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speedtouch 510 dsl modem/router configuration

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tommy300304, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. tommy300304

    tommy300304 Thread Starter

    Jul 9, 2004
    hi hope someone can help me.

    How can i delete my nat entries where it says create protocol?

    I am a beginner at this. I want to be able to make it more secure.

    How can i do this?

    Can i edit it using notepad and then import it using the browser?

    Also my little network has 3 windows xp workstations and have been setup using windows xp networking ie. i created a disk and setup the other workstations on the network. Everything is working ok except for accessing files on the network. It takes about 2-3 minutes to connect to a share on another computer and access the files. Can someone tell my why?

    Does the hostname in this firewall have to be the machine the modem/router is connected to?

    here is a copy of my firewall

    [ env.ini ]
    set var="CONF_REGION" value="Australia" set var="CONF_PROVIDER" value="BigPond" set var="CONF_DESCRIPTION" value="BigPond defaults" set var="CONF_SERVICE" value="Router,PPPoA,DHCP,NAT,VPI/V* * CI 8/35" set var="CONF_DATE" value="Configuration modified manually" set var="HOST_SETUP" value="auto" set var="UPGRADE_URL" value="http://www.speedtouch.com/u* * pgrade500.htm" set var="COLUMNS" value="80" set var="ROWS" value="24" set var="SESSIONTIMEOUT" value="120" set var="HOST_MAC_ADDR" value="xxxxxxxxxxxx" set var="HOST_IP_ADDR" value="<dhcp>" set var="HOST_NET_MASK" value="<dhcp>" set var="HOST_GATEWAY" value="<dhcp>" set var="HOST_DNS" value="<dhcp>" set var="HOST_NAME" value="xxxxxx" set var="ST_LAN_IP_ADDR" value="xxxxxxxxxx" set var="ST_LAN_NET_MASK" value="xxxxxxxxxxxx"
    [ phone.ini ] add name="xxxxx" addr=x*35 type=pppoa
    [ qos.ini ] add name="default" class=ubr
    [ oam.ini ] config clp=1
    [ bridge.ini ] config age=300
    [ pptp.ini ]
    [ dhcp.ini ] config autodhcp=off scantime=20 spoofing=off trace=off policy verifyfirst=off trustclient=on spoof failtime=4 errorlt=60 dodlt=10 pool add name="dhcp_pool_1" pool config name=dhcp_pool_1 poolstart=xxxxxx1 poolend=xxxxxxxx.254 netmask=8 gateway=xxxxxx.138 leasetime=7200 start
    [ mer.ini ]
    [ ipoa.ini ]
    [ ppp.ini ] ifadd intf="pppoa" rtadd intf=pppoa dst=xxxxx.0/0 src=xxxxxx2/1 metric=1 ifconfig intf=pppoa dest=telstra proto=pppoa accomp=on retryinterval=60 addrtrans=pat ifconfig intf=pppoa user="[email protected]" password=xxxxxxxxxxx status=up
    [ cip.ini ]
    [ pfilter.ini ]
    [ pfirewall.ini ] chain create chain="sink" chain create chain="forward" chain create chain="source" rule create chain=sink index=0 srcintfgrp=!wan action=accept rule create chain=sink index=1 prot=udp dstport=dns action=accept rule create chain=sink index=2 prot=udp dstport=bootpc action=accept rule create chain=sink index=3 action=drop rule create chain=forward index=0 srcintfgrp=wan prot=tcp dstport=1081 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=1 srcintfgrp=lan prot=tcp dstport=1081 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=2 srcintfgrp=wan prot=tcp dstport=8443 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=3 srcintfgrp=lan prot=tcp dstport=8443 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=4 srcintfgrp=wan prot=tcp srcport=443 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=5 srcintfgrp=lan prot=tcp dstport=443 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=6 srcintfgrp=wan prot=tcp dstport=443 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=7 srcintfgrp=lan prot=tcp dstport=443 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=8 srcintfgrp=wan prot=tcp