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Oh my god. I never realised I didn’t thank you for solving my last problem I had, I’m so sorry! Anyways, tysm, you were seriously a lifesaver.
No problem. Glad we could help.
Found out I had my VPN set to South Florida. When I changed the VPN location it came through in English. I now connect to either Atlanta or the NorthEast locations and have no problems although my home page will give me local news for that area.
I use PIA as a VPN connection. Although it is not free, the monthly fee to me is worth it as I have no longer been getting the scrap emails as before.
Hello Wordsmith! Big hugs!
Sadly many of our friends are no longer posting and that concerns me. I'd just like to know they are ok,perhaps they've moved on to pastures new but still I miss them..
Hello Macboatmaster ... I hope that this message finds you healthy and happy ! .... I have posted on the " Hardware " forum regarding an issue with my multi function Lexmark machine .... your input will be most appreciated !. Have a great day.
Many thanks . I presume that the power input point is the oblong box with 2 rows of 4 pins next to the SATA cable ? If so can you let me know what to call it when looking for a cable on E Bay ?

Many thanks

I wrote a lot more. But the limit is 420 characters.
Basically you need a number in one table to point to a record in another table, which contains all the info about that particular part. Be it a puzzle, a user etc.

As I mentioned, you need to - in my opinion - simplify everything.

What I think should be done is to actually create a relational database. Which is what access is for.
It basically means that you never have the same thing entered twice. Instead you have a number or whatever, in one table, that relates to all the info in another