Solved Solved: XP stand for Xtra Problems?


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I've been checking out the XP forum and see lots of posts having to do with problems with XP. This caused me to think, do you guys think that Xtra Problems would be a more suitable name for XP?


Moderator (deceased) - Gone but never forgotten
Jun 7, 2001
Give me (I Have) Win 98 SE ant day! :D
Nov 25, 2001
I run Windows XP on all 4 of my computers (3 desktops and 1 laptop). I haven't a single problem with XP on ANY of them. The laptop and two of the desktops have always run on XP and they run great. Another of my desktop's used to run on 98 SE, and it had more problems then than it does now with XP (only problem now is it is slow, although it was just as slow on 98, but what do you expect on 450mhz).

Although... on my laptop the home network wizard won't run (won't pop up, load, error, or anything). I think it may have more to do with Norton interferring though, and I certaintly wouldn't consider it a problem with XP.
Feb 20, 1999
Originally posted by bassetman:
Give me (I Have) Win 98 SE ant day! :D
XP's got problems, but its head and shoulders above 98 SE. Just not having to deal with Scan Disk is reason enough alone to abandon any version of 98.

I find Win2000 to be more stable than XP and easily the best of the OS to date. Although XP is definitely superior at networking and its ability to take advantage of graphics is really nice--there is a significant difference in my flat screen monitor when running it on an XP.

But the major advantage of either XP or 2000 over the prior OSs is the ability of it to isolate problems and close only the offending programs rather than crash the system. And XP is excellent at saving and recovering your work. Can't tell you how many times with 98 I lost work I was doing on a Word or Excel file that XP is able to save and recover when you have a problem.

I'd say if you have Win2000, don't bother with the upgrade, but if you have any earlier OS, then it is well worth it.

bassetman--you'd sing a different tune after 6 months with 2000 or XP! ;)
Jul 14, 2003
My only problen with xp has been with getting some games to work on it & that's not so much the fault of xp... overall I really like it.
Oct 5, 2003

Have ran XP Pro from day one and have not gone back since(apart from a dual boot on my other system)

Xp is alot more stable IMO and if you treat it well then it will treat you well.:)

:) (y)
Feb 19, 2003
XP should have been an improvement over win2000, instead it's a step between 98 and 2000. Hopefully, we'll see improvements with longhorn. Xp is much better than 98, but has a ton of quirkiness issues, once you get them worked out, it works flawlessly. One of my main complaints with XP is it's default services configuration. Next would be the hidden spyware issue.

Me, I'll keep tooting windows 2000.
Feb 9, 2003
I've been able to leave WinXP machines on for months on end without any problem.... Windows2000 is compariable in that feat...

I never saw that with any Windows98SE machine
Nov 7, 2002
XP had core level conflicts with some of my devices, I had to end up replacing a sound card as XP didn't like it.

I've also had hard freezes with XP far more often than Windows 98 which might blue screen but I could usually back out and get back to windows.

Also I've found that when XP crashes bad it tends to take all of my HD data with it as opposed to Win98 which just requires a reboot or at the most reinstallation but at least the data stays.

Overall I'm not paticularly happy with the registration BS either as I install different hardware often, my school bought copy of XP is now non-functional as I found you can only reinstall (not fresh) it twice and then you can't activate it anymore.

Overall quite aggrivating, though I still don't mind Win2k which is where I ended up stopping.

Aug 5, 2002
xp is more finicky on what was installed on a hard drive also.
i tried to install xp over a linux harddrive and it wouldnt do it.
Jun 24, 2002
I've actually never had a real problem since I put XP on over a year ago... now when I had 98 (SE).... it's a different story >_<

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