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Feb 11, 2005
I haven't been on the web for a couple of years. I usually just use these infernal computers for CAD 3D drafting. Anyway I had a problem with my hardware when I upgraded to XP Professional so I popped in one of those free trial AOL disks they mail me twice a week and went surfing around for a XP driver for my scanner and printer. (Which are old and of course don't work with the new software).

And Man! In a couple of years it's really become war out there! Even the benign sites I went to (in five days) added what those free scans say are a couple dozen spy programs. (Although spam seems to be down.)

So to shorten this story up a bit - from properties of a suspicious file I copied a long incompressible string of letters and symbols into Google - and your site came up! (Real close to the top by the way)!

Anyhow the anti-spy guys seemed to really know their stuff so I thought there’s probably a good shot the rest of the site would be as helpful as they appear to be. (Since I don’t seem to have any overt problems I just left my spies alone for the time being)

But what I really need to find out is if it’s humanly possible to get my HP DeskJet 1000C printer to run on XP Professional?

HP discontinued that model and although they were helpful with the scanner they appear to be less then excited to spend their time helping with a discontinued printer

From what I've seen posted on message boards, the 1000C has problems even with WIN2000. I have yet to see any hint that it’s going to be possible to make the printer work with XP. Even the scanner drivers take a lot of fancy maneuvering in safe mode to install. Is it possible there’s a similar safe mode method for the printer or a DOS solution that someone has figured out?

If there is a fix, no matter how complicated, it would be worth it to me because I have to use XP to run a CAD program I can’t live without. And I really need to print from the program, running in XP, to my nice (600 dollars in its day) large format printer.

But my guess is that it's not going to be possible to get the printer to work. In fact I'd be amazed if you guys know a way to run in XP! I’m never that lucky!

If you guys agree that it's impossible to fix the printer drivers then my thinking is that I partition the hard drive and have ME or something on one drive and XP on the other.

I use a program which allows me to take a picture of the drawing on the screen and print that out.

This is a completely unsatisfactory solution because of the huge loss in resolution and I can’t set the edge margins among other settings I really need.

Originally the computer came with WIN 95 which I upgraded to ME then upgraded to XP. I don’t know a lot on how OS’s upgrade but I know XP is a different kind of file system, so it seems to me some of the file structure has to be a jumbled mess

(If I had half the money I spent on this thing five years ago I’d throw the everything out – then pay two months rent - and still buy something ten times better)!

But since I’m on this crapy budget I can’t even buy Partition Magic and I’m not sure there’s a free partition program that wouldn’t erase my hard drive.

But if it is impossible to get the printer working - wouldn’t erasing everything really be the best thing anyway? Since I’ve upgraded over the top of two programs? Or does that matter at all?

I can back up all my data - I’d just have to take the time putting all the programs back in. (Which really bores me, but wouldn’t be too hard).

I found a couple of sites with instructions on how to use XP to Fdisk and make partitions. Of course you guys undoubtedly have instructions too. I’d just have to copy them to disk and print them out somewhere.

I’d have a dual boot system where I would have to draw on one drive, reboot to the other drive and print out unsatisfactory, low resolution prints until I eventually had enough money to get new printer: many, many, moons down the road.

Nowadays hard drives have lots of space and are relatively inexpensive so I thought of putting in a new drive instead of partitioning. But I don’t have music on the computer or video and I put my CAD files on Zip or Jazz drives so they are portable, so I ‘m not really hard up for space but still this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

What good inexpensive hard drive would you recommend? If this option is used then I would just have one OS on one physical hard drive and another on the other physical hard drive wouldn’t I?

Now that you’ve gotten far more detailed information about my PC problems then you ever knew you were asking for the basic question remains: Can the printer run on XP?

If it can I’ll leave all this junk installed on top of itself, unless you think that’s a horrible idea, muck around inside of Microsoft’s guts and get this wreck on its feet until I can toss it. (Of course the built in sound card doesn’t work either but I can live with out sound or later see if that can be solved). If not I guess it’s the unsatisfactory dual boot until I can get a new printer.

So thanks for checking out if I’m hosed on the printer.

If not, should I partition the drive I have (It’s small only 8 Gig) from XP or could you could recommend a hard drive that would be inexpensive enough for me - and run a different OS on each physical drive?
Jan 17, 2003
If HP has a Win 2000 driver for that printer you could try it . . some work . . some don't.

As far as drives . . Western Digital and Seagate seem to have a lower failure rate than Maxtor . . and you can buy any of them pretty cheap at CompUSA, BestBuy or Circuit City these days. I usually partition 8 = 15 Gig for the Operating system and Programs, use the balance for files/data.

If all those upgrades were via installing a newer operating system on top of an older one . . you will be amazed at the improved performance and stability if you perform a clean install of XP . . and you can do that with an Upgrade Version

Hope this addressed some of your questions . . wrs


Dec 26, 2002
Windows XP has built-in drivers for the HP Deskjet1000C so it should work. Go to Printers and Faxes and run the 'Add A Printer' wizard. It try to find it automatically and install it. If it doesn't find you can choose from a list of printers. In the list go to HP and the HP Deskjet 1000c and go thru the setup.


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Feb 11, 2005
Here is the post I got from HP

Thank you for contacting HP Customer Care.

From the details provided in the e-mail, I understand that you receive a message ?cable is connected to the LPT printer port? when installing the driver for your hp deskjet 1000c printer. Also, you are unable to find a updated Windows XP driver for your printer.

Unfortunately, Hewlett-Packard does not offer support via e-mail for your product. Darn, I hit the enter key before I finished proofreading!
However, many resources are available on the HP Web site that may provide the answer to your inquiry. Support is also available via telephone. A list of technical support phone numbers can be found at the following URL:


The following information and HP Web site links may prove beneficial to you.

Visit the HP support Web site to search technical support documents and frequently asked questions, as well as to obtain the latest software, firmware, and driver downloads:


But when I went where they site they said to go to - the site said to go to the site I got the Email from!

Thanks Triple6. You had it right on!

In add hardware there is no listing for the 1000C. Yet in add printers there is the 1000C listing.

I haven’t put my CAD program in yet but the printer printed perfectly the first time from Word. To paraphrase someone this site helped with spyware “You guys rock!”

Boy doesn’t 4steve44 have it right! “The more you know the more you know that you don't know“

You would think a billion dollar company would know what was so ….. simple!

As you might have guessed my budget isn’t too good right now but at some point I’m going to get the checkbook out!

I saw a lot of stuff in disk clean up left by ME so I’m going to take simpswr’s advice and do a clean install after I try HP’s alleged instructions on how to fix my ScanJet 6100C scanner. I’m going to follow their instructions first to see if it even works!

Thanks again
Unless I can find out how to deal with the sound card somewhere else I’ll most likely be back.

“You guys rock!”

By the way Yacolt is south of the 49 next to the Columbia River.
May 3, 2004
Yacolt said:
Again, Darn I hit the enter key before I finished proofreading!
Hey Yacolt we are practically next door neighbors, I live in Battle Ground WA.


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Feb 11, 2005
I would certainly say Yacolt and Battle Ground ARE next door neighbors!!

Isn't that strange that you've that close? Isn't this site back east or somewhere?

In these two tiny towns I probably know you!
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