏÚù¯²™ÿÕóQã/ÐÍ«ÿ àl¿üUð™ø£þ†m_ÿ eÿ â«\ü2Öó·Ï³ÏûÏÿ ÄÓÇÂÍtõžËþûþ&£ÚÓîiì¦ÿÖóOøLüQÿ C6¯ÿ ²ÿ ñTÂgâúµü
    “ÿ Š*£ð·[Ïúû/ûíÿ øšCð¿Zh²Ïûïÿ ÄÖ~ÖÍ=”ÿ×óOøLüQÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂgâúuü—ÿ Š*øVßO´Øÿ ßRñ£áv¹ÿ ?_÷ԟüEG´‡sOg#ÿÐóOøLüQÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂgâúuü—ÿ Š*£ð·]ëö‹½'ÿ Kÿ
    ³\ qcÏûRñÒËör?ÿÑóOøLüQÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂgâúuü—ÿ Š*¯øUºá_÷ԟüE ø]®gý}—ýõ'ÿ YûHw4öSìÿÒó_øL¼Qÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTŸð™ø£þ†]_ÿ ¥ÿ â«dü0ÖÁÿ ›ûíÿ øŠ?áXk_óócÿ }Iÿ ÄT{Hw/ÙÈÿÓóOøLüQÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂgâúuü—ÿ Š*ƒðÃZòócÿ }Iÿ ÄQÿ
    ÇZÆ~Ócÿ }Iÿ ÄT{Hw4ör?ÿÔóOøL¼Qÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂeâúuü—ÿ Š*sðÓZòóeÿ }Iÿ ÄP>k$gí6_÷ԟüEgíaÜ¿g#ÿÕóOøLüQÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂgâúuü—ÿ Š*øVšÇüüØÿ ßRñŸð*5~÷V9ÿ }ÿ øŠÏÚù~ÎGÿÖóOøLüQÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂeâúuü—ÿ Š*_øVºÆ3ö›/ûêOþ"›ÿ
    ãWísgÿ }Iÿ ÄV~ÒÍ=œÿ×óOøL¼Qÿ C.¯ÿ Òÿ ñTÂeâúuü—ÿ Š*OøVúÉÿ —‹?ûêOþ"øVúÀÿ —‹?ûêOþ"£ÚC¹~ÎGÿÐó_øL|Qÿ C6¯ÿ Òÿ ñTŸð™ø£?ò2êÿ ø/ÿ ZGá欧æÏþú“ÿ ˆ¬í_·º=¨¸¸–V}ƒË'® î`jH·dËp’WgÿÑóOøLüQÿ C&*ôût¿üU{WÁ½FïVð•ÕÆ¥uw2ß2šwbˌã$ú“ù×ÏUï_P7‚îÏýD_ÿ EEF€ÿÒóOÿ Èí¯ØJýÕ«ð×'Ä3 ?åØÿ èkY~3ÿ ‘Û^ÿ °”ÿ ú1«Wá¦á!›~Ìô5¬êÿ
    ¡†)@Ïû?Jr‘qØRׇdz§ÿÔÞÛïšiJp4¹¯ ¤zÇÿÕÛۊƒÔf• ÍxiµÏÿÖÝòÓ AB¡eÈéL˜ªFÅŸË rՀšž¤‚clЃ•w88¯
    «ÂMŸÿ×Û*@ûŸ(FQó êO5aq«j„Ì“‹iơ횪ÐkWNñ *íÃᲯþG¹ÉÜÿÐÛqÞz`ú°ªÓ]ZÆ¿=ÌM²ìt –é2€t5|hk€íjŽÚ¯ 5Øöš‰ÿÑÓ³º‚賍ÛûÔZÍÃÚX4È>`Àf*ÛYÅiF"Sü+Pêv¦þÁíӆ??>Õá4f6æ?ÿÒÆ:åÿ ;d`sÖ¶t ˋא\È_ms¨T}Ìùùp3W4Kÿ ±ÝH¶ƒ\WÏ»DâºÿÓ¥u®N—WŽB#a>•:ÝÛÏùÌVF ¯ãYçtÁäbObO*YÐ쥹¿q‘Í|ú±ô.)#ÿÔÏÕõ+È/ç‚Š,m€*Õm?R¼¸¹d{‰0#cÓ½_ñMÃß ûÇæ5_B²ŠI¦‘§eù•x.ÈúgÿÕÁMsPŽ+ ‚k^÷Y¸‡F¶•Iι-Þ²!°’öä[FÛ½Ú´¼Eeö;(²\D›Iǽx*Í\ú£tÿÖçŸS½µ&U¹y7‡ùÔz&¡}q* šíÚ2½Ok¥›ø¦>aVO¸R*Æâ=V6š@¿ìœW‹+C5ÿ×ÎÖµ+«;õ†ÝÊRIF=wQóý6NOzÔñ
    }ÅâCtÃp$*Nw·±’XÏÌ5č«r¨†É Æ=ë¥ñ+H4pŽŽ+çÑîÎ*êÇÿÑÊ·Õ¯Y›u"¾8 È®«JsqaóÈWæ'®kkW¶µŽfùCŽ®Ã²·ØYs’¬¯žê{µ"¹t?ÿÒ»¬j_Ùñ *xÏó¬u«èY® Ù£)þ*v“VHÀΐ=©–ÚpºÒšì Åï^®{‘ŒynÿӇOÕïnuDŠI1ê§kZÔ7í3´j§
