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XP custom Partitions and a multi boot

Discussion in 'All Other Software' started by pfausette, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. pfausette

    pfausette Thread Starter

    Aug 2, 2007
    I am going to do a clean install of XP and I'm interested in the positive aspects of multi partitioning but I cant find any real info on this.If I keep some stuff like my programs and other files separated from my OS would this have the effect of at least slowing down a virus or make it easier to do another clean install of XP. I've also read about putting the install files and folders on a different partition.Along with this can anyone tell me how the OS can or does link to info on another partition?Ultimately I want to have one version of XP for use, one other for testing and one install of Ubuntu to experiment with.I have a 160 hard drive but I dont store any media stuff on it. How would I allocate space for these goals in numbers.

    Much Thanks: an eager novice.
  2. Tabvla


    Apr 10, 2006
    Hi Paufsette

    There are a number of benefits to be derived from disk partitioning.

    If, for example, your system has only 1 disk you would have your OS, Programs and all your personal data files on that disk. If you partition that disk into 2 partitions, one for the OS & Programs and the other for the Data then there is a clear separation between your data and the system and executable files.

    In a 1-disk environment the above described partitioning arrangement would be beneficial if, for example, you had to reinstall Windows, because only the system partition would need to be rebuilt, leaving your data partition intact. (Even in a multi-disk environment partitioning is often beneficial as it does create a logical separation between different types of files).

    In a Home or Home Office environment it is usually NOT a good idea to separate the OS and your Program files. When you install a program it integrates itself into the system, for example, writing entries into the Registry and using certain types of system files in order to run correctly. Usually (although not always) the most effective arrangement is to keep the OS and the Program files in the same partition.

    What is a good idea is to separate your Data files from the OS and Program files.

    Your idea to have more than one instance of Windows on the same system is absolutely NOT recommended. Having multiple instances of Windows (that uses the same license key) on the same system can result in very unpredictable behavior and may even render your system unusable. If you were very technical then this may be OK because you would probably know how to work around these issues, but as a "novice" I would strongly recommend that you do not have multiple instances of Windows with the same license key on the same system. (Legally you would also be in violation of the EULA, but that is a different matter...).

    I cannot foresee any problems with installing Linux on the same system. You would either need to modify the boot.ini file or install a boot manager (Warning! Read up about how to edit the boot.ini file BEFORE you do it - a corrupt boot.ini file will render your system unbootable).

    As for partition sizes you could probably get away with the following: -

    80GB : Windows and Programs
    20GB : Linux
    60GB : Data

    The above sizes will be slightly smaller because only about 152GB is usable providing that you do not have any bad sectors.

    Good luck. Let us know how you do :)

  3. redoak

    redoak Gone but never forgotten

    Jun 24, 2004
    Agree that OS and programs should be on same partition, data on another. Many recommendations for this arrangement.

    Be sure that OS + programs partition is big enough to give Ws "breathing room." Allow twice the space for the OS alone as it actually occupies, if possible. This should not be a problem for you. However, folks with less HDD size may be tempted to skimp, thus slowing down functionality.

  4. pfausette

    pfausette Thread Starter

    Aug 2, 2007
    I never had a computer until mid July of this year.I used other peoples or used one at the library.I wanted to improve my typing and at least get in to the nineties and I over heard a girl I worked with talk quite informatively about them.She had worked for a company that built them and said she could build me one that would be better and cheaper than I could buy.The famous words are now"I can build you a computer".From day one it had problems.It wasn't like the ones she had put together before because it has a Abit board and other differences.She had a hard time getting an O.S on it because she had the wiring hooked up wrong to the hard drive and the CDRom.I have dial up and the first problem I had was it would freeze on the internet to the extent that it had to be unplugged to reboot.It gave the message"" Generic Host thing" and that windows had to close.It would do this after about one half of an hour.I went on the web and searched the dialog message and I loaded what I though was a hot fix from someone like cake walk.The KBs were
    935448 873339 885835 885836 887472 888302 890859 891781 and 886185.Every thing was fine and dandy until another dialog box would appear that would make it freeze on the web.This one gave a file name so the builder told me to dump the file.When I went to use the web the modem driver was missing.So thinking it this was the culprit. I replaced the driver and the modem with a big brand name version.Web problems solved.Another problem it had was when you went to shut down nothing would happen.M.S had a cure for this that I think made you change the order of operations when shutting down like switching users and then shutting down. It worked.The only other annoyance was when I would go to a hyper link with the browser not on a dialog box would appear and read that the file could not be found and then the web page would pop up.The new install took care of that so it doesn't seem that it was because of dial up.What pushed me to buy a copy of an O.S which should come with the computer anyway, was not being able to delete old software that would alter a windows file and not revert when uninstalled.I tried system restore which damaged files and which made applications impossible to load.I used system restore four times.The first time took five minutes to complete the forth one took two and a half hours.It actually solved some problems but my AV and spyware applications could not get past the same file when I ran them.Also using system restore four times created a huge amount of files that made it take forever for these application to get to the point were they would stall.Deleting the all but last restore point solved some of these problems.

