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Feb 24, 2002
While I have a lot of experince with Windows98 and building tons of systems and such... my primary business nowadays is not system builds. Usually sell low end name brands or build rare high dollor custom systems. Networking, repairs and websites.

I'm not a support of WindowsXP (or M$ XP anything), not because of "piracy" which Activation doesn't prevent - it's about control and privacy... their move towards moving us into a SUBSCRIPTION system with their operating system.

So I've been forced to mess with XP and have been learning about it... Do I trust it now? NO. The tools I need are still not avaialble for Linux (I have built Linux servers and would not run my business on a M$ Server platform, even if it was FREE - Ford Motor Company is moving to Linux)... the desktop is the last battle front that to hurt M$... yep, only a few applications from Adobe, Macromedia and perhaps games is keeping Linux from flooding M$'s domain.

Anyways... this post is for those who are still using Windows98 vs using WindowsXP.

This was going to happen, as time continues - support for Windows98 (which in its own right, is a more stable product than WindowsXP - but not for the same reasons, just down load 150mb worth of patches and tell me "YOURE IMPRESSED") is coming to and end, especially for NEW products.

If your hardware is old, this is not much of an issue - continue using the drivers that work well, but not the latest.

But with todays NEW motherboards and CPUs - Windows98 is becoming a serious problem. New systems *DO* run better on XP than Win98. I've experinced and compared the two. Checking on the websites, you will see notices of "limited" support for Win98~WinME drivers for new products. For example, VIA states to use 4-in-1 driver set 4.36 or older for Windows98... but if you have a NEW KT400~KT600 motherboard, you MUST use newer drivers or the boards WON'T work correctly!

When WindowsXP first came out, the performace was compared to Windows98 for basic work (OFFICE2000) and gaming. For the most part, they were fairly even. Note: Office XP runs SLOWER than Office 2000. And Office XP runs slower on WindowXp than on Windows2000... but that was about 2 years ago... drivers and products have advanced since then. But soon, M$ will be enforcing "control" of our systems on the hardware level with Palladium which will really reduce your rights to your own PC.

I notice a true performance problem when I set up an new HP computer for a client. Even with my Overclocked CPU which should be on close to the AMD 3000, my Windows98 system was a bit slower than the HP system.

So, I am building up a new #2 system was some slightly used parts (my web server) with a motherboard simular to mine but both the CPU and motherboard are older and slower.

#1: ASUS KT400 - AMD XP 2500 OC to 2000mhz (I don't like the heat it makes at 2100+Mhz) - Win98se
#2: MSI KT333 - AMD XP 2000 - Stock speed : 1666Mhz - WinXP SP1

According to benchmarks, in many cases, the WindowsXP-AMD2000 setup was slightly faster than my AMD 2500. Theres about a 340mhz difference in extra speed on the CPU as well! And I've yet to install the current motherboard chipset drivers and video drivers!

I underclocked my 2500 to AMD2000+ Mhz, and it was left in the dust.

Both are running [email protected], this is where my AMD 2500 in pure horse power is running about 20~25% faster over the AMD2000.

I don't trust WindowsXP, but its quite nice. But if you're upgrading to build a new system, be aware that today's hardware is not really made to support anything below Windows2000. As stable as my system is, it DOES have those Win98 quirks... but a reboot takes less than 30 secs :) With WinXP those quirks should come to an end - but you get a whole new set of new ones... which I've experined and find not impressive in a modern OS. :(
Sep 6, 2003
Well for the most part I'm gonna agree with ya man. I like 98 much more in many ways, but at the same time I feel XP is so much more stable. I mean I have not seen one blue screen in a very long time.

Now as far as the Office goes? I'm on the same page man. I have both 2000 & XP & 2000 is a much better program. It didn't take long to remove Office XP & go back to 2000. What a waste of money that was. :mad:

If there was more support for Linux then I would surely make that switch & never return to Windoze anything.

I've heard & read of alot of problems people have had with XP, but mostly that seems to be with the Home edition not Pro. :D

Great post man. :D
Aug 19, 2003
I'm right there with ya'....
I see many aspects of XP as a burden to the user and a benefit to M$.But,the support issue for the hardware is my biggest concern.That goes in both directions,as you described.Old equipment that there are no developed XP drivers for,and new equipment that doesn't support w98.Yes,you end up being forced into one realm or the other,and personally I like w98's realm a lot better!
The thing is,people are going to want XP,and when they have problems,I'm going to have to learn to deal with it. :(

Speaking of OS's...,has anyone here had any experiences with "Whistler"?
Now it is my understanding that it is what became XP when it was actually marketed.I have 2 copies of it here,and have never installed it on a machine...,no need to.But I am REALLY tempted to,just to see what it looks like and how it reacts to the equipment.


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Dec 26, 2002
While XP is more stable and faster on a nice hardware setup than any previous O/S, its too "user friendly" to a point where its not 'user friendly" but just plain annoying. The first thing I do when setting up XP for myself or friends is to disable all the "flash" and "helpfulness" of XP - it pretty much looks like 9X and runs quite a bit better too.

Other then that I like quite a lot and the activation does not bother me so much - after all, programmers can't work for free.


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Feb 24, 2002
Please look up Palladium, it has nothing to do with "piracy". But control. Activation HAS not stop the piracy of Windows or Office XP... Its very easy, grab a keygenerator and a CD of XP... The one I thought was funny is the $5~10 30day trial version of OfficeXP M$ had. A friend gave it to me one of these CDs with a CDR that has a tool on it... All it does is reset the 30day "trial" mode every time you use OfficeXP. Funny I tough... But I've never installed OfficeXP on any of my machines, it offers nothing over Office2000. But at least the education version is a steal at $120.

BTW: M$ has billions of dollars in reserves, they are not going hungry - but the companies that M$ destroys - they are the ones to suffer - as do we, the end users... using vastly difficult and over complicated junk.

Considering that there is a LARGE number of people who can't grasp the concept of turning on or off a computer - you can see why M$ has made it so much for newbies or lower intelligent users. (Newbies are not idiots, they just haven't learned yet).

Seriously, with M$'s plans, I'm about to throw out the computer... it will kill off small company or start ups. That's not very "American' - more of a dictatorship way of doing business.

If things continue, M$ or anyone in power will CONTROL your computer. They can DELETE files they don't want you to have, even if you made them yourself. Actually, they have that ability now - they just have to slowly work it in so people won't notice.

WindowXP's activation is the early step of their control over your computer. Funny, the worlds most profitable computer company has such "control" issues with activation, registration and keys - the way that Linux, MacOS and Amiga do not. See the big picture.

GwizJoe - Whistler is the beta version of WindowsXP, I still have my CD-ROM. I used to tell clients and friends to upgrade to it ASAP when its released... until they added the De-Activation function. Whistler has a death date, you would need to set your BIOS clock back 2 years or more to use it. And you're looking at many odd-ball incompatilites between it and Windows98 & XP. Still its good enough to play with - but note the clock. And there are many differences between the two now...

If you work on peoples computers, you will need to know XP, but its not too difficult to navigate - but there are settings everywhere that you need to shut down or edit. Now, if more people would learn Linux...
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