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Stop (or) Alter Windows 10 Update

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Mark-Young, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. Mark-Young

    Mark-Young Thread Starter

    Aug 15, 2018
    Shot in the dark here, just living on prayers for this one.

    Culprits: KB4035632 ; KB3173428 ; and KB3161102

    TL;DR: As subject line, want to keep my version of Windows 10 in some way, and stop the destructive, forced automatic updates. OR Fix the frustrating, user-unfriendly stupidity that is current Windows 10.

    When I got my laptop, it was running Windows 8 (which was astoundingly horrible), and got it to 8.1. Then Windows 10 upgrade became available for free so I jumped on it, not realizing the Home edition would get me this problem. Since then, I've wised up some and I've had zero virus issues, zero driver issues, zero hacking issues in Windows 10. It's been the best version I've used so far in 20 years. But I hate updates and generally kept them all off and turned off my virus protection stuff, but a few, occasional forced updates came along the way, minor, no problems.

    Then this stupid thing came along, I wish I knew the exact name of the Update. Windows freaks out because it thinks it needs a "Security Update", when in reality it's forcing the next version of Windows on my system. It's atrocious.

    I've jumped through all the hoops I can find to stop it, but every several weeks it will force the update on me at a critical moment and wastes an hour of my life performing the update. I've tried:

    - Disabling Windows 10 Update and metering connection doesn't help, the updates are already on the computer's system but I need them removed

    - Going through gpedit.msc (does not exist on Home)

    - Uninstalled Windows Update Assistant

    - Gone through Control Panel to uninstall Updates; the Update KB4035632 ; KB3173428 ; and KB3161102 I know are the culprits, but they cannot be right-clicked or otherwise selected for removal

    - When I tried to restart the computer upon removal of some other updates, (it said restart to remove the update), instead it restarted and installed the updates

    - Went to Task Scheduler, disabled and deleted everything related to Updates and the useless Windows Security Updates. While the related task scheduler was deleted and nonexistent, the system STILL went through with the update

    - Cannot System Restore back before the installed updates; as soon as they became available and were forcefully installed, Windows erased all of my other restore points

    - Watched a Microsoft employee with remote desktop access through Command Prompt fail

    Among other problems, the Security Update keeps panicking and forcing my laptop out of Sleep mode, which has dangerously burned my laptop up in the laptop bag during transport or runs it till the battery absolutely dies. It brings up a blue warning screen about a version of Windows being unsupported and when you click "Cancel" it forces an Internet site of Windows Update to pop up and talk about how to Update; like Microsoft is blind that some people don't want it.

    So far, the only work around is to hold it off, turn off the computer via external button when it wants to Restart or Turn Off and Update, and stave it off until it absolutely forces the update on me after which I still have the option to go back to this previous version of Windows.

    = = =

    However, if these three major problems can be overcome, I might settle for the new version.
    While running the newer version of Windows, the laptop doesn't rage into overheating whenever I have a folder open. But it's at the severe and unacceptable cost of the interface and user control.

    Folder Arrangement
    It destroys my installed disabled auto-arrange feature; Microsoft thinks it knows what users want better than users so they eliminated user-ability to arrange items in folders how they want it and force everything to be arranged strictly in alphanumeric order and allow no arrangement otherwise. This reason alone I'm going to attempt trying Linux when I get my next computer in the future. The spacing around the files is unnecessary and there's no way to change that. I can't navigate or find anything I want in any of my own folders because of this inability to customize.

    Background Security
    It runs this horrifically draining background security monitoring system that does not allow itself to be touched by users. I need as little energy, space, and processing power to my system as possible. I've had zero virus or security problems with everything disabled in the past.

    Taskbar Space is Destroyed
    I sometimes run a lot of different things simultaneously and I never group folders or programs together, and they're never the usual standard and unnecessary garbage apps. Nothing aggravates me more about the Taskbar than it getting in the way and especially when it's cluttered and full of unnecessary garbage. I can get rid of most of the features, but it leaves this gaping hole as if there's a blank app or something in the void.
  2. DaveA

    DaveA Trusted Advisor Spam Fighter

    Nov 16, 1999
    First Name:
    Believe it or not, I think that if you were to learn to shut OFF your machine and not use the suspend, hibernate or sleep, the heating issue would go away.

    Then the install of ALL up dates and up grades (Build 1709 to 1803) would also be of use.

    If one was to view the files listings in the "Detail" mode one has several options on as to how they are displayed.

    What is this "Spacing around the files"?

    If you want to really control the updates, then replace Home with Professional.
    This can be done, but since your laptop is approaching it's end of life, might look into getting a new machine with Pro on it.
  3. Lanctus


    Jul 20, 2017
    To add to Dave, Windows 10 Pro allows you to defer your updates (the max is 4 months I think), but you cannot stall forever. Aside from the feature updates, MS frequently releases Windows Antivirus/Security Definitions for Windows Defender (the inbuilt antivirus that comes with Win 10. It's pretty solid.), so it keeps your machine safer and up to speed. MS had a lot of issues in the past of people refusing updates on their machines continuously, which can make your PC unsafe and buggy if left long enough.

