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Why are some people so pissy sometimes?

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by Jeckler, Nov 15, 2001.

  1. Jeckler

    Jeckler Thread Starter

    Jun 1, 2001
    Let the flaming begin!
    I've been reading more and more lately people's posts, and replies having major attitude problems. Also some replies kinda go left of center in regards what the original question is. One that is fresh in my mind is someone wanted to know the code used in a webpage that automatically changed a homepage, even though his security doesn't allow the user to accomplish the task themselves (50334). The first reply was from RK, who told him how to change it, but didn't (IMO) answer the question. The original poster didn't think so either.
    There's more, one I participated in was about sending mail in OE6 (58418). The original poster couldn't send, other people tried to help, he got snippy, I tried to help, he came back with others have tried, don't bother (??). I tried, didn't get anywhere. The guy seems to think it can't be his PC, but maybe another email program will work. Sometimes I wonder why people ask questions if they're not willing to try suggestions.
    Just thought I'd vent, and ask everyone to think before replying. I know everyone can read, but try to also understand. I use it on my work partner all the time, he's real bad. He'll hear what someone is saying, but he doesn't *listen*, if ya know what I mean.
    Just rambling, carry on.
  2. MacFromOK


    Mar 18, 2001
    Here's my opinion... :)

    It's sort of a "kill the messenger" mentality. Some
    folks ask a question (maybe to prove they're right
    to a boss, co-worker?), and if they don't get the
    answer they want.... Well, things are just never
    their fault, their system is always perfect, etc...

    Cheers, Mac
  3. columbo


    Sep 10, 2001
    Hey, :)

    Just to throw in my two cents,....I think that a lot of the people who come here, and react the way that you described above, are simply intimidated when it comes to computers. These people become really defensive and rude, because they don't like the idea of not knowing everything there is to know. Anybody who's ever worked in a technical service position will testify to that.
    For all we know, your suggestions might've helped this guy and he just didn't want to admit it.
    Some people are just a-holes.
  4. Molder

    Molder Account Disabled

    Nov 15, 2001
    Jeckler, because of qusetions like these.
  5. Davey7549


    Feb 28, 2001
    Oh am I happy this Molder person who ever they were is out of here!

    Let me preface (free tech work)!
    Tech work is allot like cold sales work. Most people know they need what you are offering but have a problem when they did not figure that themselves. So don't take anyones crude comments or attitudes to heart if your heart is true to what you are doing.
  6. deuce


    May 26, 2001
    Yeah, I'm glad we have our great moderators to keep those fools out of our community. Sorry to break the discussion here, but who the hell does that guy think he is? I searched for all of his 8 posts and they were all posted between 20 min in this board, and they are all pretty bad. Apparently he wasn't here to get help with his computer problems. Anywho... sorry to interrupt. :)

    (Now that I got that out of the way)... yes, I have also noticed a lot of posts like that. Actually, now that I think of it, I have gotten quite a few of replies like that. (and I think this Molder guy fits under that too, alittle) Now I realize that sometimes computers can get frustrating, but that doesn't give people the right to snap (ehum... bit the hand that feeds them) at those who give up their time to help these people. We are only trying to help in any way possible, resulting in a "community effort" that eventually gets the job done as quickly as possible, as computers never really act under certain set behavior rules and so we can't fix all the problems just on our own, nor fix them so quickly. If these people were to go pay some phone tech support $20 a pop and they acted like they sometimes do here, the phone tech would probably just hang up the phone, and now they guy just lost his $20.

    Ok well, most of the time I just ignore it and go on with my business, but I also wanted to vent. (on more then one thing apparently)
  7. Int13


    Jul 13, 2001
  8. Dark Star

    Dark Star

    Jun 8, 2001

    I see that you've not been here very long so on behalf of my fellow members and myself....... Welcome to TSG.
    You may not be aware of this yet but you have arrived at the best help site in the world, second to none.

    You will find everyone here to be most helpful, yes we have our occasional a**holes but we get them out of here in short order.
    More likely than not someone else here is banging away on their keyboard at this same time in an effort to do the same thing that I am doing.........helping you to understand.

    There is talent here beyond your imagination, few if any come here with a concern or a problem that cannot be solved. The beauty of it is we are all eager to help and we receive nothing for our efforts other than the gratification that we were able to help out someone in need, many times they forget to say thank you most of the time they do and either way we are collectively happy to have been of help.

    You will not find anyone here who will boast or make a point of showing off their PC talents we work here together for the common cause of helping someone out who is in need. Many times these problems are quite simple and other times they involve multi page replies, we have no quitters here only people with a desire to help.

    Because many of us are here daily we've gotten to know one another therefore we look at this membership as a family, in "Randoms" we often argue just like brothers and sisters and if it gets really bad another one of us will often times step in and tell us to "cool it" in time we do and we wind up making up after thinking it over a few days.

    The Mods are great, very knowledgeable and very fair.......Yes even Mulder is a nice guy (I can't believe I just said that. lol) we'll he is and he is a Mod and we let him have the last word.......We've never told him that we take a collective vote via PMs before we let him, but we do. He has an ego and we like to protect it as much as we can, he does after all put up with quite a bit of horseplaying around from us.

