Which is better, World of Warcraft or Guild Wars

Which is better, WoW or GW?

  • WoW

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • GW

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • Neither, they're both brilliant

    Votes: 2 18.2%

  • Total voters
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Jun 14, 2004
I'm a big fan of RPG, especially the new crop this year featuring the two big hitters; World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. Having waiting for WoW to come out for the best part of 3 years (in 2002 Blizzard advertised a realease date of March 2003 believe it or not,) I had one on preorder and was playing the minute it was released. 5 months down the line and I'm still lovin it, but being an RPG fan to the core, I couldn't ignore the surrounding hype about Guild Wars. Plus nobody seemed to really give a convincing case for which one was better. So I decided to find out for myself. My findings so far are very much biased in WoW's favour in terms of time played; I've been playing WoW for 5 months and Guild Wars for 3 weeks, so I'm sure there's a whole heap of stuff in GW that I'm yet to find and be impressed with.

My initial findings however are that in short, one isn't better than the other. Despite being essentially very similar due to being the same genre, they do actually have a very different look & feel, and there are some significant points that do make one stand out from the other, but on the whole I really can't separate them in terms of game build, quality and experience.

Here are some pros that do spring to mind though:

Best bits about WoW:
1. the 'toon' feel. Although some ppl diss this but it means that virtually anyone with anything greater than a P1 pc can play it, and I just like the look and feel of it, it feels like you're living in a cartoon world.
2. Free range. Your personal safety is entirely in your own hands, you can jump off cliffs (and usually die unless u hit water) and pretty much go wherever your feet (or mount) can carry you. Also the other advantage is that everywhere isn't an 'instance'. You are constantly running into other ppl doing their own quests rather than always running round on your own. This can often lead to impromptu assistance, even from opposing faction; on many more than one occasion I've been in a situation where a horde group were questing in the same area, and without communicating a temporary alliance we've helped each other by targeting the same mobs.
3. Auction House. I could harp on all day about how invaluable this is. No longer do you have to play all day every day, OR have a massive guild of people to help you to own and use decent gear, you can just buy it. This one point alone could actually put WoW in a different league than GW
4. in-world mailing system. Another major benefit; remember the old Diablo2 days when you had to get a friend to help you 'mule' items and what a major pain it was if none of your friends were around? No longer, create as many characters as you like, and just mail stuff to your alts. simple but brilliant
5. Professions. I don't mean character class which GW seems to have confused, I mean Blacksmithing, alchemy, tailoring, etc. How many hours do you spend collecting materials and making items according to your profession, and even selling them for profit. again, brilliant.

Best bits about GW (feel free to add)
1. The graphics. man they are good. I presume the minimum pc specs increase over WoW as a result, but it is beautiful, no mistake.
2. The map. Mobs appear on the map all the time instead of being mobbed by surprise. And the ability to just instantly port to an already-visited area to save you hours of running round. Excellent.
3. Non-soulbound items. Unless you want to for the extra attribs. After using an item you can sell it, give it away, mule it, s'up to you. That soulbound attribute of anything decent in WoW is a major headache. An expensive headache.
4. Lots of 'shiny' right from the start. Nice equipment, that glows without having to wait 20 levels or spend rediculous amounts of gold on having something enchanted to get it to glow. Nice visuals from the start, lovely.
5. Necromancer. My favourite. Raising the dead and just looking like a generally bad ***. I was gutted when there wasn't one in WoW.
6. 2nd profession (sic: read char class). Add healing skills, or fighting, or elementals, to your core character class, and equip which skills you want in ur slots depending on the situation you're facing. Brilliant.
7. no monthly subscription.

The downside of playing both of them is that whenever someone 'whispers' you in GW, you instantly press 'R' to reply, and promply run into a wall. In WoW you find yourself tutting at the lack of useful functions of the map, and in GW you feel claustrophobic every time you run into an invisible wall that stops you falling off the edge of a cliff.

Feel free to add any major pros/cons you think I've missed off But the bottom line for for me is that I love them both. It's been a long time in coming but fully immersive, exceptional quality MMORPG is now well and truly here. And as an added bonus you even have a choice.
Aug 10, 2004
I have played both and here are my pros and cons...


Very open game play allowing players to go anywhere
Ability to solo the entire game if needed up to 60
Questing is optional
the AH

the biggest one i can think of is the unbalanced classes within the game
Updates require server downtime


Unique gameplay allowing players to teleport to cities already visted
Double class ability allowing to have a warrior and a monk
Based on PvP (if you like it, if not then this is a con)
Quests that allow no Kills Stealing
Updates happen as you play

Very restricted Gameplay, you MUST go the way they want you to eventually
Inability to solo anything, as a necromancer you are not very wanted in groups, and
need groups to play this game....this is GWs biggest downfall
Max level of 20
Forced quests
The game is not so massivly multiplayer if only your group can go through it
Jan 17, 2005
I played the open beta for GW a few times, really liked the game, but never bought it. The gameplay was great, but there was really no ability to be able to go out on your own and explore.

I still recommend Guild Wars to any RPG fan. The level 20 limit will disappear when new expansion packs are released, so that is not the highest your character can go for the entire game of GW.
Jul 19, 2004
GW is very Player vs Player, and i also don't find it as good as WoW, though WoW was just too expensive $50 for the game and $14 a month after that i can't handle. GW is a one time payment.

Tho you will more than likely find me playing Runescape :D I'm a member and will stay that way, i move around from computer to computer and thats the only browser mmorpg that i like or can play @ my friends.
Jun 22, 2003
Guildwars will release new areas which cost money to access. So they still get more money out of you when your bored or need to go there.

My friend just quit WoW, one reason because alot of mobs come and gangbang you you death, and when you go back to your body to resurect, they kill you again. And he has all 40+ levels, which gets boring.


Thread Starter
Jun 14, 2004
....sorry, we obviously have a culturally different meaning on the word 'gangbang' ;)
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