    ·íOÇZ±¯}çD<öucÞ«iÖ?n•Ê9$)'5ª²^Å!™XÖ¾q^÷>¨jÿÕÞ…ÞãŸJ¨u+##ÆÒùn§<Vƒ.ŒÕ **Âvg–Õ˜äµxI³ÖÓ©ÿÖÖ[ˆ[<MõaRxu?CšÏ:žÑ‘[email protected]ïYRèºÅ°- ÿ ÿ kšð®{*1gÿ×ÙUf•¢ÇÞàW=¦jO+§Ú  žwv¨×RÖ#»Œ‰,¾›¿xW=—ÿÐ×1÷@9ä֛²,n nõ¬í>âw¼–;Æ )93ÀÕ¥°u<zñYÆÇÿÑÔØ*ZúӀ*Œ×‹dzˆÿÒÓ#oF&¡ž_*=ç8Èu©öšŠDù«Å±êŸÿÓ´[email protected]}ë”ñú¡C“ÿ /#ÿ @jë†ñ\§Ä#»B„ú\ý«Ë*½óЫðÿÔñ£÷{ßÀ±ÿ Ußý„_ÿ EE^z׿| ?ñE]ÿ ØAÿ ôTT†ÿÕóOÿ Èí¯ØJýÕ¯ðË?ð‘MŽ¿f?úVGŒÿ äv׿ì%qÿ £¶~ÈÉ7ýz·þ†•_á³J_ÿÖßLJE"}Õǧ4¦¼3Õ?ÿ×ßÅ!âJµáž*ÏÿÐÝÆi ;°*GGÄ¢ f•Ž0„*xw=e«?ÿїR¾K«ìøþbÞLÕy¼Ä‚KePávÉ´öïPi³³O,CtÇvñÖ®ø|Gqá'̐õàêÏu.Tÿҍôë*1c‹M|ùܺ·*¥X ågÀ’c¹€õ©–Û˓ÍiZGuNpUOCŽkÂHö¥6ÏÿÓÞÀÛÓ”ށÓ&‚kÅ=[ŸÿÔè· b£e8n26šFjt³$ìò.Ò+Â{´W¼ÿÕ£j¨5ÖRq•"¨\Ä-¯§ˆÆ>VëÞ¬A2&².$Ê-{Ѭ“U’X˜í”åAó·¹ôq½ÏÿÖÌéýŒò€K´€Ž*÷† MJC’89Ë˕¶Ò ‰ցȥÐomâºó.2*'L3_:·>†Wqgÿ×ښ#slðH8aÅqŒ$³ž[uãiÛøWcsx°ÄғÂzW y¨ý¦þ{ˆ²U§jð$›=ÊW?ÿз*ØÅ
    ’Ü*1‡Ê}ªÝå’^Û<R¶2r ªZ¡ƕŒbùNEA⛩`°S …á‚+ÁKKݟ´±ÿÑ͸°»Ò'ó#sƒÀtä*YÓ¼C!¹·d?a'÷ªŽ´–ÖÓÇ{+Hd¦G·zƆa$‘>ЀH0Ö¼cè\½ÏÿÒ‰"-¤‘»€ã8®zÆöM2vòc³©Ï?v¶<C}é‚ØÈË$¸` ô¬-òÚÏROµ‚UÔóŽõá%sތ}ÃÿÓÁ°K«Ûå-PÎñ[¾*‘Ö*Þ6ã;sÍiC,Q ˜ äq\†»«Ew©¬±ŒªdúW‡ËØ÷#y;ÿÔɾÔ*—K·¶Œ>ôÆAV‡…î\µÂ2(ÁàÔ7×Zdz uŒr“á*Um.×ÎoÝ?Þí^"ƒÜúâÑÿÕÍñ\É£¨~m„V‡‡JM¤Ì§Î}+ŒõH üÊc'£ëG¤Ýǐü žØ¯‘³ÞQn ÿÖ³ek¦ÛÌ*•æ(ÀÃsQxžUþÌþð®#F…üRypç]Šõ(¼¯°•&bÀôâ¼W‡¹Èùÿ×ËÒîîm\µœ 6T‡
    Ò¶ô»X'ŒÝ\Ã2瀜~„Ÿç\÷‡µK{n<ù]Cƒ·hÏ8¨Mó=ôgí,NñÓë^-yÁêÿÐÜ.OJO5±´ÔBB ç9Ã&Z¼4ÏRڟÿÑÛÞvííL,wî$¥3Ì*I†¯CÖ½ÿҎâÎþÖîYì["vÜÌÇi“ØM§§Û*”Ëq/ÌÙéï[¬VL†={UQmµö4ÌÑg„=xv=…'sÿӈÌÓ¤7K

    How can I get things back to normal?
    Thanks , Chuck.:(
  2. WhitPhil

    WhitPhil Gone but never forgotten Trusted Advisor

    Oct 4, 2000
    Select one of the files in question, right mouse, Open With
    Scroll to whatever program you expected to open
    AND, select the option to "Always use this program ...."
    OK your way out.
  3. chuck-HD

    chuck-HD Thread Starter

    Jun 3, 2005

    Thanks, I remember seeing the check box you're talking about.
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