ack=yes srcport=smtp action=accept rule create chain=forward index=9 srcintfgrp=lan prot=tcp dstport=smtp action=accept rule create chain=forward index=10 srcintfgrp=wan prot=tcp ack=yes dstport=pop3 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=11 srcintfgrp=wan prot=tcp ack=yes srcport=pop3 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=12 srcintfgrp=lan prot=tcp dstport=pop3 action=accept rule create chain=forward index=13 srcintfgrp=wan prot=tcp srcport=www-http action=accept rule create chain=forward index=14 srcintfgrp=lan prot=tcp dstport=www-http action=accept rule create chain=forward index=15 srcintfgrp=wan dstintfgrp=wan action=drop rule create chain=forward index=16 action=drop rule create chain=forward index=17 action=drop rule create chain=source index=0 dstintfgrp=!wan action=accept rule create chain=source index=1 prot=udp dstport=dns action=accept rule create chain=source index=2 prot=udp dstport=bootps action=accept rule create chain=source index=3 action=drop assign hook=sink chain="sink" assign hook=forward chain="forward" assign hook=source chain="source"
    [ ip.ini ]
    config forwarding=on firewalling=on redirects=on sourcerouting=off netbroadcasts=off ttl=64 fraglimit=64 defragmode=nat addrcheck=static mssclamping=on apadd addr=xxxxx138/8 intf=eth0 addroute=no type=1 ifconfig intf=loop mtu=1500 group=local ifconfig intf=eth0 mtu=1500 group=lan ifconfig intf=pppoa mtu=1500 group=wan rtadd dst=xxxxx/0 intf=eth0 metric=70 rtadd dst=xxxxxx.0/4 intf=eth0 rtadd dst=xxxxx.0/8 gateway=xxxxx138 type=1 rtadd dst=xxxxxx.0.0/16 gateway=xxxxxxx.198 rtadd dst=xxxxxxxx.255/32 intf=eth0 rtadd dst=xxxxxxx0/8 src=xxxxxx.0/8 gateway=xxxxxx.138 type=1 rtadd dst=xxxxxxx.0/16 src=xxxxxx0.0/16 gateway=xxxxxxx.198 [ autoip.ini ] ifadd intf=eth0 ifconfig intf=eth0 addr=xxxxxx.198 poolstart=xxxxx.x.1 poolend=xxxxxxx.254 netmask=16 ifattach intf=eth0
    [ eth.ini ]
    ifconfig intf= type=
    [ dnsd.ini ]
    domain domain="xxx" add hostname="SpeedTouch" start troff
    [ dhcc.ini ]
    config trace=off
    [ adslpots.ini ]
    config opermode=multimode maxbitspertoneUS=13
    [ upnp.ini ]
    config maxage=1800
    [ nat.ini ]
    bind application=RAUDIO(PNA) port=realaudio bind application=IRC port=irc-u bind application=RTSP port=rtsp bind application=FTP port=ftp bind application=H323 port=h323 bind application=ILS port=ils bind application=ILS port=ldap bind application=IKE port=ike bind application=ESP port=1 bind application=PPTP port=1723 bind application=GRE port=1 bind application=SIP port=5060 enable addr=xxxxxxxx.70 type=pat create protocol=udp inside_addr=xxxxx:15278 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=tcp inside_addr=xxxxxx:9833 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=udp inside_addr=xxxxxx:9534 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=tcp inside_addr=xxxxxx:16592 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=udp inside_addr=xxxxxxx:8989 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=tcp inside_addr=xxxxxxxx:12479 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=udp inside_addr=xxxxxxx:13549 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=tcp inside_addr=xxxxxxx:12118 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=udp inside_addr=xxxxxxx:12712 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=tcp inside_addr=xxxxxxxx:10431 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=udp inside_addr=xxxxxxx11335 outside_addr= foreign_addr= create protocol=tcp inside_addr=xxxxxx:10666 outside_addr= foreign_addr=
    [ system.ini ]
    setpassword password=_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx config upnp=enabled mdap=enabled dcache=enabled
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