    Installing new O.S
    I had all these problems with an OEM copy of windows so as not to be foolish I shelled out the cash for a retail version.I don't think M$ deserves the money but it seemed the most pro efficient way to go.If the O.S was in a chip form like BIOS, because its important.there would hardly be a computer industry.I have a very decent amateur analog understanding with a good foundation in digital electronics but I was never into computer applications and it leaves me to believe its just a matter time" if you are on the internet" before you have to reload windows.Thats if bad software application don't get you first.It stupid to trust that an application will fully remove especially when it alters files windows needs.So I tried to get as much info to install an O.S myself because you should be as accustomed to it like putting on your shoes plus you cant be exploited as much when you aren't as dependent.The first difficulty on the install was at the screen where you have to choose press enter to install. F3 is the other choice along with another alternative I cant remember.I called M.S and they tell be after being on the phone for an hour that its because of the keyboard I was using had a UBS plug and this would not work during set up.The person who waited on me was very patient and I think did an excellent job.It made it worth spending the money on a retail version to me.The info I got on partitions(I didn't ask M.S)from everyone was that you could only have four without creating an extension but I ended up with five with no special intervention.I made four, and with what was left over windows made one out of the remainder.It seems that not all applications will be accessible to windows on a different partition so to cure this I brought up the My Computer screen twice and dragged the file into the partition that windows is on.The O.S I had first had SP2 on it which M.S says will do the Generic Host thing and seeing on how the versions with just SP1 are cheaper and you can down load SP2 for free I bought that one. This was probably mistake.I was lucky and prudent enough to copy FireFox.M.S wont let you down load SP2 without Internet Explorer.I tried to go to micro soft on the old version I bought and I got spyware or what ever that would make a dialog box appear every five minutes telling me that my registry was going to fail and that I had to go to their site.Different addresses would be listed in a generic dialog box.It seems that if you don't pay the extra money to your ISP they will destroy your O.S themselves.M.S wont let you directly down load SP2 with FireFox and I couldn't get to there site with the old version of I.E that came with my O.S.So if I don't get it on automatic updates maybe I will buy I.E seven with its firewall on C.D. some time.It took about a minute for my new O.S to be corrupted going straight to M.S with out a firewall and with an old 2002 version of I.E. I stock piled KBs on my old system and had a version of SP1 that I was able to install.It took three install attempts get a working clean O.S..On the first try windows setup asked to put in the C.D with SP1 on it or press skip or next because I only had one C.D so I pressed it and then the screen displayed that I had made a "Fatal mistake" and it would not allow me to back up.I paid $250.00 for that kind of treatment? The next time I tried to install windows it didn't give me the option to load the SP1 disc.The CD that came with the mother board installed an application to change the resolution and frequency for the monitor and it kept making the monitor shut down without it.The O.S although should be the same except for the SPs are not.The older O.S. has a lot of subtle differences along with that the web accelerator now makes a big difference but it didn't with the previous newer version. I haven't loaded Ubuntu yet.I requested the completely free version that takes six to ten weeks to receive so I don't have it yet.I apologize for the long boring essay.I would like to thank every one that spent the time to help me install my O.S..I hope my Ubantu response will shorter more enjoyable. Yours Truly
    pfausette now commonly know as The KB Stockpiler
  5. smbd


    May 6, 2005
    If you want to install multiple OSes on your computer I advise you to go for Acronis Disk Director.It allows you to install 100 or more multiple operating systems (OSes) on one computer. You can boot an OS from any partition on any hard disk or have several multiboot systems on the same partition.
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