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Tragedies and Fears... Is YOUR plate full?

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by Jonesiegirl, Feb 1, 2003.

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  1. Jonesiegirl

    Jonesiegirl Guest Thread Starter

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm feeling downright overwhelmed with everything that's happening in our world.
    Today we lost another Space Shuttle, a little over a year ago we lost the Twin Towers, and now we face WAR. It's back to back tragedies, which for me, brings forth fear, and devours my usual positive nature. I'm realizing at a rapid pace how hard it is, to live life on lifes terms.
    How do the rest of you feel? What are your coping skills? What does your "heart" feel? Do any of you really see relief in sight?
    *Sigh*... Too many tragedies for this girl... my plate is full. :(
  2. angelize56

    angelize56 Always remembered in our hearts

    Apr 17, 2002
    Kath: I know how you feel. I've been coping...trying to cope with my medical problems...my son being a teenager....a leaky car radiator...dead dryer....losing weight.....nasty neighbors....etc. And then you hear about all the tragedies of the world....and your daughter's death....my friend's son's death...war looming as you said....but I cope best I can! I've learned not to dwell on troubles as much as I used to. I had a friend dragging me down with her gloomy predictions tales from Art Bell and Jack Van Impe...I.ve simply decided to <b>live</b> my life now and not worry so much about the future. I can't control world events so I place my life and my son's life in God's hands and pray. Living in fear is just too unhealthy anymore for me! You get that plate emptied Kath...and I'm here as are others if you need to vent. Take care. angel :)
  3. pyritechips

    pyritechips Gone but Never Forgotten

    Jun 2, 2002
    First Name:
    world tragedies are far easier to deal with than personal ones.

    World tragedies are for the most part on TV and only affect us indirectly. If we get overwhelmed by what we see, we can easily tuirn it off.

    BUt the personal ones are the ones that hurt most and the ones we can't turn off.

    Kath? I love you for your bubbly, outgoing nature, especially in light of your own tragedies and what you have gone through. If you have to, shut off the TV! You're not obliged to watch.

    Go see Luke. Sit with him and think of how incredibly lucky he is to have a fantastic gramma/mom like you. Wow! you are his 2 most favourite people! :) And then think about how lucky you are to have him. Nurse him back to health and keep your chin up! Sunnier days are on the way!
  4. vynsane


    Jan 29, 2003
    i don't know if it helps anyone, but i'm a big believer in balance.... not to sound trite, or anything, but there is a yin and yang.

    if something sucks, something else really good is happening. you just have to look for the good. i've held this belief for the past year and a half or so, and found it's easier and easier to see the balance of good and bad after a while... look for the amount of good that surrounds you and see how it co-relates to the bad. i'll bet it really evens out. after a while of doing so, it becomes easier and easier to see such a balance, so much so that you can see how things could play out into the future!

    of course, that's just my feelings and opinions. they could amount to a hill of beans to you... :D
  5. Jonesiegirl

    Jonesiegirl Guest Thread Starter

    Marlene, thanks for your honesty. I didn't mean to sound like I was on the pity pot, cuz I'm not. It's just that things seem to be spinning out of control in this world. Makes me all nervous 'n stuff ... lol (and I mainly wondered how everyone else copes)... OHhhhhh I know, alla you fools live on tranquilzers! :D

    And Jim...one of my bestest, good buddies, you're right...turn the dang TV off! *mumbles under her breath... "if Icould only turn the mind off" * :)
    LOL now THAT'S funny! :D My little "LukeMaster" is the sunshine in my life... without a doubt... :D

    So how's about the rest of ya? Life is just a bowl of cherries on them thar tranquilizers eh? :) ;) :p
  6. hewee


    Oct 26, 2001

    I stop watching the new on TV and that helps alot. :)

    You can't change all the bad things by hearing about it each day. So why let it worry you. :)
  7. Tuppence2

    Tuppence2 Guest Thread Starter


    It is human nature to worry, but to worry excessively about things you cannot change only bring problems. Try to live life day by day and, as vynsane says, see the good around you, because it is there.