    Last week I was going out of town and had shutdown my pc loaded my car up and was ready to leave when I remembered that I was leaving a couple of people I'd been working with with problems yet unsolved.....I came back into the house, grabbed a soda fired up the PC came back in here and looked to see who was in here found eddie5659 and PMd him the links to the threads and asked him to please see to it that these people received continued help........When I returned the problems were solved. That gives me a good feeling that is hard to explain.

    I type quite slow like maybe 25 WPM with a good tail wind so you've probably gotten a reply by now.......If you are sincere in wanting to understand then this should help a little bit, if you want to further understand then feel free to hang out here with us whenever you like, I assure you you've got much more to gain here than you do to loose.

  9. RandyG


    Jun 26, 2000
    I don't think anyone could put it `quite as well as DS has.

    Welcome to a place that has attracted people who need help, and retained them because they saw the benefits of this site. We have our share of ego's, but they are harmless ones, and never ones that say "I know more than you"

    Welcome if you are here to help, or in need of help, but please don't stay long if you intend on being offensive!;)

    That's my job, and Mulder's!:D
  10. anglin_fool


    Oct 1, 2001
    As an answer to your reply:

    I came here to get help on a hardware problem. It took two weeks to work on this problem because the owner of the computer was always away and I didn't have a chance to work on it every day. These "<B>caring giving people</B>" helped me figure out what to do.

    Because of this help, I come back regularly to see what is going on and add my two cents when I feel it is appropriate. <B>THIS IS A FORUM ! !</B> That is what people do! Now get off your high horse or don't visit anymore!

    <FONT SIZE="1" COLOR="black"> my two cents.</FONT>
  11. debbie sparks

    debbie sparks

    Nov 26, 2001
    hey guys,
    wow gripesRus.i totally agree wit most of you
    i am new to this site and you have all been very helpful
    i am always open to suggestions because i dont know everything.
    it doesnt matter how knowlegable you are on computers,you can still learn something new everyday.keep up the good work for people like me who need help quite alot where pcs are concerned.
    great site.
    thanks debs
  12. eddie5659

    eddie5659 Moderator Malware Specialist

    Mar 19, 2001

    Just thought I'd pop in also. Don't normally hang out here but after posting a thread here, I'm here everyday.

    I first came here from another place. I used to frequent the newsgroups and one day, someone posted this link. I went along and have hardly been out of here. I also go to other forums on the web, but this place is home.

    Most people here help as best as they can. There is not a single person that know everything about PC's, or there would be this:

    Q help, I have blah, blah
    A Answer

    The threads would be nice and short, but as Dark Star says, some do get rather long. They're the ones that I seem to always get stuck in. We all learn as we go along, even the Mods.

    The Mods are nice guys, approachable, etc. as well as Techguy himself.

    We have our own little niches here and being from across the pond, the time differences can be a pain to me. I may start answering in a thread, have to go to bed, then the next day find out its been completed. Oh, well, one less in the email :p

    Blimey, that was long for me.

  13. eggplant43

    eggplant43 A True Heart and Soul - Gone But Never Forgotten

    Mar 10, 2001
    The first answer I'd give is human nature. Some people simply don't get it, and others simply don't care. Fortunately, in this forum they are a distinct minority of the posters.

    I first came here after seeing a link to this forum in a Yahoo! Computer Support Club. I was immediately impressed, and started posting back in March. Then my computer crashed, and I became very busy at work, so I stayed away for about 6 months but never forgot. I've been back for about a month, and enjoy TSG everyday.

    The reasons that I post in a Tech Support forum are:

    A) I started to use a PC for the first time about 3-1/2 years ago. There was a learning curve involved that was quite steep for me. I tried doing, reading, talking with tech support, and asking geeks. After about 18 months I felt like I knew a bit. Then I found a computer support club and posted a question about Defragmenting problems. My answer was swift, helpful, clear and friendly. I was very happy with the process. During the next 6 months, I learned more than I had in the previous 18 months through a combination of reading posts, and answering posts after figuring out the answers for myself. I kind of specialized in welcoming newbies, and making sure they had a good first experience.

    B) Payback. Total strangers willingly helped me out whenerver I asked. So therefore, I now return the favor.

    C) I am a curious person, and I learn here everyday.

    D) Community. We all need to belong to affinity groups, and since I'm into PC's, and the PC experience, I like to hang out with those that feel the same. If you've ever told someone something neat about computers, and they rolled their eyes, you know what I mean.

    E) When I first got online I was appalled at the way people treated each other in chat, and in many posts. It was if the anonymity allowed everybody to be a jerk. I went to senior citizens sites to try to find courtesy, and was disappointed there as well. When I found this Forum I knew I'd found the real thing. By and large, people here treat each other with dignity, respect, and good natured ribbing. That is the way I conduct my life offline, and therefore, the way I wish to condiuct my life online.

    Bottom line, a very decent, caring, knowledgeable group of people have gathered here, and I'm glad to be a part of the process.
  14. Int13


    Jul 13, 2001
    Thanks for the feedback everyone !
  15. AZ

    AZ Guest

    I'm always too late!


    (<i>Probably a good thing though, cause "I got no Tact</i>").

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