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Tragedies and Disasters-Read at Your Own Discretion

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by angelize56, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. angelize56

    angelize56 Always remembered in our hearts Thread Starter

    Apr 17, 2002
    I realize that some people don't like to read about tragedies or disasters, so thought it would be a good idea to place them all in one thread to avoid multiple threads related to the topic. No one who is bothered by this topic or wishes to avoid it has to read the thread then. I don't dwell on the bad things in life, I just find what happpens sad and worth letting others know about. The majority of my threads are for fun, but not this one. Take care. angel

    DAEGU, South Korea (CNN) -- Rescuers searched charred carriages for victims of a suspected arson attack on a South Korea subway, with at least 49 confirmed dead and 160 missing.

    Police officials say they suspect the toll will climb much higher, as many people were burned, trampled and suffocated to death in the smoke-filled subway station.

    At least 135 people have also been listed as injured in the southern city of Daegu as flames and smoke engulfed two crowded subway trains.

    Firefighters reportedly found about 100 more bodies inside a wrecked train, according to local media reports, although officials have not yet confirmed the information.

    Police suspect the fire in the southern city of Daegu was an arson attack.

    They are questioning a 46-year-old man witnesses say got onto a subway train, carrying a black bag with a plastic container inside.

    "The man was playing with a cigarette lighter. An elderly person asked him not to do so and pushed him," an eyewitness reported.

    "Suddenly, the man dropped the lighter and a fire started."

    "People ran to him and pushed him to the ground but had to run out from the subway because the fire and flames started spreading."

    The fire eventually spread from that train to another passing train. It is not clear as yet how many cars were on each train.

    Trapped passengers made last desperate cell phone calls to friends and relatives before they were overcome by smoke, South Korean television reported.

    With the fire largely extinguished three hours after it was ignited at 0955 (0255GMT), firefighters wearing breathing gear searched the station and surrounding tunnels for those trapped and missing.

    Rescuers initially had trouble entering the station to tackle the blaze because of heavy black smoke and toxic gases billowing out of the tunnels.

    Among the dead recovered so far are the bodies of 14 subway employees found on a station platform where they had been trapped by the fire.

    Police have not given any indication as to the motive for the attack and do not as yet know what was in the carton.

    But investigators believe the incident is isolated, with police sources saying the man in custody has a history of mental problems.

    The man was being treated for burns when he was apprehended at a hospital, according to reports.

    In the minutes after the blaze broke out, thick smoke poured from the subway entrances and ventilation shafts.

    Dozens of fire engines rushed to the scene and ambulances ferried the injured to hospitals across the city.

    YTN, a national cable news channel, reported that some of the injured were in a serious condition, many suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.

    The single subway line runs through the center of Daegu, the third largest city in South Korea with a population of about 2.5 million.

    -- From CNN Seoul Bureau Chief Sohn Jie-ae and Correspondent Rebecca MacKinnon
  2. Jonesiegirl

    Jonesiegirl Guest

    good idea marlene... you lil peacemaker you... :)
  3. valley


    Nov 16, 2002
  4. $teve


    Oct 9, 2001
    nice one marlene:)

    its strange that events like this one and the chicago nightclub stampede usually happen in bunches.......like air disasters and things like that.

    very sad
  5. n2gun


    Mar 3, 2000
    Officials Ask Judge to Jail Club Owner
    Associated Press Writer

    A day after 21 people were killed in a nightclub stampede, Chicago officials asked a judge Tuesday to jail the owner for at least a year for allegedly operating the place in defiance of a shutdown order.

    The city asked Cook County Circuit Judge Daniel Lynch to impose the criminal contempt of court sentence on Dwain Johann Kyles, saying he ignored the judge's previous order to shut down because of building code violations that included failing to provide enough exits.

    "You don't have a right to disobey a court order until someone catches you or until a disaster happens," Mayor Richard M. Daley said.

    The owners of the E2 nightclub contended they had a deal to stay open, despite the building code violations.

