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May 22, 2002
I’m tired of it all.
I’m tired of telemarketers, my local phone, and cable companies calling me. I don’t care if it’s constitutional or not to keep them from calling me. I don’t care if telemarketers get laid off. I should not be afraid of answering my phone. I should not have to pay for caller ID, or use an answering machine to screen my calls. If I want to buy something, I will contact you, don’t call me!
I’m tired of spam! I tired that when I check my email, over 90% of the emails, if not all of them, are spam. I don’t care to make my private parts larger or buy sexual stimulants online. I know that there is no political refugee in a foreign country with millions of American dollars who needs my help. I know that I cannot win a contest that I did not enter.
I’m tired of having to sign up for a “card” when I want to take advantage of a sale at my local grocery store. It’s my business of what I buy, not yours. If you want to know what products are sellers, and what ones are not, I suggest that you keep inventory, not my personal grocery list!
Yes, I am tired of a lot of things, and you may not care what I think, but remember this; I am the consumer, I am your customer. If I decide that because of the phone calls, spam, and “memberships”, that I do not want to do business with you any more, then I will no longer be your customer. And, if everyone else like me decides to also follow suit, then you will no longer have any customers, or business. So remember, every phone call, every unsolicited email, and every “card” that we get is just driving consumers like me closer to not doing business with you.

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Jun 7, 2001
WI has a good law! Hope the fed is as effective!!
Nov 25, 2001
I feel your pain... lol

Luckily, I have my emails coming through my web host (not ISP) and I have filters setup which block most SPAM (IE, it automatically blocks out crap that has "viagra" in it, "online prescriptions", etc).

But the phone calls are annoying. If my caller ID doesn't show who it is, I ignore it now.

And... I thought the whole telemarketing thing was going to go away, didn't you? Well, they're starting something new (or atleast bring back an older method), lol...

Just yesterday the "new brand" of a telemarketer came to my door... and took 2 minutes of my time trying to sell me some damn packet to have steaks delivered to my house. She didn't get the hint until I closed the door in her face, lol...

You have to wonder what they'll think of next after they're 'blocked' from calling us.... :(


You can always go ex-directory, or get a job at sea. ;)

Remember what life was like before the telephone and the TV?

Pony Express and country living.

Blissful. Complete peace.

Used to be like that everywhere.

Aug 18, 2002
Amen Marcus!!!

Said by Cyber Just yesterday the "new brand" of a telemarketer came to my door... and took 2 minutes of my time trying to sell me some damn packet to have steaks delivered to my house. She didn't get the hint until I closed the door in her face, lol
Did they show up in a white truck and give you the pitch that these were extra steaks and the boss told them they could sell them for rock bottom prices? As if we would trust steaks being sold in this matter!

I too am soooooo tired of getting tons of calls, I'd rather get junk mail in my mailbox at least then I can just file it in the trash can!

Nov 25, 2001

No, it wasn't that "steak deal". People seem to be doing that a lot. I wouldn't trust buying any food (other than girl scout cookies of course ;)) from someone who comes to my door. It is just smelling of scam.

The "deal" I got was similar but different. Some girl (early 20's) was coming around house to house I assume. She was selling packets from "Off the Grill" about how they will deliver steaks to your house and this packet of coupons. Looking through the coupons as she talked, they looked fraudulent. I told her no thanks several times but she kept going. So I shut the door and went back to the computer to finish up some work.

I feel rather lucky however when it comes to telephone calls. A year or so back when I had dial-up, I worked out of my house for about 1-2 years (cable wasn't available in my area at the time and I did not want to bother with DSL). I would be online from about 8:00am to about 7:00pm most days. Telemarketers and what-not must have been calling all the time when I was online and gotten the "busy" signal. I think about about 1-2 years of this, they removed my number off all the lists cause it never went through, lol... Now I have maybe 1-3 calls a day that come up as "Unavailable" on the caller ID, and I don't answer the phone unless it comes up with a name and number. Perhaps everyone needs to use dial-up for awhile, lol...

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