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Aug 8, 2008
I haven't seen them yet.
It's like the real thing on Sundays. When I first saw the race i thought it was real. Each racer has the VR/sim looking gaming setup at the house or their race head quarters. Pretty freaking cool if you ask me. Funny thing is, i know it's not real and looks real.....I watched the whole race to see who won. The new kid William Byron in the 24 car has won back to back.


Aug 20, 2000
I'll swear it's occasionally gotten to point where no TV is good TV.

Has nothing to do with the state of quarantine per se, sorta been a hermity homebody for a while... there are times I don't even like my favorite shows/movies, and nothing new interests me.

Sometimes you gotta do something 'analog' to regain perspective, eshew the boob tube, avoid the computer, (and I would guess, not having a smart phone myself,) turn that off for a while.
That last part might seem torture to some folks... but I just :rolleyes: at that.

Having said that, sitting outside and puttering abound the deck a bit, was ok...used to know every bird song out there... became aware of all the stuff around here that should/needs be done.

Briefly, sincerely vowed I'd start tomorrow.
But it won't last long til TV's warm glowing glow sucks me back into something
I find amusing, informative, or boring.
I think I would have been a failure as a solitary monk living on high mountain without speaking.
Just gotten into an argument with my own thoughts.

But anyway, I put some stuff on DVR for later.


Aug 20, 2000
Earlier today made a mug of hot cocoa, some cinnamon toast, settled in for an enjoyable watching of The Wizard of Oz....

'cause you know - these days, there's no place like home...


Mar 9, 2009
What do you think about the VR races they have on Sundays now?
I never watched them either. I don't need to watch people playing games on my TV.
Glad to see them back again! And Harvick won the first race in the new "normal"! Hopefully again tomorrow night.


Jul 8, 2003
Watched Jesus Christ Superstar on a PBS Masterpiece Concert today and wow. Really dynamic.. (y)


Aug 20, 2000
'Tis the season, and just the way things are, for reruns.
I watch movies on TV I already own on DVD.
I see stuff listed on the cable guide listed as "New" when in fact they are not...it's just that they are being broadcast on a new channel number when it's merely a channel switch, because, take say Discovery and AMC for example, are in a "family" of networks....different call letters and channel 47 hasn't broadcast the same stuff that was on channel 83 last year.
Though they're both owned by the same parent company.
So something advertised as a "Network Premiere" simply means you've seen it before on channel 83 - but not on Channel 47... so it's NEW.

Also I have a suspicion that some "new" offerings are but stuff that was made earlier but got shelved for whatever reason, never aired in a timely fashion.
But now being exhumed from the archives, because why not?
Something different.

So having said that, there are some reruns that remain classic, everyone has their favorites.
There's lottsa stuff you folks have mentioned I haven't seen, and it's my bad I don't endeavor to expand my horizons.
Oh, sometimes I watch my favorite things but tend to wax cynical about them, make fun of it, criticize plot holes too much, wonder why I even thought I liked it... and do so out loud.
Sort of like being in my own personal Mystery Science Theater 3000 --- without the benefit of watching it along with like-minded friends... all loving it, but without the banter and wit that my buddies would provide.

Aww, sorry folks.... yes well, perhaps this should've gone to the Firepit, or some other rambling thread.
Too much TV is bad for you, they say.
Well, sure.
But if I watch to excess, there's only one person to blame.

That would be @2twenty2 :love:🆒:ROFLMAO:

No buddy, you apparently have an extensive and enviable collection of media that I wish we all had access to!
The difference in owning all that stuff and watching whatever one thinks is the right thing on TV is that the TV chooses for you...sometimes I'm just too damn lazy to realize to swap DVDs would be almost as easy as taking a sleeping pill ;)

But to end this excess of wordy thoughts, I did like the very short series on BBC America called "Quiz."
True-ish story about the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" scandal in the UK.
Just three episodes.
I liked it.

Later tonight will DVR The Big Lebowski which I had on DVD, but lent it to some person who was fond of White Russians apparently, for I never got it back. :sheesh:

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