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Something has come up & I want to know if I should worry about it?

Discussion in 'All Other Software' started by EagleClaw92, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. EagleClaw92

    EagleClaw92 Thread Starter

    Jan 10, 2013
    Hello again folks - I'm getting a newer computer which will have an updated OS & will allow me to use the browser I want pretty soon - a month or two at the latest. Meanwhile, I just want this one to hang on till that happens.

    I've noticed my computer which is a desktop HP xw6400 Workstation which I believe says version 2002 when you go to look up all the stuff about your computer.....is sorta like me. I'm at the age where you start developing different types of nagging health problems & ones you've had a long time ago can come back with a vengence.....lol, I just had something else go wrong as I was writing this.

    What I was going to ask about is happening a lot these days. I have 2 monitors hooked up to my computer (& since I did that, now it would be a nightmare to only have one). Actually, when I get this resolved (the newer computer), I think a 3rd monitor would be good, it would look more balanced too.

    I'm using both monitors right now - one to type this - & when I wanted to use the word vengence earlier - I brought up what I think is the greatest dictionary I've ever seen to make sure I spelled vengence right. This dictionary has everything you could possible imagine about a word.

    OK - 1st problem.....at the very bottom of my left monitor where I have the dictionary site up the word "Done" is there which I think almost usually always comes up after you see all the letters & numbers at the bottom of the computer finish finding the site. But now the word "Done" blinks on & off incredibly fast.....I'm watching it now & it probably blinks on & off maybe 3 times per second. This has been happening a lot lately.....Wow, it just stopped without me doing anything after it was doing that for like 10 minutes.

    OK - Is this something I should be worried about & try to fix? And if I do need to fix it....can anybody tell me how to do it?

    OK - Problem 2 which started when I typed in the word "vengence" on my other monitor where I have that dictionary up I told u about & the "Done" finally stopped blinking. I tried something on the page to try & solve problem #2 & it didn't work & now where "Done" was.....it now says "Error on page".

    I think this just posted & I didn't mean for it to, I don't know what happened, so now I'm in edit mode.

    Problem #2 is that the dictionary changed to French when I looked up the word & it looks like its staying in French....I'm gonna try to figure out how to get it back to English....but if anybody knows how....please let me know. Here is a link to that page & now in the botom left hand corner which was under the scroll thing it doesn't say anything.


    This isn't about a problem, but I found it interesting. I use Outlook Express as my E-mail program. A spell check program comes with it and believe it or not it would always say I was spelling every word wrong. I eventually talked to Microsoft or whoever is in charge of this program & I was told that the Outlook Express spell checker only for the year of mine was defective & it only spell checked in French.....so that was why it would say I spelled everything wrong.

    I'm not sure if there is a time limit on the edit function....but I'm gonna post this now & hope everything comes out OK.

  2. Triple6

    Triple6 Moderator

    Dec 26, 2002
    First Name:
    Well the French part is easy, you link is to the french site: http://[B]fr[/B].thefreedictionary.com/vengence
    Remove the fr part.

    Outlook Express didn't have it's one spell check, it used the spell check from Microsoft Word if it was installed.
    The easiest way to fix OE spellcheck issues or to add it to those without Word is to install this: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/spell_checker_for_oe.html

    No idea about the flash Done part, you didn't tell us what browser you are using, hopefully not IE8. If it is IE8 you need to switch to a modern and more secure browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
  3. EagleClaw92

    EagleClaw92 Thread Starter

    Jan 10, 2013

    **** I think some folks here will find this part at the bottom interesting. But it didn't have a whole lot to do with my post. So I thought I would try this method so people could decide if they just want to go on to a different thread.

    It wasn't like that for quite some time because I used it quite a bit, like I said, it was the most impressive dictionary I've ever seen. I'm from the age of the Hardback & Paperback dictionary & there wasn't anything else.

    For the Vast Knowledge.....we of course used the World Book Encyclopedia.....the internet age put all those salesman out of work. Most sets of Encyclopedias had a book for each letter, but I think X, Y, & Z were all in one & I'm not sure about Q. I still remember a talk I had to give on Halley's comet & all the research was fom the "H" volume. OK - sorry to get off topic.

    But it still amazes me that we have go-cart type vehicles on Mars because the vast knowledge grows exponentially with computers, which should be more interesting than Kim K., but our culture has lost its way. Or I've grown too old.

    OK - I get the fix for that & obviously thats a very easy fix....rare thing.

    I appreciate the info here....but this isn't anything I need to do b4 I get another computer in a month or two. I have Word, Power Point, Access, & Excel (which I spent a bit of time on trying to just learn the basics. To be able to use all of its functions seems to me like nobody could learn everything about it).****

    I did type that question into the Google search engine right before I was gonna reply here (should have just done that a long time ago, but sometimes I forget how much info is at your fingertips). I saw there were so many others reporting the same problem & I think it was for the 2007 version, but I'm not positive.