    The city sought immediate action on its petition to hold Kyles in criminal contempt, but Lynch told city attorneys that Kyles had not yet been served with the papers. The judge also said he would give the two companies 10 days to answer.

    The city also asked the judge to fine Kyles and his company, Le Mirage Inc., which owned the nightclub, and to fine a second company, Lesly Motors Inc., which owns the building.

    Twenty-one people were killed and 57 were injured early Monday after pepper spray was sprayed into the crowd, prompting a stampede down a stairwell to the exit.

    A telephone call to Le Mirage on Tuesday was not immediately returned.
    Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2003
  6. angelize56

    angelize56 Always remembered in our hearts Thread Starter

    Apr 17, 2002
    Thanks Kath, Val and $teve for your kind words. Thanks n
    Jerry for your contribution. This is the report on how Steve Bechler of the Orioles died. Quite sad considering his age and that he was due to be a Dad soon. :( I had my own terrible experience with a diet supplement one year ago today and my life will never be the same again because of it. Take care. angel

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (CNN) -- The fatal heat stroke that killed a Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect was brought on by hypertension, a liver problem, a diet and the use of a weight-reduction supplement containing ephedrine, according to a preliminary investigation.

    "All those factors converged together and resulted in the fatal heat stroke," Broward County medical examiner Dr. Joshua Perper told reporters.

    Perper performed an autopsy Tuesday morning on Steve Bechler, a 23-year-old right-hander who died Monday, less than 24 hours after collapsing during spring training. He was the first professional baseball player ever to die of heat stroke.

    The Food and Drug Administration has examined the safety of over-the-counter dietary supplements containing ephedrine for several years. In October 2002, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson ordered the FDA to recommend the strongest possible mandatory warning labels on ephedra products and to continue to evaluate their safety.

    Suffolk County, N.Y., in recent weeks passed legislation banning the ephedrine-containing supplements in its county.

    NEW YORK (AP) -- The over-the-counter stimulant ephedrine, often used to increase endurance and lose weight, is under increasing scrutiny for its possible health risks.

    While the precise hazards are still unclear, a variety of reports have linked its use to heart attacks, strokes and seizures, and heatstroke.

    Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Steve Bechler died Monday of heatstroke after a spring training workout in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. His temperature reached 108.

    Broward County medical examiner Dr. Joshua Perper said Tuesday that ephedra, the herbal form of ephedrine, probably contributed to Bechler's death. Bechler had been taking Xenadrine, an over-the-counter drug containing ephedra, Perper said.

    When the NFL banned ephedrine, it cited concern that the stimulant could interfere with the body's ability to regulate heat. The drug also is banned by the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee, but not by Major League Baseball.

    Ephedra, also known as ma huang, is considered a dietary supplement and is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Because of the health issues, however, the Department of Health and Human Services hired the RAND Corp. last summer to do a comprehensive review.

    The concern results, in part, from reports to the FDA of people falling ill or even dying after taking the supplements.

    Two years ago, Drs. Christine Haller and Neal Benowitz of the University of California, San Francisco, reviewed 140 of these reports.

    They concluded that one-third of the cases definitely or probably resulted from ephedrine, and another third possibly did. These included 10 deaths and 13 cases of permanent impairment.

    The most commonly reported ill effects were heart related, including high blood pressure, palpitations and heart attacks. Strokes and seizures, especially in outwardly healthy young adults, were also apparently triggered by ephedrine.

    The California doctors estimated that in 1999, about 12 million Americans used the supplements.

    Pro football and Olympic athletes are banned from taking the supplements and undergo testing for it. Major League Baseball does not ban the supplements.

    "I would like to hope that this very unfortunate and tragic death would prompt perhaps the baseball association and other athletic groups to ban them," Perper said. "In my opinion, the use should be banned."

    Exactly how much the supplement contributed to Bechler's death is unknown. Perper said he is awaiting toxicology tests that would further answer that question.