    I know some of the updates (I'm look at you 1803) can take awhile to complete, and every update has its own bugs. That said, it is in your and your computer's best interest to get updates on at least a semi-regular basis.
  4. Mark-Young

    Mark-Young Thread Starter

    Aug 15, 2018
    So there's no way around actually answering the issue?

    Not sure how old you guys are, but back in the day of Windows 95 and such, users had complete control over their systems, and while viruses and such were an occasional problem, a user with enough tech savvy could find and destroy the problem.

    These newer versions of Windows where Microsoft locks down that control and access is what creates the greater virus/malware problem in the first place, and why Windows suffers from far greater amounts of virus problems. When installed, viruses can make themselves appear as important system programs like the rest of the unnecessary bloatware and requires the continuous updates and uses of programs like Windows Defender. That is, if you're stupid enough to go places and download things you're not supposed to.

    That said, the forced Updates in of themselves and Windows Defender forcibly running in the background is creating more problems than any malware problem I've ever had in 20 years of computer use.

    You misunderstood. The heating problem is situational, not constant. The laptop expends a tremendous amount of energy and burns itself hard only when a folder is open for longer than a few minutes. As soon as the folder is closed, the laptop stops generating so much heat and energy. This is passively bearable though. I suspect it probably has something to do with the tool I installed that turns off the forced Auto-arrange, and allows me to freely arrange my icons in my folders however I want (and it's a perfectly acceptable trade-off to me).

    The other time is when the laptop is in Sleep Mode. Sometimes Windows panics, forces the laptop out of Sleep Mode, and screams that it thinks it absolutely needs the Update. So it turns itself on and alerts that the version of Windows I'm using in that annoying blue screen is no longer supported and therefore I need the latest version.

    The Updates I'm getting are forcing me into a completely new version of Windows, not just a mere Update. The new version of Windows 10 is grossly inadequate and restricts user control to the point of uselessness, while clogging up the screen and options and space.

    I'm sorry but that suggestion is not a solution, nor does it work. 90% of the files I go through constantly are images, and a vast majority of them are not specifically named. List view is also incredibly inefficient and useless to me, not to mention hard to read, requires more scrolling, and creates a lot of mis-click potential.

    I'm a classic Icons guy; and users should have control over how their folders are organized. It's faulty programming that Microsoft forcibly dictates only a very specific way users can view and organize their files. It would be like your landlord forcing you to arrange your kitchen spices, refrigerator space, and pantry in very specific orders and reshuffles them every time you try to customize the order to your liking.

    That said, whenever I would move my Icons around in a manner to my liking, or I try to organize them by Date, as soon as I click away and return, the new Windows 10 has completely altered and changed the file arrangement. If Microsoft is going to be a folder Nazi to its users, and not allow any way to manipulate the options to allow otherwise, I'm switching to Linux.

    I'm working on an artist's laptop still leagues ahead of the latest version Microsoft Surface I can grab at Best Buy, and worth triple to boot. It was built with Windows 8, but it feels like it was born to run Windows 10. It's not approaching the end of it's life for at least a few more years so long as Windows Update doesn't stop ####ing with it.

    The point is, I'm not interested in using the next version of Windows until user-friendly control issues are addressed.

    @ Lanctus, an occasional Update is fine (though I've deleted every Update from now to back to the first Windows 10 set of Updates deeper in the past). But I'm not talking about bugs or long time for the Update. I'm talking about being absolutely forced into the next version of Windows.

    Having Pro gives you access to gpedit.msc, which includes additional and more solid ways of defeating the Update with more user control.

    Every single computer I've ever owned I always disable, uninstall (if possible) and turn off updates for the extremely useless Windows Defender and Norton Security, and doing so improves my computer performance. Usually I run my computer with absolutely zero protection but when I need something I use free, third-party programs have been exceptionally superior, or I manually find and destroy the bugger myself (which I haven't had problems with in over 5 years). Superior and clean Internet browsers have made the need for on-board, running protecting obsolete (at least in my personal experience).

    My cousin runs Windows 2000 on a 10-year-old computer stripped of all bloatware and additions like Windows Defender. It's one of the fastest, reliable, and most efficient machines I've ever seen. But he was of the older generation of tech geeks (and a savvy hacker among other things).
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
  5. Mark-Young

    Mark-Young Thread Starter

    Aug 15, 2018





    In the new, forced version of Windows 10, everything I demonstrated here is not possible. You cannot reorganize or arrange any file in any way, shape, or form. All you can do is change the format in which they are Viewed (Detail, Icons, List, etc) and if they are Grouped by type. It makes navigation through the entire organization of my computer's drives impossible and painstakingly slow because every time I move anything, Windows will snap all the icons back the way Windows thinks they should be arranged. This is one of the primary reasons I am not Updating to the new version of Windows.
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