this is sad : Pat Tillman a former Arizona Cardinal died an american hero


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Aug 5, 2002
Cardinals' Tillman Killed at War
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Pat Tillman, a U.S. Army Ranger and former Arizona Cardinals strong safety, is being reported dead in Afghanistan, according to news reports.

Tillman, 27, enlisted in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, choosing to walk away from a 3-year, $3.6 million contract extension with the Cardinals. Tillman had completed four seasons with the Cardinals, from 1998 to 2001.

His dutiful decision sparked national headlines showcasing a recently married NFL star who gave up a burgeoning career to fight alongside his brother and fellow countrymen.

Tillman began basic training in mid-2002 with the aspiration of joining the Army’s elite Special Forces. Tillman was reportedly serving alongside his brother, Kevin, while part of the Elite 75th Ranger regimen. Both were stationed at Fort Lewis, located about 50 miles from Seattle.

Tillman was born in San Jose, California and went on to graduate from Arizona State University. Known for his physical prowess on and off the field, Tillman even completed a 70-mile triathalon before the start of the Cardinals’ 2001 training camp.


Feb 20, 1999
Truly a hero. How many people would give up an NFL contract worth millions to do anything, let alone put yourself in harm's way? He is the epitome of the American spirit and should be an inspiritation to people everywhere in the world.
Mar 17, 2003
He gave up considerably more (10 mil for playing with St Louis). He turned it down so he could stay here, in Az, and be close to "home". 9-11 came along and it affected him so hard, he felt, he had to do something to insure the security of this country. So sad for his passing. So sad that this world simply can't JUST GET ALONG, without drawing blood. * My opinion: This world still remains in it's juvenile stages! *


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Jan 27, 2001
Gibble said:
While Mulder is right...after saying that don't you just feel like washing your mouth out with soap?
Lol, I think I saw Hotskates' sig line :eek: Ya, that's it, that's what made me say it :D
Jan 10, 2002
I hate to say it too, but Mulder is right this time, Tillman was a hero.

BTW: Thirteen more days and that sig line will be history!!!!!!!!!!!


Mar 4, 2004
All of the soldiers over there are heroes (y)

May he rest in peace

The NFL and fans of the NFL will miss him also
Jun 26, 2001
God Bless him and his family...My heart goes out to his family and people he loved ..

I don't want to take anything away from his decision but remember there were men and women who answered the call (after 9/11) that left children behind , their courage is just as note worthy as Tillman's ...It's just a damn shame that their deaths aren't as awe inspiring ..Money/fame is just that..nothing more...He (obviously ) was MORE just as ALL Military personnel are , who (voluntarily ) give the only thing they truly own .. their protect ours..

Yes , he gave up millions and did what he felt was right ..Fathers and Mothers have given away ( what is now close to 2 years ) of their children's lives ..only to be seen in pictures or letters..Is it the same or any less of a sacrifice...Less noteworthy ..maybe..

Tillman chose a higher calling..Thank you for your all I can say..He is / was and will always be a soldier , not a title to be thrown around lightly ... So as you remember him in your own way ..Please try to honor all of those who didn't/haven't received the fanfare and those who are still in harms way...

"Hold Fast" to those hanging on ..You aren't forgotten.. (y)


Always remembered in our hearts
Apr 17, 2002
This was sad news to hear...another hero gone. :( All the money in the world can't always buy happiness....Pat found his calling and died doing what he thought was best for him and his country. (y) God bless him and be with his family, friends and a grateful nation during this most difficult time. Take care. angel
Feb 20, 1999
cadaver queen said:
I don't want to take anything away from his decision but remember there were men and women who answered the call (after 9/11) that left children behind , their courage is just as note worthy as Tillman's ...It's just a damn shame that their deaths aren't as awe inspiring ..Money/fame is just that..nothing more...He (obviously ) was MORE just as ALL Military personnel are , who (voluntarily ) give the only thing they truly own .. their protect ours..
I certainly do not intend to detract in the least from any of the other people over there--you are right, they are all heroes. But what people need to understand is what Tillman did goes above and beyond most of those over there. How many of those fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan would have volunteered to do it and given up a contract as a professional athlete making millions? I don't think I'd be wrong if I ventured to guess very few.

So its not that Tillman was a professional athlete that brings the additional notoriety, it is that what he did stands so far above and beyond what most people, even most currently in the military, would do that he deserves every bit of the special recognition he is getting.

Again, please don't anyone take this as detracting from the sacrifices made, but this man is a hero standing head and shoulders above the other heros, in my view. And again, it has nothing to do with him being a professional athlete--nothing at all.

Finally, I don't want to make this into a he's better than the next guy or the next guy doesn't deserve the same notoriety--just that what he did is absolutely unbelievable and a rarity of sacrifice among sacrifices.
Feb 20, 1999
Here is an excerpt from the Jim Rome tribute last Friday:

Devastating story in Afghanistan where former NFL player Pat Tillman has been killed during a firefight. Tillman, of course, gave up a lucrative contract with the Arizona Cardinals to join the Army Rangers, along with his younger brother, Kevin. He had been offered a 3 year, $3.6m contract, but turned it down in wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He joined the Army in May of 2002, he never did a single interview and Army officials at the time said he wanted no special treatment, no special attention and that he just wanted to be considered one of the soldiers doing his duty for his country…

Pentagon sources told ABC news that he was killed in direct action during a firefight in Afghanistan, but that no further details were available. Take, an absolutely terrible story. Sad, sad story. Never again, do I want to hear that an athlete is a hero for something he or she did on the field of play. There’s nothing heroic about hitting a walk off homerun or knocking down a game winning jumper. Clutch maybe, heroic, never. Pat Tillman is a hero. Pat Tillman gave up a 7 figure a year job, as a professional athlete to serve his country, and he did it for no reason other than he wanted to, he felt compelled to serve, of course, we were all changed immeasurably by the events of 9-11, but how many of us really would give up the life we knew, much less one of wealth and security to risk our lives in response to those events.

Pat Tillman, risked and ultimately gave his life as a result of that day. There aren’t many guys anywhere, certainly none in professional sports, that would have given up what Pat Tillman gave up to risk his life for our country. This isn’t Tiger Woods going to Ft. Bragg for a week to play G.I. Joe. This isn’t crazy Riddick Bowe trying to enlist in the Marines and quitting a week later, Pat Tillman put down a million dollar a year job as a football player to enlist with the Army Rangers. A decision that cost him his life. I never have seen a more heroic act by an athlete. Ever. Pat Tillman was 27… he appeared on this show while at ASU and also while in the NFL, he came to a Tour Stop, and I’m proud to say, I met the man…

Background: Played four years with the Cards…starred at ASU…very, very bright, 3.84 gpa through college, graduated summa cum laude with a degree in marketing…You never thought it would happen, strangely, although it’s war, and this is, of course, the risk, I just never thought it would happen to Pat Tillman, I know it’s absurd to say that, he was an Army Ranger, it’s war, people get killed in war. Why would he be any different than any other soldier, of course, I get that, still, Pat Tillman was different and I just always assumed, one day, he would come back, make another run at the NFL, and probably never really share his experiences but that he’d come home and we’d all have that chance to thank and salute him.

...but that’s not what happened. It shouldn’t be so shocking, but it is, and very, very sad.

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