    He said Bechler had a liver abnormality and borderline hypertension. Bechler was taking three tablets every morning of the dietary supplement Xenadrine, which warns that those with hypertension and liver problems should not take it, Perper said.

    Further adding to the heat stroke, Perper said, Bechler did not have very much solid food in his system.

    "My feeling is that probably he was on some quite stringent diet," Perper said.

    "Our conclusion is that Mr. Bechler died of complications of heat stroke, which resulted in multi-organ failure and ultimately in his unfortunate demise."

    Orioles team physician, Dr. William Goldiner, said the organization warns players not to use such supplements and that players can be disciplined by the team if caught using the supplements.

    Asked if he hoped the death would force Major League Baseball to ban the substance, Goldiner said, "Absolutely."

    "This is not just a problem with Major League Baseball. This is a problem of over the counter supplements that are dangerous and they are unregulated," the doctor said. "It's a terrible problem."

    Bechler had finished most of the team's running drills Sunday in humid, 81 degree conditions, when he collapsed. The 6-foot-2-inch Bechler, who weighed 249 pounds, was described as looking "ashen" and leaning up against a fence between drills, prompting manager Mike Hargrove to have a trainer keep an eye on him, according to Bill Stetka, Orioles' spokesman.

    He was later transported to a hospital, where he died Monday morning.

    Bechler was a third-round draft pick by the Orioles in 1998. He made his major league debut last September, going 0-0 with a 13.50 ERA in three relief appearances. He was expected to begin this season with the club's new Class AAA affiliate in Ottawa.

    Bechler spent most of last year at Class AAA Rochester, going 6-11 with a 4.09 ERA in 24 starts.
  7. Shadow Bea

    Shadow Bea Cherished forever in our hearts

    Sep 9, 2002
    Good Idea Angel
  8. angelize56

    angelize56 Always remembered in our hearts Thread Starter

    Apr 17, 2002
    This is too sad for words. How such a mixup could have occurred is beyond me! I pray this child makes it and they find new organs soon. A hemolytic reaction to wrong blood is a critical problem. which has a high probability for death considering she is already critically ill from the transplant surgery itself. Take care. angel

    DURHAM, North Carolina (CNN) -- A Mexican teenager is fighting for her life at Duke University Hospital, where she mistakenly received organs with a different blood type during a heart-lung transplant operation

    Jesica Santillan, 17, was listed in critical condition Tuesday, and the hospital was working to get transplanted organs for her, said Richard Puff, a Duke hospital spokesman.

    Puff said he could not speculate on how much time the teen has to live.

    Jesica received the transplant February 7, according to a hospital statement, which said the error was the "result of a blood type mismatch."

    "Every effort is being made to save Jesica's life," said Dr. William Fulkerson, the hospital's chief executive officer.

    "Our primary concern has always been for Jesica and her family. This was a tragic error, and we accept responsibility for our part," Fulkerson said.

    "This is an especially sad situation since we intended this operation to save the life of a girl whose prognosis was grave. Jesica continues to remain at the top of the national organ donation list."

    Anne Paschke, spokeswoman at United Network for Organ Sharing, said there are critical shortages of organ donors through the United States and finding a donor for a heart-lung procedure is difficult.

    UNOS administers the nation's only organ procurement and transplantation network.

    Paschke said according to the latest statistics only 55 heart-lung transplants took place nationwide in 2001 and 2002, and 197 people were on the waiting list for the procedure as of February 7.

    Jesica, whose family moved to the United States so she could get the transplant, suffered from a heart deformity that affected her lungs, according to The Associated Press. After a three-year wait, she received a transplant with a heart and lungs flown from Boston, Massachusetts, to Durham 10 days ago.

    The organs were sent with paperwork correctly listing the donor's blood type, said Sean Fitzpatrick of the New England Organ Bank, which sent the organs, the AP reported. Despite the paperwork, the girl, who has type O-positive blood, received the type A organs.