    You nailed it TRIPLE6. It is the only browser I have used cause I'm self taught & that was on my 1st computer (this is my 2nd & it was on this too, I got both of my computers used from my my brother-in-law who has an internet marketing company). I'm not around smart computer people except when I do things like this. I forget which version of IE I started with & as u seem to know, since I have XP Pro, I.E.8 is the highest I can go. I've also seen or read that Mozilla Firefox is a better browser.

    I did download Google Chrome for the few sites I've run into so far that just will not work at all with I.E 8. When I get my next computer I'll maybe look for Windows 7 which somebody told me would still be around for many years & I didn't know if I should jump from the least Microsoft OS to the best, thought I would make a pit stop in the middle.

    **** I belong to a giant forum called the 2+2 Poker Forum - but as well as covering anything u can think of that deals with Poker - it has topics which basically make it a forum that almost any topic u wanted to discuss could be discussed. I started with computers so I could play online poker.

    Sometimes - people that are experts at something just type in something like "Ask Me Anything About Being An Airline Pilot". Or maybe "Ask Me Anything about being a trauma surgeon".

    Someone started a thread stating "Ask Me Anything About Microsoft Excel." So far it has 110,128 views.....& it has 2,299 Replies. I looked around on this thread once & most of the stuff flew right over my head. But I was guessing that some folks here might find this site an interesting one to belong to. You really can find almost anything here.

    Its sort of cool that there is an easy way to include a youtube video in your reply, not the link to it, but the actual video, although thats probably old news for u folks. Its like most forums I think. You can read as much as you want....but to start threads & give replies u have to join. I think it just takes an E-mail & a Password. I know u folks already know all this stuff so I'm just gonna put in the link that has the page ith the "Ask me anything about Microsoft Excel".

    Its about 1/3 of the way down on the page that it is on now for now. I think you computer savvy guys/girls could have some fun with this. Let me know.

    And if what I did here is out of line for some reason I aploligize & expect you folks will take this part down.
  4. md2lgyk


    Jul 3, 2003
    Can't be that good of a dictionary. You spelled "vengeance" wrong.
  5. Cookiegal

    Cookiegal Administrator Malware Specialist Coordinator

    Aug 27, 2003
    First Name:

    I've edited your post to fix the quote tags because the way you had it all of the text above the part in red looked like it was written by Triple6 as you had inserted your replies to his points in the quote of his reply. Please be careful in the future to use the quote tags for each point that you're quoting and addressing to avoid confusion. :)
  6. EagleClaw92

    EagleClaw92 Thread Starter

    Jan 10, 2013

    Actually, it is an amazing dictionary, spelling it wrong was my fault, not the dictionary. I knew what I had was spelled wrong, thats why I typed it in to the dictionary box, but as I think I mentioned, I had unwittingly hit something by mistake & the dictionary was now only working in French.

    And I didn't want to spend anymore time on that then.....it is fixed & if you ever want to give it a shot:



    Actually, I did notice what you're talking about when I previewed my reply. I'm still at the novice level compared to most folks here. What I think threw me off was that since I've been using forums, I'm used to putting my 2 cents in after somebody else has replied & I do it after I see the last quote bar.

    If I muti-quote 3 or 4 people.....I look to see where the 1st quote ends & then reply & then continue down the line. But I know the one you're talking about & I messed up. Since the person before me I think had a few different replies & maybe statements. I don't remember the content now. But I remember when I went to preview I had replied to 3 different things before the quote bar & one of them after the quote bar & I should have replied to all of them after the quote bar.

    Was hard to miss when the preview came up & I had replied 3 times in a box that should have been his/hers exclusively. Still learning.

    Something I think I might have forgotten to do before was give the link to the Forum I was talking about. What I was talking about was in this thread somewhere. Some of the people here start threads about something they know LOTS about. For instance - Ask me about being an airline pilot or flying in general , this has1,037,521 views and 6,694 Replies.

    The one I thought some folks might be interested about would be Ask me anything about Microsoft Excel , this has 110,151 Views and 2,299 Replies. I thought this one would come up like the one above, but now it sorta looks like a Hyperlink to me.

    Anyway.....here is the link to the page it is on right now

    http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/34/other-other-topics/index4.html looks like there are about 24 threads on each page & right now....this is the 8th one down on page 4. I use this forum a lot because its called 2+2 poker forums & they have so much poker & things related to poker that it's mind boggling to me.

    But - it also covers almost anything anybody could think of......I may be getting carried away but I've never seen a forum close to this size. But I could easily be way off about this. OK - last time I'll mention that forum or that dictionary.

    Que Sera Sera
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