Whats typical 98se rate of crashes ?

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Nov 25, 2000

Whats the norm with crashes on 98se ?
I'm getting just over one per day,
i feel this is a bit high ... is it ?
or is it normal ?

John :)



Aug 1, 2002

Do you mean the illustrious Blue Screens ? I used to get them quite often on my first machine (450Mhz AMD with 64mb Ram.) Trying to load games, even websites with rich graphics were enough to cause it to keel over :eek:

Incidentally you might check the Ram count in your 'sig - if correct ... there's your answer. :D

Have a good weekend.

Jul 5, 2003
I used to run 95, 98 and 98SE for months without a crash. If you know what you're doing then once a day is not normal.
Aug 30, 2003
Is there a particular program that crashes it ?
I agree with greengeek, I can run for months without a crash, usually mine will start crashing when I have installed new drivers/progs etc that create a conflict somewhere.

Mar 9, 2003
By "Crash" do you mean a minor blue screen once in awhile or a major crash that corrupts files and FAT?

For me, major would be one every 12 to 15 months.
Minor BSOD's, one every two or three weeks
Aug 9, 2001
I've used 98SE (Ver. 4.10.2222A; no upgrades) with this computer (1GHz. Athlon; 256 Mb RAM) about 2 years now.

As far as Blue screens, one might not happen for over a month, then it might happen 2 or 3 times within a week, then go another month or so without Blue Screening.
Oddly enough, the last Blue Screen that occured was while I was reading a post here on TSG about 3 days ago.
Apr 26, 2003
It's been so long since I had a "crash" of any kind on my system, I can't recall when it was. The secret (in my opinion) is to keep the OS clean. I have a dedicated 2.5 Gb partition for my OS and that's all that's on it. Files and programs are on a separate partition. I run routine maintenance regularly with NSW and use jv16 and/or RegSeeker to keep the Registry running efficiant. Also run Spybot about twice a month and full system virus scan monthly.

It probably helps that I minimize my startup programs so as to keep my system resources above 75% most of the time. If resorces get below about 40% or so I reboot. Plenty of RAM is also a major factor. :cool:

One other little thing I personally believe to be a significant factor. I run GoBack enabled full time. Whenever I get some kind of quirky behavior for whatever reason, I revert the drive to some point before that behavior happened. This has saved my sorry butt so many times I stopped counting. Certainly, this is very subjective, but I think it contributes to keeping my system tuned up when applied prudently. (y) :cool:
Sep 17, 2003
I'd check my startup programs. Sounds like something is eating up system resourses. 64mb ram is not alot, so the fewer programs you have running at startup the better.
Feb 8, 2003
This may be a stupid question, but........I've always wanted to hear this from a reliable source..

What are the programs that HAVE to run on start-up and what's the best way to re-set them?

I too have a few problems with blue screens....192 RAM, 333MHz, P2, Win98Se

Jun 14, 2002
This is what I have running. I can't get rid of ensoniqmixer or powerreg scheduler. Tclockex and eppiedesktop are my choice. In other words I run my anti-virus, firewall, scanreg and system tray.



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Nov 25, 2000
Hi Richard,
yes, i wondered about the ram, i would like to increase it
anyway. I realise that a smaller ram means more shuffling in
and out to the hard drive for virtual memory, and therefore
will slow the machine down appreciably. But i didn't think
that it would necessarily lead to more blue screen crashes.
I see that you say you were also using an AMD with 64mb ram
and you had blue screens regularly, as i am.
Did you find that increasing the ram made a difference, or
did you get a different machine ?
BTW ... i see your name is Richard, i thought that RSM was a
military reference, is it your initials maybe ?

Hi greengeek,
well, i'm no genius, but i ran 95b for a long time before
getting this 98se machine and blue screens were a rarity.
As you say, months without a crash. And that old 486 only
has 20mb of ram, its still available now, i use it sometimes
for the fax facility. Yes i know you can put that into 98
but i haven't been able to yet! its harder than it looks.
Yes, i thought over once a day is a bit more than normal.

Hi Evileye,
A particular program? no but its usually when i'm on line,
not always but usually. No new stuff. Its always been like
this. I am wondering if i just have a set-up of parts that
don't marry up very well, maybe this combination is sadly
liable to more crashes.