    Best wishes,
  8. bassetman

    bassetman Moderator (deceased) - Gone but never forgotten

    Jun 7, 2001
    Maybe I am on a "personal pity pot", but the economy is killing my business, and I haven't been feeling well and if there's a light at the end of the tunnel it's probably a frieght train heading toward me.
  9. angelize56

    angelize56 Always remembered in our hearts

    Apr 17, 2002
    Awww John...hang in there! Always remember things could be worse! Take care. angel :)
  10. Jonesiegirl

    Jonesiegirl Guest Thread Starter

    John... I know exactly how you feel. I'm not a business owner, but as I stated, just living life on lifes terms is a booger. The rough part of it is that those "on high" are creating our reality for us... that's where my fear comes in. I'm a single woman, with a young grandson to care for. Not having a man to "lean on", intensifies the feelings. LOL but then again, maybe that's a false sense of security! :D (Don't get all froggy guys, it was a JOKE! :))
    As MadDogMugsy said in her thread, she's scared as well. I'm not DWELLING on it, by any stretch of the imagination, but it does need to be thought about...or live in denial. Just my thoughts...
  11. ComputerFix


    May 26, 2002
    I personally just take it in stride, so to speak. Certainly things are not as "happy go lucky" for me and my mind as they were a year and a half ago, between my own personal life and the world around me, but sometimes I need to check myself and realize that there is only so much that I can do anything about.

    I understand what your saying Jonsie, you can turn off the tv, but the brain keeps humming.

    I don't go for the "denial", so to speak, but I do try to keep a perspective about what I need to be focusing my brain on. I try to stay aware of the world, but there are far closer things that I need to keep a focus on.
  12. eggplant43

    eggplant43 A True Heart and Soul - Gone But Never Forgotten

    Mar 10, 2001

    This is a great power in my life. It is my foundation, my safe place, my haven.

    I realized at a fairly early age that worry solved no problems, it only created more. So I never worry.

    I'm in the process of losing my business, and home after 24 years of success due to the local economy and I'm OK with it. I've not done drugs, alcohol, fooled around, and always been willing to work and serve others whenever they needed me, so I don't feel I have anything to be ashamed of. My perspective is that first, I have my health, second I have someone in my life whom I love dearly, and she loves me in return. For me, everything else is gravy.

    I believe your perspective has a great deal of impact on your life. I work on being the best me I can every day. I work on touching someone's life in a meaningful way each day. I work on learning something new each day.

    TSG has become an important part of my life each day. I enjoy jousting with Moldy, learn lots, and have made many friendships here. This is a place that people are willing to open up to each other, reach out and share their love. It means the world to me to have such a place to come learn, play, and yes, even be foolish sometimes.

    So in conclusion, how do I cope. I stay connected, I stay involved, and I put as much positive into my life as I possibly can. Bad things happen, they always have, and they always will. It is how we react to them that really counts IMHO.
  13. Jonesiegirl

    Jonesiegirl Guest Thread Starter

    Bruce... thank you for the wonderful words of inspiration. You indeed, are a mentor. I look up to you. :)
    I'm truly sorry to hear this. Yet you lift my spirits with the word "OK"... simply amazing.
    You couldn't be more correct, Bruce. I've always tried to maintain a sense of "response" instead of "reaction"... hopefully, I can continue in that mindset as we face the future.

  14. eggplant43

    eggplant43 A True Heart and Soul - Gone But Never Forgotten

    Mar 10, 2001
    You are a dear, and together we'll all move forward:)
  15. GreenIs


    Feb 17, 2001
    Ok everyone....
    take your left arm and wrap it around your body...(leave it there)
    now take your right arm and wrap it around the other side of your body (also leave it there)
    Now hold yourself as hard as you can...

    That's me giving you a big hug.

    Hope that helps a bit.:)

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