Weird wireless internet activity. Any help?

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Nov 16, 2011
Sup forum?
Decided to come here before I decide to reformat and be left in the lurch and basically updateless.

Backstory: OK so the household has never had 'decent' internet as such and it has always been quite slow because of where we are, old house, etc etc.
We must be on some sort of low band 'talktalk' internet which has to be 3mb or 4mb at the most 5mb, nothing major. It is forever lagging out often reconnecting seconds later or there has been problems with our regional providing tower which means we've been out of internet due to technical problems or weather tests have resulted in around the 4.5mb on a good day and that's if noones using except on person. When everyone is using it its considerably slower because of the obvious bandwidth consumption.

So lately, and realising the problem it must be for a good 3-4 months now, things have been becoming a bit temperamental to do with the internet connectivity from the wireless router to my laptop. But it was only little things so I just assumed it was bandwidth or our provider had done something etc.

Well anyway, things like messengers started signing themselves out and then back in again, often lagging out before it happens meaning I don't get what people have said or messages haven't been sent. This happens mostly for Live Messenger and Skype. Only Skype now because I no longer use Live Messenger and for ever have to appear offline to save them from me constantly logging in and out. T*rr3nts work fine, and seem to be the most unaffected in this whole thing, I'm not entirely sure why, maybe you do?

However browsers, and page loading, downloading through browsers as of last friday seem to have added to the general internet problem. Pages don't load properly or fully, pictures and gifs half load, or don't load at all, downloading through chrome or explorer seem to load gracefully for about 7 seconds then just seem to stop dead. Firefox has been my own means of downloading anything because its downloader popout allows me to pause the download and some how...'jumpstart' it which happens and eventually after many stops and restarts the download finishes. tests don't even load anymore, only firefox managed one and the went up to 1.5 then slowly made its way down to 0.10 without even finishing :/.

I've recently used T*rr3ts over the weekend to test the general connection of the internet and it downloaded at the usual constant rate of about 300-450kb/s which is I'm kinda stumped, I cannot seem to work out what is making my browsers so very bad at downloading or anything. Other things that seem to download as normal other than T*rr3nts, or have just been taking their time between ups and downs are: my virus software updates, malwarebytes updater, and possibly windows update too.

SO my techy friend told me to do a latency test, you know the whole cmd 'ping' business. And it seemed to work out that my mins and maxs could rate from 45, 46 to 45, 160, which apparently is extremely bad. All the time getting no packets lost though. Just did a test now as I write this and I just got 44 and 188.

SO what I've done so far:

  • reset the router, many times. unplugged everything and plugged everything back
  • I've got a Dell so I've ran and internet connectivity test with dell support suite and it pass all.
  • disabled and enabled my wireless adapted, even unistalled it and reinstalled the driver and everything
  • used any helpful clean up tools to sort anything else out.

Nutshell: Everything works perfectly: router, my adapter still downloads at the normal optimal speed, but for some reason the internet through browsers seems to be almost pathetic and unable to cope.

So yeah, what's actually wrong and do I need a new wireless adapter installed?

Laptop specs:

Dell 1558
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i7 CPU M 620 @ 2.67ghz, 4.0GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5470

Wireless adapters:
Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN
Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
"" "" "" "" "" #2
Realtek PCIe GBE family controller (not sure if this is used for anything lol)

Any response appreciated.

Feb 13, 2005

Have you tried connecting to another internet connection, maybe at work? (Free networks like Mcdonalds are slow)

If other connections are fine, then obviously your laptop is fine (which BTW looks like you have a nice piece of hardware!)... it is possible though you need to reinstall Windows. Most likely your router is rough, unless if you've tested that on another connection.

Try to pin point the problem to something hardware related, because most likely, it is not the internet connection itself. 4.5megabits/s from is actually a very good number and you should have zero problem streaming 1080p and playing Xbox live or something at the same time. If your connection had issues, most likely you wouldn't be getting 4.5mbps either.

If you need to reinstall Windows for another reason too, it doesn't hurt to do it. Sometimes when retail laptops, especially HP's and Dells, are bought with the Os installed, they come with allot of undesirable junk. Be sure to back everything up to at least two devices (i.e. everything to an external hard drive, and to another hard drive or flash drive). If you've never done it before, I would get help from your friend, because it is tricker to do with a retail laptop.

Good luck.


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Nov 16, 2011
Thanks for the comment Frank! Greatly Appreciated.

I know what you're saying about reinstalling but I was hoping it wouldn't come to that because I really cannot be f*cked right now. Lets hope its not the case!

Sadly there is no other connection I can openly hop onto right this second but I can look about sorting that out by going round someones house at some point.

I've never doubted the connection or anything, even though what the the provider says we should be getting is never the case in what you're actually getting (infrastructure in the UK is a bit worse for wear) So lets say we only have a 3-4mb ADSL line, I don't think we've ever downloaded anything that's got up to at least 1mb/s download, it must just be how we get it. The house is old, has thick old walls etc, not sure how old the line outside is. BUT for what we DO get it has been fine, up until now. I was on Virgin media in the centre of town and that was a 10mb cable line, and I only managed to get up to 1.2mb/s in downloading a movie through t*rr3nts.

I just really don't understand how downloading a movie(with decent p33rs, etc) can still manage to get a constant speed(no drops or anything, any changes would be within the p33r system) of up to 450kb/s which is the highest we ever get in downloading anything. But then when I use a browser I can't even download a 500kb extension for a browser because it times out too quickly. Surely that would rule out my in-built wireless adapter shouldn't it? it's so confusing. Its like does it work properly or doesn't it?!

An update about Chrome, recent outbreaks of chrome being a bit temperamental are apparently many, many are saying it doesn't load pages, they get time out errors or page not responding, so for that it probablycould be down to google. BUT as of now I've moved back over to Firefox and it still struggles with first time page loads, general file downloading and media as they both time out in mid way.

I did latency tests on my brothers desktop: its connected directly through the ethernet and that got relatively decent numbers, At least close to each other in the 45, 46 area.

My dad's laptop was pretty much the same thing. No outrageous gap between numbers and he's on wireless the same as I am. Not sure of the brand or hardware though.

I've got an external harddrive so I can bung anything on there and yeah I've done reformats before and I've got all the discs and drivers from when I first bought the laptop, and yes it's quite the beast!
One of my other techy friends said that internal hardware(even if taken care of, I have bought a laptop cooler so it's never usually that hot)can wear and overtime become less durable and maybe overheat. and as of right now I'm going to believe there's something going down with my inbuilt wireless adapter.

I'll leave this open to a few more replies before I go through the long process of reformat.

Thanks very much frank!

ps. if you want screen shots of anything let me know. I'll show you all the tests it passes and all that jazz. as that's another thing that makes it contradictory to think its the inbuilt wireless adapter ¬_¬.


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Nov 16, 2011
Also an update on my lovely Latency from
min: 50
max: 218
No packets lost.
no time outs.

that's even worse O_O
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