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Jun 26, 2000
As I have been accused at times to having anti-American views, just because I espouse a world view, especially concerning terrorism, I wanted to post links that might educate people on how prevalent terrorism has been, even before the heinous acts of 11 Sept 01. Because I have been trying to make some people see that terrorism has been very prevalent before the 11 Sept acts, I have been accused of not being patriotic. Because I have tried to make people realise that a good portion of the world lives in fear of terrorism *daily*, I have been accused of belittling what has happened in the States.

I want people to realise that what has happened in the States is a wake-up call for Americans, to realise that they are part of a world problem, not just an American one. That, in no way, belittles, trivialises, or mocks the greatest single act of terrorism that I have ever heard of, which was perpetuated on American ground on 11 Sept 01. What most people fail to realise is that that act was perpetuated against the world community, not just America.

Enough ranting and trying to force my views of world reality on you. Please find the links informative, as they are intended to be.

http://polisci.home.mindspring.com/ptd/itapvi/ is a database that shows International Terrorism and Political Violence Incidents divided into 3 years; 98, 99, 00.

http://polisci.home.mindspring.com/ptd/ is the main page to this site, and provides a lot of other information.

http://www.ict.org.il has some very useful information on Counter-terrorism.

I could go on listing several very good sites, but I believe the 2 I have mentioned sum them all up nicely. It is a matter of "know your enemy". Knowledge is the only sure weapon most of us have, and can control with any degree. Terror works, at it's root, because of a lack of knowledge and ignorance.

If anyone has links to better sites, or can see why the sites I have provided are not good, or whatever, please post. I invite instruction, am not afraid to be proven wrong, and like to learn more. That is more than can be said for some!

BTW, http://www.ict.org.il/spotlight/det.cfm?id=700 is a news article speaking of the block on Terorists funds, and the expansion that has been done. It is with some pleasure that I note that the list of terrist organisations have been expanded to include organisations operating in Columbia, Peru, Greece, Spain, and Ireland. This is much better than just concentrating on Mid-East terrorists, which was what was first done.


I'm just a Pawn in the game I guess. Not overly-bright intellectually (but a damn good Artist) and here in the USA by chance of birth.

One can't be everything. I can't pursue my livelyhood and be a politition too.

I may cast a vote (but it may not be counted).


.PS, Oh yeah, polititions tend to be rich assholes (I know that wont fly but I'll get the right spaces).

SEE! I can't even spell Politician much less be one!


Originally posted by MacFromOK
Hey AZ, :)

Do ya have some pics of your art to show us?

Cheers, Mac
This is a painting that I did of John and took a digital picture of it and superimposed it on one of my cabins back in Wisconsin (using Photoshop).

Gonna use that new trick that Mulder turned me onto...(if I can remember..heheh).

oh yeah, this is copywrited..

<img src="http://forums.techguy.org/attachment.php?s=&postid=270662"</img src>




Here's the original Painting. Did all the Beatles portraits in a "fast & loose" style, (about a half hour each). the paintings are 3ft. high.

<img src="http://forums.techguy.org/attachment.php?s=&postid=271095</img src>


Mar 14, 2001
AZ - Besides Photo shop, have you ever used any other packages? Particularly, Adobe or "Fauve Matisse"?

Both have some pretty cool effects.

Also, have you read the books "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and/or "Vein of Gold"?

Just curious.


Yeah, I gave my up-and-coming goddaughter my copy of "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and Photoshop is Adobe. My wife Nancy is more technical than me and uses Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator + Quark Express + Freehand etc., but she has a Commercial job as a Graphic Artist (thank God)! heheh.
I will check-out "Fauve Matisse" and "Vein of Gold". Thanks, I am always looking for new tricks.
.PS, I have a collection of over 2000 Photoshop filters to play with as well. The potential is unlimited! I love it!
Enjoy the Life,
Sep 19, 2001
Randy: Isn't it a great feeling to start a thread of substance and watch it turn into a circus! Been there....done that!

Thanx for the links!


Thanks Davey,

Not trying to show-off but Mac asked, so...

Best Regards,
Feb 28, 2001
I have mainly kept out of the political and terrorism threads as I think a few others have. I am fully aware terrorism has existed in this world far before Sept. 11 in the States and carry my own opinions inside myself as what tragedy is happening in this world.
Randy has many good points as you do and Mulder and DN and Kirkland and the list goes on and on.
I have my opinions on what other countries do and do not do and that is my opinion to reflect on and express if I wish. As is yours!
However when I see something of beauty (AZ art) I will comment on it even if it is inside an explosive thread.


Thanks again Davey.

Maybe I trailed-off but I thought this was "Random Discussion" and didn't think it had to follow a strict and rigid path. (in fact I guess I didn't think) oh well...here I go being my spontanious self again.


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