Hi NiteHawk,
by crash i mean the blue s.o.d. which is what i'm getting
almost daily, twice or three times some days, though i do go
without for a day occasionally. I have only had one disaster
crash that involved a re-install on this machine, that was
from using a bad Office2000 disk, I have Office2000 on this,
and for some reason it wanted to get something from the CD,
but the CD seems to have got itself an injury. A little bit
has got damaged, right in the middle. The PC did say 'not
reading' or some such message, but instead of checking out
the CD visually, i just clicked 'go ahead anyway' and that led
to an un-recoverable crash. I take it that would be what you
mean by 'major'. If i could get 'minor' down to every two
or three weeks, i would be happy.

Hi Gary R,
from what you say about your blue screens, thats about what
i would expect.

Hi raybro,
Your post came in as i was typing this, i'm not a fast typist!
I read with interest your description of GoBack, a haven't
heard about that before, also this business of running the OS
on a separate partition is something i have heard about. That
might be something i should look into. I see you are using
IE 5.5 So am i, 5.5 SP2 with four Q patches (well i think thats
the patches) Q328389, Q323759, Q313829, Q810847.
Yes, i do run spider, check with spybot occasionally, and keep
my temps down. And i do regular virus checks (trend on line),
and any odd (or quirky) behaviour has me SAVING and CLOSING stuff
like a busy-bee!! yes, i have minimum startups, but i include
the Rsrcmtr (Resource Meter) as this will indicate by flashing
blue when ones system resources are stretched. It has done so
for me many times, and i have shut things down.
You are the second person to say that lack of ram can be a
factor. So it looks like i will be getting more ram for this

A Few More PC Details:

The case is the upright type, often called a tower, power
supply is an ADT switching type Model ADT 2018, +5v @ 15A,
+12v @ 8A, -5v @ 0.5A, -12v @ 0.8A, +3.3v @ 8A, (+5v VSB @ 0.8A)

The Motherboard is: GA. INC. ALADDIN5 VER:1.0 with 100Mc/s bus,
the processor is a "300 megahertz AMD K6-2 w/3DNow!" with a 16
kilobyte primary memory cache.
The HD is 10gigs, of which 6gigs is free, (Model ?) ST310211A
The monitor is a Dell model: Vi 1428EBP (normal 14 inch monitor)
The keyboard is a BTC model: 51235 (normal looking Windows
keyboard, with 'windows' keys and 'moon' key on it.)
The OS is Win98se 4.10.2222A (no complaints in Device Manager)

Thanks for all your advice so far, got some stuff to think on.

John :)


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Nov 25, 2000
Hi Pumptech,
yes, i do keep my startups to a minimum, and i do intend to
get some more ram. This seems to be well recommended.
Although i can see it would help with operating speed, i
don't really see why it should affect blue screen crashes.

Hi ChfTx,
I think all you need to start with is Explorer and Systray.
But thats a bit bare.
To set them, start, run, msconfig, ok

Hi brindle,
yes i have 'scheduler' popping up every so often to annoy me,
i must look at how to get rid of that!

Cheers, John :)
Aug 1, 2002

Thanks for the feedback - regarding my experience with Blue Screens , just to give you an example : When trying to run two games - One a Soccer Sim and the other a War Game .... I loaded them and they would start to run bujt within a mere few mins I would get the BSOD or Crash To Desktop, even having shut down all other apps that were running made no appreciable difference. I think I read that Win 98 needs a minimum of 32mb to run - therefore if I ran a game that needed more than that, they would fall over each other. Presumably even the Page File could not cope with the demands placed upon the PC.

Also as mentioned the same thing happened on occasion while surfing - if I went to a website with high res graphics, my OS, my ISP software, etc would end up vying to use the Ram and I would get yet another Blue Screen.

As I understand it from BT Openworld the min spec PC they cite as required to use Broadband is a 300 Mhz based system with 128mb RAM. I think though on dialup with 128 mb you should be ok.

Now I'm on an Athlon 2600 with 512mb DDRam and running XP - so no such probs anymore (touch wood.)

As regards my Username - yes they are initials but my father and uncles were all Warrant Officers in H M Forces (equiv. of Regimental Sergeant Major - so it was a family joke.) :)

At my expense of course :D
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