    Fulkerson said the mix-up was the first such error after thousands of "successful organ transplants" at the facility.

    He said the hospital was implementing additional safeguards to ensure such an error doesn't happen again.
  9. valley


    Nov 16, 2002
    I am a big supporter of organ donation. I only wish people would realize how important it is.
  10. PaveFE


    Jan 4, 2003
    One killed, 5 injured in military helicopter crash

    June 3, 1999
    Web posted at: 10:45 a.m. EDT (1445 GMT)

    FORT BRAGG, North Carolina (CNN) -- One person was killed and five were injured when an Air Force helicopter on a training mission crashed Wednesday night in a wooded area near Fort Bragg.

    The victim died of internal and head injuries Thursday morning at the Womack Army Hospital at Fort Bragg, according to Capt. Tatiana Stead, special operations spokeswoman at Hurlburt Field in Florida. The five others sustained minor injuries.

    The MH-53J Pave Low helicopter was carrying six military personnel from the 16th special operations wing when it went down around 10:30 p.m. in a special forces training area approximately 35 miles south of Fayettville, North Carolina..

    The Pave-Low helicopter can carry 38 troops and is equipped with special navigation gear, radar and other electronics to help it slip behind enemy lines without detection.

    The 16th special operations wing is part of the 20th Special Squadron based at Hurlburt Field.

    A military team is investigating the cause of the crash.

    **A very good friend of mine, It happened the night I returned from Operation Allied Force.**
  11. valley


    Nov 16, 2002
    sorry for your loss, Pave. Did it affect your flying after that? I think something like that would shake my confidence for awhile.
  12. PaveFE


    Jan 4, 2003
    It shook everyone up for a while, not just do to the fact that we are a very close brotherhood, but he was a young guy, married and just had a son.

    But we always get back up on the horse, because we have to.
  13. LANMaster

    LANMaster Banned

    Jan 6, 2003
    LAN = Organ Donor
  14. ladyjeweler


    Sep 25, 2002
    Hello PaveFE, I also lost a young friend. I had know him since his early teens. He was married and had a young son. His name was Major Soomsawasdi. I work for his Step Father. I still cry when I think about him. So sad.


    Aircraft Crash

    The two Combat Controllers TSgt Christopher Matero and TSgt Martin A. Tracy

    from the 123rd Special Tactics Squadron,

    along with another Combat Controller Major Soomsawasdi,

    assigned to SOCSOUTH,

    and seven MC-130H crewmembers perished in an aircraft crash Aug. 2002.

    The mishap occurred just south of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    On Wednesday, 6 August, we lost another Combat talon II.

    The aircraft crashed on a mountain side in Puerto Rico while on a low level training flight.

    Weather conditions were IMC with heavy rain.

    All 10 aboard were killed.

    They were: 15 SOS Maj Michael J. Akos Pilot 15 SOS Capt Christel A. Chavez Co-pilot 15 SOS Maj Gregory W. Fritz Nav 15 SOS Lt Nathanial Buckley EWO 15 SOS TSgt Robert S. Johnson FE 15 SOS SSgt Robert J. McGuire Jr. LM AIA SSgt Shane H. Kimmett DSO SOCSOUTH Capt Panuk P. Soomsawasdi STT Liaison Off Kentucky ANG SSgt Martin Tracy STT Kentucky ANG TSgt Christopher Matero STT Capt Chavez was one of our female pilots.

    Friday, 8 August, 1700, we had a gathering of all the Talon folks, 1 SOS, 7 SOS, 8 SOS, 15 SOS, 711 SOS at Combat Connie's Hooch to show our support to the 15 SOS.

    It was a great turn out and my only comment was that I wished we could get together like this more often but for other reasons.

    A safety investigation board has been formed and the voice recorder has been recovered.

    Written by: Max Friedauer, [email protected]
  15. angelize56

    angelize56 Always remembered in our hearts Thread Starter

    Apr 17, 2002
    Pave and Jeannie: Sorry for your losses. Take care. angel
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