XP Pro SP2 - Catastrophic driver issue

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Oct 31, 2007
Hi, I've basically wrecked my computer beyond anything I've ever been able to do before. And this time I can't reformat - I'll lose too much data! In order to backup I would have to wait a few days to get my hands on a new harddrive and I'd rather not wait.

Ok, it started as a small issue of not being able to display OpenGL games such as Tremulous and Neverwinter Nights (Not NWN2). Those links are examples of the problem I was having.


Unfortunately, that is not the issue anymore. Nothing works now. I thought it would be a driver issue, so I downloaded and installed the most recent drivers. Then any 3d application and some simple 2d ones (Such as WMP11 visualizations) would cause the programs to freeze with no CPU usage or anything. Even the nVidia display control panel "anti-aliasing" menu would freeze simply because it shows the nVidia symbol spinning around in circles.

Ok, that still isn't what I'm trying to fix. I figured since I reinstalled the drivers without getting rid of the current ones that they probrably just became corrupt. Simple fix, I thought, uninstall the display adapter (Through device manager) and reboot then do a fresh install.

Upon rebooting I could not see the taskbar, nor open the start menu with the windows key. So I Ctrl+Alt+Del and ran the display driver that I uninstalled from the desktop. "This should fix it once and for all".

I was wrong.

Now, heres where the problem starts. When I try to run the installer which worked before I uninstalled the display adapter would crash at the beginning of installation. It would extract the files fine, show the nvidia symbol, and then crash with a report that sadly I don't have right now.

So I tried reinstalling my older driver on my backup partition (which is full, by the way). It had the same problem.

In an effort to return to normal I tried to reinstall the mainboard drivers. It froze when it opened into a white screen!

Ok, system restore might work? "System restore is currently unavailable. Please restart your computer to restore your system". Uhh OK, lets do safe mode just for the fun of it!

All the symptoms are the same.

Theres the entire story of how I broke my partition, and I hope thats enough to get some sort of answer or at least some suggestions. What are the dangers of reinstalling windows on a partition it's already installed on (along with other programs etc.).

I reinstalled to the 5gb of unused partition space so that I could have internet access. Apparently the nVidia drivers also uninstall my network drivers (They are both nVidia). If not, its some kind of terrible corruption/virus.

Please save me



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Oct 31, 2007
Hope none of you mind double posting with status updates. I'd rather these not be missed.

I'm on my laptop now and here are the errors I get when booting up from different app's. I'm not looking to fix the app's, but they seem to hint at something...

Skype: Application Error said:
Exception EOLeSysError in module Skype.exe at 000958BD.
The RPC server is unavailable

Desktop Sidebar said:
Cannot load plugin KeyboardState.

IPlugin::Load returned: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)

Do you want to disable the KeyboardState plugin?

Yes // No

Of course all my IM programs are saying I'm disconnected, but thats not worth adding here. What is the "RPC server"?

Heres the error all of the nVidia programs give me:

NVIDIA Display Drivers said:
An error [-5009 : 0x800706ba] has occured while running the setup.

Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications.
If this error still occurs.... http://nvidia.com
Awkward. Same error as the Desktop Sidebar plugin? This might be the problem. Of course, its useless data to me. Well heres the "details" of the report. I'm going to post this then search google. I need to fix this.

Error Code: -5009 : 0x800706ba
Error information:
 >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (389)
 >Kernel\Component.cpp (1161)
 >Kernel\CABFile.cpp (384)
 >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1655)
 PAPP.NVIDIA Display Drivers
Update: I cannot manually start any of the services such as Themes, Winows Time etc. None of them are running but they fail to start because the "file was not found".
Mar 31, 2008
You could just reinstall over the existing windows partition, it would just mean all your old files will still be there as long as you didn't format the partition. You would have to reinstall drivers and programs obviously, but that's one route you may take if you really want to use your system.

I suggest that when you get your new HD that you fresh install a clean copy of windows and create a ghost image of everything on another partition or a dvd. Then if your pc ever messes up again, just ghost it back to it's original state.

As for the problems with your windows, you've got a ton of issues at once, could be a virus. Backup everything, start fresh and make sure an antivirus and firewall are running. Sometimes it's more economical to simply start over than fix problems, unless they recur constantly.


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Oct 31, 2007
Alright, I guess I'll just backup what I can and reinstall windows over this copy. I have a 12gb backup partition with my drivers and the basic software (Firefox, WMP11, Skype etc).

But I'll lose valuable hours of downloaded programs/software/games and probrably end up losing a license key or some other piece of information I won't get back.

Hopefully it doesn't destroy my files completely.

I really hate to reinstall my OS over what seemed to be a simple error... Snowball effect I guess. Just kept getting bigger as it rolled down the hill :/


Some success. I used my laptop to find the location of the RPC service. Found out its actually just svchost.exe in system32. This file didn't exist for some reason... I'm really surprised that windows didn't lock it from getting deleted!

Success! The nVidia driver didn't crash immediately. I'll update this with whatever happens in the next few hours in case someone in the future gets the same error and finds it on google or something. All I found were the simple fix "printer spooler service not running" and stuff.

I wish they had a tech-savvy google search option :)

Complete success!

Even though the operating systems damage was immense, it was actually an easy fix. All I had to do was restore svchost.exe.

Simple as that. Had to reinstall the display driver of course, but viola! It works.

Not only that, but Neverwinter Nights works too!

Thanks for... Letting me compile all the information I had here so I could come back to it, I guess.

So glad I was able to fix it :cool:
This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue. View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site.

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